Adding Photos To The Facebook Profiles Picture Boxes

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Facebook LogoThe new Facebook profile’s “picture boxes” at the top only show non-private photos you are tagged in (whether these are your photos or someone elses).

To add photos, tag yourself. To delete ones you don’t want to show there, click the little x that shows in the upper right corner of each when you hover over them. Just delete till you find ones you like!

You can use these boxes to tell stories and create illustrations and express sentiments. Create a 5 photo story by un-tagging and re-tagging the images in 5-4-3-2-1 order. Danielle is giving away some free picture packs that are sized exactly the right way to be perfectly centered and are a lot of fun!

If you want your personal images perfectly centered, use a graphic editing tool like the free to make them exactly 68px high and 97px wide. And if your comfortable with Photoshop, Techcrunch has a really neat artistic idea here! If you’re not good with Photoshop there’s a recently added image generator tool!

For Those That Would Like A Longer
Explanation and How-To:

Before we start, this whole process assumes that the visibility on your photos you want to use is set to something other than “Private/Me Only”. Most likely you do not have your default photo privacy set to everyone and you may wish to make a new album with that permission to put these specific photos in. A album with privacy set to “everyone” works the best.

To use photos that are in an existing album and already uploaded to Facebook:

From your profile -> Go to Photos -> Go into the album we want to use pictures from.

Now, instead of clicking a picture, near the bottom LEFT we see some options (* Edit Album Info, * Share This Album, * Post Album to Profile) …. select Edit Album Info

… and set the privacy to EVERYONE…. Save Changes. Now you are back in the album. If the images you want to use are not already in the album, upload them to this album now.

One step in the upload process, near the end, gives you the option to tag the photos from within the uploader.

You can do that and it works just fine, or I’m going to explain how to tag them once they are already uploaded. Now, assuming the pictures we want to use are in this album. Click on the picture you would like to appear in the picture box (and hence that we need to tag).

Slightly under the photo, slightly to the right (or just to the right of the comments if there are comments) you are going to see some links with options of things you can do to the photo (share, tag, edit, delete, make profile picture). Click Tag This Photo.

This opens a light yellow box above the menu that has a “done tagging” button we’ll need in a moment. If its a picture of you, click on your face otherwise just click anywhere in the photo.

That opens a tagging box and you’ll start typing your name until you see it in the list and then put a check beside it and click the TAG button at the bottom of the tagging box.

Underneath the photo you will now see:
In this photo: Kimberly J. Castleberry (photos | remove tag)

That’s correct, so click the Done Tagging button above.

Yes I know this doesn’t make much sense if you’re not actually IN the photo but its how this game is played, LOL

Now, assuming that your privacy permissions for that particular photo (set at the album level which we checked above) then the photos will display.

By default the most recently tagged image goes into the LEFT-most of the 5 picture boxes.  When a new one is tagged, they all move over!

If one gets in there that you do not want in there, hover over it until the little x appears, and you can remove it from the picture box.

Doing this does not delete the photo OR the tag.

One thing that you probably notice in my pictures above is that they are not centered.

Unless we re-size the images using a photo editing tool to be the exact dimension of the box, we do not have control of their specific alignment at this time.

If you want your images perfectly centered, use a graphic editing tool like the free to make them exactly 68px high and 97px wide.

I hope this helps you get the most out of the new profile toys and I definitely suggest picking up the free image pack and having some fun expressing yourself!

Here’s To Facebook Fun!

PS: A special thanks to my friend Kim Jensen who has been helping out on my page answering questions and helping us experiment with all this fun stuff!

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  1. says

    Hey Kim, great marketing idea with purposely placing photos at the top of your page to display what you want visitors to see. I see lots of possibilities there, great idea! Thanks.

  2. says

    Excellent tip Kim and love the detailed step by step process. I was hoping there was a way to control which photos appear in the tagged list. I’ve added you to me feeds.

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