31 Days To Build A Better Blog, ProBlogger Challenge 2010 [31DBBB]

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31 Days To Build A Better Blog, ProBlogger Challenge 2010 [31DBBB]

31 Days To Build A Better Blog,
ProBlogger Challenge Begins Today!

As I mentioned about a week ago, today marks the beginning of the 31DBBB ProBlogger challenge! I invite you to jump in and join us!

The challenge is free except that you need the book (which isn’t pricey) and you can start at any time! However, I – with the other brave soles that have jumped in to join me – am starting today!

One thing that I wished I’d done during the 30 Day Blog Content Challenge was to have a post that I could update to keep track of all the participants! So here it is! This is both for accountability and ease of reference. Book mark this as an easy way to check in on all of us!

Not every day will have a post from every person. Some of these days just do not lend themselves to posts as they call for a lot of work on other areas of our business.

31DBBB: Day 1: Elevator Pitch For Your Blog

Kim’s Day 1
Jacqui’s Day 1
Tracey’s Day 1
Kara’s Day 1
Maria’s Day 1

31DBBB: Day 2: Write A List Post

Kim’s Day 2: Top 10 WordPress Plugins
Jacqui’s Day 2
Tracey’s Day 2
Kara’s Day 2
Maria’s Day 2

31DBBB: Day 3: Promote A Blog Post

Kim’s Day 3
Jacqui’s Day 3
Tracey’s Day 3
Kara’s Day 3
Maria’s Day 3

31DBBB: Day 4: Analyze a Top Blog In Your Niche

Kim’s Day 4

31DBBB: Day 5: Email A Blog Reader

31DBBB: Day 6: 27 Must Read Tips & Tuorials For Bloggers

31DBBB: Day 7: Write A Link Post

Kim’s Day 7: Tribe’epedia – Building A Tribe Syndication Index – Community Style!

31DBBB: Day 8: Interlink Your Old Blog Posts

Kim’s Day 8:

31DBBB: Day 9: Join A Forum and start Participating

31DBBB: Day 10: Set up Alerts To Monitor Niche

31DBBB: Day 11: Come Up with 10 Post Ideas

31DBBB: Day 12: Develop an Editorial Calendar For Blog

31DBBB: Day 13: Take a Trip To The Mall & Improve Your Blog

31DBBB: Day 14: Update A Key Page On Your Blog

31DBBB: Day 15: Find A Blog Buddy

31DBBB: Day 16: Solve A Problem: 7 Ways To Identify Readers’ Problems

31DBBB: Day 17: Watch A First Time Reader Use Your Blog

31DBBB: Day 18: Create A Sneeze Page For Your Blog

31DBBB: Day 19: Write an Opinion Post On Your Blog

31DBBB: Day 20: Leave Comments On Other Blogs

31DBBB: Day 21: Breathe Life Into An Old Post

31DBBB: Day 22: Pay Special Attention To A Reader

31DBBB: Day 23: Call Your Readers To Action

31DBBB: Day 24: How To Use A Magazine To Improve Your Blog

31DBBB: Day 25: Ask A Question: Why Questions Work & Tips On How To Ask

31DBBB: Day 26: Improve Another Blog

31DBBB: Day 27: Hunt For Dead Links

31DBBB: Day 28: Write A Review Post

31DBBB: Day 29: Develop Plan to Boost Blog’s Profile & Readership Online

31DBBB: Day 30: 17 Stats To Monitor On Your Blog

31DBBB: Day 31: Plan The Next Steps For Your Blog

Whew what an agenda! We best get started! I hope you’ll join us either now or some time in the near future! 31DBBB is a foundation blog training manual for anyone that wants to get their blog on the right track for success. To find out more about this challenge, and where to find the book, check out my prior post!

Are you excited? I know I am! (and nervous too!) I look forward to your thoughts and feedback below! I hope you’ll join us for this challenge or at least stop in regularly to cheer all of the participants on!

Have you used a challenge as a leverage tool to get your business some traction or reach a certain goal? What challenges have worked best for you? Which did you find were hardest? What is your favorite tip or strategy for succeeding when the going gets tough? Lets share thoughts in the comment box below!

Make it a awesome 31 Days!

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  1. says

    Hi Kim:

    I’m going to take the 31-day challenge, as well. It’s helpful to have a ‘list’ of steps to keep me on track. Thanks for letting me know about this.

    Leslie Denning–your Tribe Syndication friend


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