How To Adjust The “Volume” Of Your Google+ Circles In Your News Feed

new-google-plus-logoSee More, Less, or None 
Of That G+ Circle In Your Feed!

 Formerly known as the “volume slider”, this little setting in your Google Circles lets you decide whether you see a LOT of that circle in your news feed or hide it and visit it as it’s own thing. 

First, go to one of your circles. You’ll find them in the upper row of your home page: 


 Click on the name of one of your circles. (The “missing” ones are in the drop-down to the right of the list.)

 Once you are inside the circle itself, go the the square on the right labeled “In this circle”… and you’ll see a gear settings icon. 


In this drop-down, you’ll find four total volume options: 

1.  Show (or not show) items in this circle in the newsfeed

2. (if showing) Show more/most of the items from this circle in the news feed

3. (if showing) Show standard (some) of the items from this circle in the news feed

4. (if showing) Show fewer (very few) of the items from this circle in the news feed

Why would you need this? 

Most importantly, this puts you in charge of the thing that Facebook does automatically. You get much better control over what is shown or hidden than you have on Facebook. 

If you have topic-based circles for work, you may not want them in your news feed all the time, but may prefer to visit them more like a Facebook list…. there when you need them… but not flooding up your news feed. 

I have a photography circle that is beautiful and inspiring… but due to it being very high volume from image sharers… it was at risk of flooding my news feed. First I “turned it down” and then I removed it from the home feed and now visit it when I want some eye candy. 

Perhaps you follow a bunch of people that you “are supposed to follow” – perhaps just so you can share privacy restricted stuff with them – such as family, work coworkers, etc that you don’t actually want to hear from all the time. Set that circle to “fewer” and they won’t be underfoot so much. 

And if someone that you need to follow – but is super high volume – is flooding your stream…. give them their own circle and adjust the controls until they are tolerable! 

With this simple setting you can adjust your news feed (home feed) to suit your tastes while not having to evict anyone from being circled. 

Enjoy Google Plus!

~ Kim ~
Simple Tech Tips For Marketing

PS: Keep your circles to a minimum so that they give you just enough publishing capabilities and filtering capabilities without being overwhelming to manage. (Tip: Most people have too many circles rather than not enough.)

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21 Comments on "How To Adjust The “Volume” Of Your Google+ Circles In Your News Feed"

1 year 4 months ago

Hi Kim,

This IS pretty interesting indeed :)

I never know about this feature, but having a look at it now, it does make sense to shift things to ‘fewer’ if you want to see less of them in your news feed, just like the ‘photographers’ group, something that I love and have a lot of flooding my stream as well.

I think by default, it’s all presently set to ‘Standard’, so everything is visible in moderation I guess. I need to make my settings right now.

Thanks for sharing this with us. Wishing you a very Happy New Year :)

1 year 4 months ago

Smart tips here Kim. I am big on maintaining few circles as it is; complex, or too much, adds chaos to my mind and G Plus marketing strategy. Less is better and using your tips you can reduce G Plus noise quickly.


1 year 4 months ago

That’s interesting. I had no idea that feature was out there. It’s definitely one I plan on putting to use right away. Some circles are just too high volume. The volume slider is a nice tool for, as the name suggests, keeping the noise down but it also seems to be a recognition by Google that G+ pushes too much content too fast because everybody knows it is practically a required forum for content to get it into SERP.

1 year 4 months ago

Hi Kim

At the moment I only have one circle with everyone in it.

I had 3 or 4 but I got rid of them and thought I’d start again.

I didn’t know about the volume feature and that will come in very handy when I decide what to do with circles going forward!

1 year 4 months ago

That’s good to know Kim, so far I haven’t found anyone to be posting too much, except sometimes the “google help” askers have a lot of questions. One of my favorite circles is scuba diving and I don’t mind how many photos they post, I love looking at them all, even if it makes me scroll a lot.