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legal balance scalesWhat You Don’t Know About These Bills
Could Destroy Your Business!

There are a pair of bills the US Congress at the moment that not only are incredibly dangerous for American freedoms but also currently gathering way too many votes due to many big software and media companies supporting them.

If it doesn’t concern you enough that these bills destroy “due process” of the legal system… what should concern you as an online marketer is that it would make it incredibly super-simple for any media company to take your domain off the internet… with no useful recourse.

These bills remove the due process steps necessary for media companies to claim copyright infringement and to have your domain shut off completely.

This is a cyber wall of the same ugly reality as the Chinese firewall.

Say you recorded a video of your child spinning around in the kitchen and being goofy. Then you shared this to your blog. If that video just happened to have a copy-written song playing on the radio faintly in the background, not only could the copyright holder make you take it down (or disable it) as they can today, but they could easily turn in a form and have your site shut off immediately. You’re done. Over. Gone. Little recourse available. No chance to prove you are right before they can destroy your online business.

Now, imagine it was someone else’s video you’d posted… unlike currently, you would now be liable!

Companies like Google, Facebook, Tumblr, Posterous, Firefox and more have all actively spoken out in the last few weeks about how this would fundamentally destroy the internet as we know it. It removes the safe harbor that is part of social sites (and user generated content) today and rapes the legal “due process” system we expect.

No software or media (music/records/videos) company should have THAT much power!

— Andrew Howard on what SOPA and the Protect IP act mean for the future of the Internet and how they affect you directly. Read it, then watch this, then go do something about it.

Normally, I don’t raise the flag too high about bills like this… because there have been so many. Yet this one has so much backing that it has rattled the entire tech industry. This one actually very well may pass.  This one should scare you.

This pair of bills is known as “SOPA” (Stop Online Piracy Act) and “PIPA” (Protect Intellectual Property Act).

Phone calls and human written letters are the only thing that’s going to make an impact at the moment and we need YOURS!

Want to see what people are saying about SOPA and PIPA? Click here

I’m torn between shouting at you about just how dangerous this is and how much of a bad idea it is… versus my usually more laid back approach. I … no, actually, WE… need you to understand the risk involved and how important it is that you make this phone call.

The Preventing Real Online Threats to Economic Creativity and Theft of Intellectual Property Act (Protect IP) and the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) “are like two peas in a pod,” Sen. Ron Wyden, the bills’ most vocal opponent in the U.S. Senate, explained to Raw Story in an exclusive interview.

“These are Web blacklisting bills, Web censorship bills, and anybody with a Web site would be vulnerable,” he said, a tone of urgency prevailing in his voice. Read more.

 Think this debate isn’t getting heated? NBC News is even going so far as to strong arm their suppliers to ensure this thing gets passed.

There are two versions of this bill: #PIPA and #SOPA. Both are bad.

There are TWO things you must do to fight them:

Click below to find your reps and tell them NO:

And visit this website for more:

Stay in the loop with what is needed to fight these bills by joining Mozilla’s campaign: and committing to call:

Personally, I wouldn’t wait till Tuesday to call, call today! Get your friends and family to call too! 

We can not let these giant media and software companies destroy the internet or vital American freedoms.

Please make this call, its very important.

Spread the word… Your business depends on it!

Kimberly Castleberry
Proudly Defending American Freedoms

PS: Not American based but do business with Americans… this is going to hit you too as this is simply creating “filters” for any site considered offending so that those sites can not be reached by Americans.

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  1. says

    Hey Kim,

    I’m glad there are companies like Mozilla, Google, Facebook and others and also people like you fighting against this.
    I can see very clearly how damaging this is for all of us. User generated content IS the web and it has been integrated with every media medium we consume daily. Every radio show I listen to talks about youtube, twitter, and facebook. The news has youtube videos on it almost everyday. Can’t they see how hypocritical this is?

    I will be reading more about this for sure and taking the necessary steps to support the fight against this.

    Thanks for spreading the word.

  2. says

    Wow! This is certainly scary and a wake up call. Thanks for sharing this and I most certainly will be contacting reps to tell them no. Thanks for sharing this!

  3. says

    Hi there Kim! Everybody must be aware that “some” generally speaking would destroy some things that we gather and in an instant, it will be destroyed. We must be aware like what you have said on this kind of situations. Thanks for sharing this.

