American Based Businesses Beware!

legal balance scalesWhat You Don’t Know About These Bills
Could Destroy Your Business!

There are a pair of bills the US Congress at the moment that not only are incredibly dangerous for American freedoms but also currently gathering way too many votes due to many big software and media companies supporting them.

If it doesn’t concern you enough that these bills destroy “due process” of the legal system… what should concern you as an online marketer is that it would make it incredibly super-simple for any media company to take your domain off the internet… with no useful recourse.

These bills remove the due process steps necessary for media companies to claim copyright infringement and to have your domain shut off completely.

This is a cyber wall of the same ugly reality as the Chinese firewall.

Say you recorded a video of your child spinning around in the kitchen and being goofy. Then you shared this to your blog. If that video just happened to have a copy-written song playing on the radio faintly in the background, not only could the copyright holder make you take it down (or disable it) as they can today, but they could easily turn in a form and have your site shut off immediately. You’re done. Over. Gone. Little recourse available. No chance to prove you are right before they can destroy your online business.

Now, imagine it was someone else’s video you’d posted… unlike currently, you would now be liable!

Companies like Google, Facebook, Tumblr, Posterous, Firefox and more have all actively spoken out in the last few weeks about how this would fundamentally destroy the internet as we know it. It removes the safe harbor that is part of social sites (and user generated content) today and rapes the legal “due process” system we expect.

No software or media (music/records/videos) company should have THAT much power!

— Andrew Howard on what SOPA and the Protect IP act mean for the future of the Internet and how they affect you directly. Read it, then watch this, then go do something about it.

Normally, I don’t raise the flag too high about bills like this… because there have been so many. Yet this one has so much backing that it has rattled the entire tech industry. This one actually very well may pass.  This one should scare you.

This pair of bills is known as “SOPA” (Stop Online Piracy Act) and “PIPA” (Protect Intellectual Property Act).

Phone calls and human written letters are the only thing that’s going to make an impact at the moment and we need YOURS!

Want to see what people are saying about SOPA and PIPA? Click here

I’m torn between shouting at you about just how dangerous this is and how much of a bad idea it is… versus my usually more laid back approach. I … no, actually, WE… need you to understand the risk involved and how important it is that you make this phone call.

The Preventing Real Online Threats to Economic Creativity and Theft of Intellectual Property Act (Protect IP) and the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) “are like two peas in a pod,” Sen. Ron Wyden, the bills’ most vocal opponent in the U.S. Senate, explained to Raw Story in an exclusive interview.

“These are Web blacklisting bills, Web censorship bills, and anybody with a Web site would be vulnerable,” he said, a tone of urgency prevailing in his voice. Read more.

 Think this debate isn’t getting heated? NBC News is even going so far as to strong arm their suppliers to ensure this thing gets passed.

There are two versions of this bill: #PIPA and #SOPA. Both are bad.

There are TWO things you must do to fight them:

Click below to find your reps and tell them NO:

And visit this website for more:

Stay in the loop with what is needed to fight these bills by joining Mozilla’s campaign: and committing to call:

Personally, I wouldn’t wait till Tuesday to call, call today! Get your friends and family to call too! 

We can not let these giant media and software companies destroy the internet or vital American freedoms.

Please make this call, its very important.

Spread the word… Your business depends on it!

Kimberly Castleberry
Proudly Defending American Freedoms

PS: Not American based but do business with Americans… this is going to hit you too as this is simply creating “filters” for any site considered offending so that those sites can not be reached by Americans.

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32 Comments on "American Based Businesses Beware!"

3 years 5 months ago

Hey Kim,

I’m glad there are companies like Mozilla, Google, Facebook and others and also people like you fighting against this.
I can see very clearly how damaging this is for all of us. User generated content IS the web and it has been integrated with every media medium we consume daily. Every radio show I listen to talks about youtube, twitter, and facebook. The news has youtube videos on it almost everyday. Can’t they see how hypocritical this is?

I will be reading more about this for sure and taking the necessary steps to support the fight against this.

Thanks for spreading the word.

3 years 5 months ago

American Based #Businesses Beware! via @AskKim

3 years 5 months ago

Wow! This is certainly scary and a wake up call. Thanks for sharing this and I most certainly will be contacting reps to tell them no. Thanks for sharing this!

3 years 5 months ago

Hi there Kim! Everybody must be aware that “some” generally speaking would destroy some things that we gather and in an instant, it will be destroyed. We must be aware like what you have said on this kind of situations. Thanks for sharing this.

3 years 5 months ago

American Based Businesses Beware! via @AskKim