3 Types of Plugins That Can Totally Screw Up WordPress Upgrades

3 Types of Plugins That Can Totally Screw Up WordPress Upgrades

Beware These 
Dangerous Plugins!

When preparing to update WordPress… There are three types of plugins you need to really paid attention too:

number-one-symbol-icon-bullet-1Those that tell you they need updates (they’re the easy ones!) The answer is simple here, update them before you upgrade…..

number-two-symbol-icon-bullet-2Those premium plugins that are sneaky because they don’t always use the auto update feature.

Be sure you’ve heard from the creator that they are compatible. For example, Popup Dom was not compatible with WP 3.3 at release (but a patch was available soon after) and needed deactivated or the upgrade broke…

number-three-symbol-icon-bullet-3and lastly… those plugins that sit there and don’t tell you they need up update but it’s because their developer abandoned them more than a year ago and they’re silently preparing to blow shit up for you.

Plugins with “last updated” dates of 2010 and older are often very dangerous (And 2008 plugins are almost always about to break stuff for sure!)

A little time spent entering the names of your plugins into the WordPress repository -> https://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/ and checking the last updated (and compatible with what version) details on them will alert you to deactivate them and find alternatives (and prevent costly bills since they won’t then be around to break your site).

Another tip, which I advise in my tutorial on how to upgrade WordPress safely, is to be sure to deactivate (not delete, deactivation preserves settings) your theme and plugins before you upgrade. Then upgrade. Then reactivate your stuff bit by bit so if something blows up you’ll at least KNOW which piece (and your upgrade at least will have run successfully).

Do WordPress upgrades make you nervous? Or have you mastered theme successfully? What “gottchas” would you recommend novice WordPress bloggers pay attention too?

~ Kim ~
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44 Comments on "3 Types of Plugins That Can Totally Screw Up WordPress Upgrades"

3 years 4 months ago

3 Types of Plugins That Can Totally Screw Up WordPress Upgrades: Beware These  Dangerous Plugins! When preparing… http://t.co/jQz0JJXc

3 years 4 months ago

Hi Kim
Upgrading WordPress sometimes can be a tough one, but must of the times everything works out fine. I remember upgrading my blog with a WordPress version that my theme not was compatible with. That was not fun at all. After that I have been a bit more cautious when making any big upgrades. What can I say. Backup, backup and backup (remember both files and database).

3 years 4 months ago

Normally the premium ones out there that require a license. I know that I was not happy with the Gold Cart for WP-Ecommerce because it failed to collect payment from the extra resources. Sometimes the plugins that require you to add extra templates… be careful with them and make sure your theme is coded properly where the template addition will fit in.

3 years 4 months ago

Hi Kim,

Thanks for sharing these interesting tips. I checked all my plugins and I found out that some of them were updated in 2010. I will remove them, but I need to replace them. What is the best way to find the relevant plugins to replace?

3 years 4 months ago

Ohh, WordPress Updates always make me nervous. I usually make a back-up of my database and wp-content files so that if something goes bad, I can at least restore from those files. I’ve had to do it once, my theme wasn’t compatible with the 3.0 upgrade and I had to rewrite my files until I figured out a fix.