A Quick & Easy Solution To Content Creation

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A Quick & Easy Solution To Content Creation

A Quick & Easy Solution 
To Content Creation 

When I’m setting up a niche site – or even rounding out a topic area on my main site – one of the things that used to give me fits! (But that I’ve solved!)  is quickly and easily getting content without having to write dozens of posts.

For me, that’s where PLR (Private Label Rights) content comes in.

PLR is content that you purchase, usually very cheap, rights to re-use in select forms, and then you modify, style, upgrade and tweak it to get it in your own voice.

I’ve wrote a lot about PLR because I really like it (when it’s used correctly). Starting with “What is PLR” and moving through a range of topics including how to rework it.

I have a number of favorite PLR sites but one I frequent often is Nicole Dean’s EasyPLR and she’s currently running a massive 50% off of EVERYTHING coupon which is crazy. (She’s celebrating, her adoption of a girl that is dear to her heart is about to go through.) Click Here. Coupon code: LIFEISGOOD

Nicole extended this so that I’d have time to let you know about it, but it expires at midnight EST. I met Nicole at the (fantastic) NAMS conference after having used her stuff for over a year. She’s a gem!

While PLR should not be the primary basis of content on a personality based blog such as this, it does make great supplemental filler to help fill in gaps in content ideas and topic bridges on those days you can’t come up with anything to write about! On micro-niche sites it can easily make up a higher percentage. 

In addition to the numerous posts on this site, Nicole has also put together a free report called “Making PLR Make Sense To Bloggers” that you’re likely to find really helpful. 

Got questions about PLR? Lets chat! Drop them in the box below!

~ Kim ~
Simple Tech Tips For Marketing

PS: Before you ask, PLR’s impact on SEO is minimal as long as the PLR is restructured correctly. (I use PLR myself including on this site occasionally.)

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  1. says

    Great post Kim – I like PLR, too. I have a couple PLR packages of my own that I sell but I also buy it from time to time. I like to use it to create Power Point presentations sometimes and then I record the presentation with audio. I need to do some more of those!

    • says

      Man you’re busting on me Danielle, hehe! I’ve got a number of the presentation formats that I need to “present” and “record” and haven’t gotten around too yet! I need to find somewhere to buy some 48hr days! hehe!

    • says

      Peter, did you actually look at the definition of PLR? Private Label Rights articles are sold to many people. They are NOT unique content and there is no promise of that. This is why its important to adjust and edit PLR posts before posting them if you expect them to have any SEO viability. This is also why the articles are very affordable compared to the cost of paying a ghostwriter to write you new, unique, single-use content.

  2. says

    I have so much PLR on my hard drive it doesn’t make any sense! I met Nicole at NAMS as well. Are you going this year?

    My plan is to edit and repurpose some of the PLR into info products. It’s on my list to do :-)


  3. Anonymous says

    It can be difficult to find plr for technical subjects but we can find them for service related topics.

  4. says

    I’ve heard of PLR before but I was hesitant about the whole idea. But when I read your post and knew that it was an effective supplemental filler for your blog, I’m actually excited to try it :) Thanks.

    • says

      Thanks Mike! I understand the concern and I was nervous too originally. However, the key is to hunting around to find good quality PLR to start with and then to spend some time “adjusting” it to fit your site, voice and quality level. The people that give it a bad name are the ones that simply take any they can find and dump it on their site and don’t alter it any. That’s when its just a poor experience for everyone including the reader!

  5. says

    PLR can be one of those buried treasure things that can really add to the quality of your site. There are many people who sell well written PLR content that just needs a bit of re-structuring to make it work well. Some subjects are easier to find good PLR than others in, but a lot of times, it is possible to find very fairly priced and excellent content that can be used on a site quickly.

    I have found that the quality varies, and most free PLR is not particularly well written , but there are tons of it that are great.

    • says

      Exactly true Michael! The best stuff comes from the best writers on limited licenses and isn’t free… and still requires some time be put in for restructuring. You make a great point about the quality varying from source to source and that’s definitely something to be aware of!

  6. says

    Thanks Kim for this great tip on PLR. Do you know if there is something like PLR to take inspiration to create products? Please let me know I’m curioous to leanr more…

    • says

      Patricia, I’m not 100% certain what you’re asking here. If you mean is there PLR available that can be used to create products then the answer is certainly yes! PLR can be used, depending on its individual license, for anything from blog posts, to autoresponder messages, to free reports, to paid products etc. You just take the PLR and build on it and “massage” it a bit to get the quality and depth you need and you’re good to go!

  7. says

    I’ve often wondered about PLR and how to use it and where to get access to it. I’m cautious and don’t just want to use or purchase anything out there. I appreciate your recommendation about this topic. The free information will help me understand it much better.
    Thanks so much,

  8. says

    I guess that, as a blogger, finding good and fresh content remains one of the biggest challenges for me. This is a really good idea, and thanks for the recommendation.

  9. says

    Kim, I did not know about PLR for easy content creation. I will have to check into it and see if they have any articles that may fit with my point of view. This sounds like a helpful tool when you are struggling to come up with content for your blog. Thanks for the tip.

    • says

      Hey Shelley, it’s always worth looking into. Spend some time looking around as there are a LOT of PLR authors and like everything else all of them have a different “tone” and “flavor”. It took me a while to find a couple that I really truly adore but I’m glad I did :)

  10. Stefan says

    I think that as long as people know what they’re getting, PLR can be a valuable blogging tool. Quality original content is always going to be king in blogging, and you absolutely cannot rely on PLR as anything more than a helping hand; but as an occasional extra to plug a few gaps, PLR is as good a solution as any.

  11. says

    I can see where a PLR can be a big help for the people who are doing in house blogging. We all experience writers block from time to time. Even if we need a break, our blogs still need fresh content on a regular basis. So publish these articles while you allow your batteries to re-charge. Then you will be ready to create your own unique content once again.

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