A Quick & Easy Solution To Content Creation

A Quick & Easy Solution To Content Creation

A Quick & Easy Solution 
To Content Creation 

When I’m setting up a niche site – or even rounding out a topic area on my main site – one of the things that used to give me fits! (But that I’ve solved!)  is quickly and easily getting content without having to write dozens of posts.

For me, that’s where PLR (Private Label Rights) content comes in.

PLR is content that you purchase, usually very cheap, rights to re-use in select forms, and then you modify, style, upgrade and tweak it to get it in your own voice.

I’ve wrote a lot about PLR because I really like it (when it’s used correctly). Starting with “What is PLR” and moving through a range of topics including how to rework it.

I have a number of favorite PLR sites but one I frequent often is Nicole Dean’s EasyPLR and she’s currently running a massive 50% off of EVERYTHING coupon which is crazy. (She’s celebrating, her adoption of a girl that is dear to her heart is about to go through.) Click Here. Coupon code: LIFEISGOOD

Nicole extended this so that I’d have time to let you know about it, but it expires at midnight EST. I met Nicole at the (fantastic) NAMS conference after having used her stuff for over a year. She’s a gem!

While PLR should not be the primary basis of content on a personality based blog such as this, it does make great supplemental filler to help fill in gaps in content ideas and topic bridges on those days you can’t come up with anything to write about! On micro-niche sites it can easily make up a higher percentage. 

In addition to the numerous posts on this site, Nicole has also put together a free report called “Making PLR Make Sense To Bloggers” that you’re likely to find really helpful. 

Got questions about PLR? Lets chat! Drop them in the box below!

~ Kim ~
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PS: Before you ask, PLR’s impact on SEO is minimal as long as the PLR is restructured correctly. (I use PLR myself including on this site occasionally.)

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3 years 2 months ago

Great post Kim – I like PLR, too. I have a couple PLR packages of my own that I sell but I also buy it from time to time. I like to use it to create Power Point presentations sometimes and then I record the presentation with audio. I need to do some more of those!

3 years 2 months ago

Here’s one of my favorite blogging tips that a lot of bloggers use but most don’t talk about! http://t.co/IbPixlcQ

3 years 2 months ago

RT @AskKim: A Quick & Easy Solution To Content Creation http://t.co/qdnc14O9

3 years 2 months ago

I ordered some articles and they are all duplicated, already published on the other sites.

3 years 2 months ago

A Quick & Easy Solution To Content Creation http://t.co/XzBjZgpk | @AskKim RT @borasphere