10 Tips for Creating Info Products

information product marketing10 Tips for Creating Info Products

Creating an information product can seem overwhelming.

Here are ten tips to help you get the job done, and to have fun and make money doing it!

1. Stick to a topic you love (or are at least really really interested in.)

2. Know your audience; you are after all writing for them.

3. Solve a problem for your audience. The best products solve one single problem, effectively, rather than a dozen. 

4. Set aside focused time each day to work on the product. If you don’t have time, make it. This goal is worth the extra effort and you’ll be so glad you did when the money starts coming in.

5. Make the content creation process fun – listen to music, reward yourself when you’re met your goals, write or work somewhere pleasurable.

6. Be confident in your words, personality and knowledge.

7. Work with the question/answer format, it’s easy to write when you’re answering a question for your readers.

8. Write conversationally. Write like you’re writing to a friend and use comfortable, easy language.

9. Use a product format that matches your personality. For example, if you’re great in front of the camera then create a video. If you prefer to write, then create an ebook or a report series. If you are an educator, then create an online course. Match your product to your personal strengths.

10. Follow a proven path to success. One of the greatest resources you can have when beginning your career as an information marketer is to trust the knowledge and skills of other successful information marketers that have verifiable results.

Here’s To Your Success!
~ Kim ~ 

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1 Comment on "10 Tips for Creating Info Products"

3 years 4 months ago

Great tips! I find that when I’m excited about something I’m working on, I can go for hours before coming up for air. The thoughts start rolling and they keep coming. The downside to that is that I go for several hours intensely, but then I’m burned out for the day and have to do really light stuff the rest of the time. But I get things done, so . . . it works!