  4. says

    Hey Kim, thanks for bringing light to this subject. Amazing how easily our freedoms and rights can be taken away from us. We must stand up against the big corporations and media elites. We must stand up for our freedoms and rights or they will be taken from us. The world is changing but we must stand for what we will not allow to be taken from us. Thanks again for getting the word out about this.

  5. says

    Thanks Kim for bringing this issue to your readership.
    it is so unfortunate that in the land of the Free our freedoms continue to be over regulated.
    Going to call and re-post this!
    Our economy needs online entrepreneurship more than ever…it is senseless to cripple our industry!

  6. says

    It’s difficult imagine any website or social network that won’t contain any music or pictures taken from somewhere…It won’t be interesting in some cases.YouTube,for example, has a huge number of funny video where you can hear music taken from different songs,,,And what will be if in some it will be forbidden?…

  7. Anna says

    I respect people who fight against all the consuming society (because Mozilla, Facebook and stuff creates precisely this) I enjoyed reading the foll of content post!

  8. says

    Wow that would be awful if they could just shut you down. Maybe time to move your hosting services to another country when your contract runs out or would that not work? What if you write a post about your kid choking on some branded biscuit. If they don’t like your post since you mention them you could be out, really?
    Seems strange to be honest.

  9. says

    This is scary. This is really scary, and really bad! I just went into the site and sent the message to Congress. I hope it helps. I will go ahead and share this on Twitter and Facebook as well.

  10. says

    Wow I had no idea Kim this was going on! Thanks for posting this and letting us know. I will be visiting those sites and adding my vote against this horrible injustice. The fact that this is even a consideration in being enacted is just horrible.

  11. David J Fortier says

    I don’t agree that the due process needs to disappear, but I would like to see congress work toward a responsible bill to fight piracy. Right now, the owness is on the creator to sue the pirate, but most mid-list authors, small game developers, and indie bands can’t afford the legal battles. The average sci-fi/fantasy author’s first advance is between $7-15,000.

    Something needs to be done to fight piracy, but not this.

  12. says

    Thank YOU Kim, for keeping everyone informed of bills like this that arise. Too many people don’t understand that blogging, using social media and comments not only can be seen by the world but must abide by FTC regulations & laws. This is why I feel so strongly that people must get legal advice & protection doing business online. And, yes it is a plug being an affiliate with Legal Shield, but it is the most affordable legal advice I know of.

  13. says

    Here we go again. I suspect that the purpose of this bill is to try to stop uploading of copyrighted movies and songs. The music and film industries have been trying to do this for years. Remember Napstar!

    I would be very surprised if Sony would go after individual websites who use one of their tracks in a video, unless it is very offensive or porn.

    I am reminded of a Monty Python who made a fortune by allowing free downloads of all their movies. When will these guys get that the more their material is downloaded, the more sales they get? This is driven by pure greed, and it will destroy our society if it keeps going.

    I do believe the purpose of this is to make it easier to take down pirate sites.

  14. says

    In turn such a bill maybe the back fire that these companies are not thinking about, it may produce the control that they cannot have, and that is our own creative property. When we begin rallying around our own business, when we start looking at what we have, and support it, when we start rallying around music and intellectual ideas that network together- it may very well be more then what meets the eye, if it has to be, it may be your power and mine.

  15. says

    Kimberly,GREAT Information! I did not know anything about this. Thanks for sharing not only the information but how to contact our reps in congress! I pasted this on my FB Wall and Fan Page! I also tweeted it! This is so DAMN important. The government could really screw this up and once these laws are passed, they will never be repealed!Thanks again!– Jupiter Jim

  16. says

    GREAT Information! I did not know anything about this. Thanks for sharing not only the information but how to contact our reps in congress! I pasted this on my FB Wall and Fan Page! This is so DAMN important. The government could really screw this up and once these laws are passed, they will never be repealed!

    Thanks again!

    — Jupiter Jim

  17. says

    Thanks so much for sharing. I am grateful to have people like you in TSA raising awareness of these preposterous risks facing the internet. I will read more into this subject in order to provide my support.


  18. says

    SOPA has been defeated for now but the big money boys are not going to rest until corporate America has control over the Internet. I hope people will be vigilant! Typically, the corporate interests try to sneak their legislation under the radar.

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