How To Auto-Publish Your Blog Posts To Your Google+ Page

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A Quick & Easy Way 
To Publish Your Blog To Google Plus

I’m very picky about my social share automation.

However, since the +1 button on the post will not publish to my Page, I often find that I neglect getting blog posts shared over there. 

Fortunately, now that Hootsuite can publish to Google+ Pages, it’s easy to set up a little automation to take care of this for now. 

It’s simple enough to take advantage of the RSS Feeds tool that is built right into Hootsuite!

screenshot of the RSS feed tool in hootsuite, being used to connect to a Google+ page

Steps To Use Hootsuite To Publish Your Blog’s RSS To Your Google+ Page

1. Open & log in to

2. Hover over the left panel and in the pop-out, under Settings, you will find “RSS/Atom” (click it).

3. Near the top of the RSS/Atom settings in Hootsuite, you will see a [+] button. (click it)

4. This opens the “Add RSS/Atom Feed” panel.  

5. Fill in the form:

Feed URL: Your site’s feed URL, by default on WordPress that is http://

a. Profile To Send To: Select Your Google+ Page. (Here’s how to connect hootsuite to google+)

b. Check Interval: Select the longest one that is appropriate for your site. I occasionally publish several times per day and at odd hours so I have selected hourly for this blog/account. However, many sites are perfect at 24hrs. 

c. Send Up To: one post at a time

d. Include Text From Post: Uncheck

e. Prepend Text: (optional) I entered  “New Blog Post: ”   (pay attention to use a space at the end if you use this feature)

f. URL Shortener:

g. Click “Save Feed” (and you’re done)

It’s as simple as that to get your website’s feed being auto-published to your Google+ Business page!

As noted in the post on connecting Google+ to Hootsuite, Google+ Profile integration does not yet exist. 

I hope it doesn’t need to be stated that repeated sharing of blog posts is actually an easy way to identify you as “not present” on a social site and thus as a spammer. Even though the posts lack an app tag, lack of truly engaging commentary mixed in will make you look bad.  

As always, caveat emptor…. 

Are you regularly sharing your blog contents to your Google+ Page and Profile? 

Be sure to join us for the livestream Hangout in a few weeks when we get together for a roundtable to discuss Twitter tips!

~ Kim ~
Simple Tech Tips For Marketing

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    • says

      Ankit, I had that trouble with to Facebook until I adjusted a setting they have so that it lets FB pick the thumbnail. In you want to adjust that setting. I prefer RSS Graffiti for publishing to FB though *if* I’m going to autopublish.

        • says

          Kim @ one thing ,I am still in puzzle that auto share can manage any benefit to our blog posts or traffic generation ! I am using a few number of such services but till nothing noticed by me .

          • says

            Simply piping data into an account you’re not actually building up any reputation on isn’t going to help you. It’s little more than spam. If however the account is active, influential and just needs a way to save time, then this can help provide a much needed tool. You can’t expect to get anything out of something you don’t put effort into.

  1. says

    Hi Kim,

    What a great, descriptive post on how to do this. While we do not use HootSuite, we have looked at it as an option to help with our social sharing.

    When we get it, we will definitely be coming back here for your easy to follow directions.

    • says

      Thanks Robert, appreciate it. I highly suggest you have at least for managing twitter. The free version is all you need to manage twitter itself. There’s no twitter management client that’s better. The pro only comes in if you need to manage a lot more than that. Go ahead and give it a look!

  2. says

    Hi Kim,
    That is a real bummer that G+ will allow auto-posting. I had hoped that they would not do that. Auto publishing from an RSS means that it will no longer be a social site, it will become a link farm.

    I like knowing that any post written had to be done by a person logging in and taking the time to do it.

    Maybe G+ can have BIG RED text saying Auto Post on anything coming in from an app like HootSuite. That way we know that a real person didn’t take the time to visit the site and add it.

    • says

      Sheryl, that’s why I kinda like that app-posts on Facebook have an “app stamp” and you can tell right away what was posted from remote. You can’t however tell what was posted from remote but wasn’t fully automated. I agree that I’ve liked how “clean” the platform has been.

  3. says

    Hi Kim,

    Thanks for sharing these details. I use hootesuite and it is great to see we can use it to keep our Google+ pages up to date with our blog posts . You seem to be using Google+ a lot lately and enjoying the hangout feature. take care Rosemary

  4. says

    Thanks so much Kim for these specific steps to follow when using Hootsuite to publish your blog’s RSS to your google+ page. It makes it much less confusing to me, whereas before I didn’t know where to start!

  5. Matthew says

    Thank for Huitsuite. It is really nice to publish directly to Google Plus. This will reduce your burden, save time and you will more productive.

  6. says

    Hi Kim,

    Thanks for sharing, I think I’ve used a similar app like Hootsuite.. I’m not sure if it was friendfeed. Anyway, thanks for the guide I just signed up for a Hootsuite account, will authorize accounts now.

  7. says

    Aha! Just what I’ve been looking for….
    I’ve been using Socialyzer for a while which allows queued posting to Twitter, FaceBook and LinkedIn but the one thing it lacks is Google+

    Thanks Kim and Hootsuite for saving me time :)

  8. says

    Thanks Kim for showing us how to use Hootsuite for G+ Lately I have been spending more time on G+ and found it a great way to syndicate and also share my info.
    This makes the manual process a breeze! After you have explained this, I’ll get on it. I get picky too about automated stuff.
    Thanks again,

  9. says

    Kim: I love using HootSuite to automate things. It’s fantastic to be able to schedule tweets, G+, etc. all in one place. I could be in meetings all day, but comfortably know that the content & messages I want to share are done so at the exact time I want them to be! Thanks for sharing such explicit instructions…HootSuite has proven to be a real time-saver for me!

  10. says


    I was using some other tools to publish blog on Google + like Google toolbar & some other but Now I understand this Hootsuite can publish to Google+ is best way to publish a blog post on blog. As you discussing to Auto Publish blog post on blog. so thanks for this !

  11. says

    Hi, sorry to bother you, but I have linked an rss feed from my site to my Google+ page as explained, however the feed is new once every 24 hours, and the first item (or 2) get published correctly straight after the feed is published, then no more are published until the next feed is generated 24 hours on.

    Is there a way to get hootsuite to take more items from the feed every hour or two (as I can with twitterfeed by selecting “Post new items based on GUID”) or can I make the feed look “new” every hour when it’s not?

    • says

      Why is your feed only being generated once a day? My WordPress feed updates within seconds of me publishing a post. I’d go into your feed settings and do whatever you have to do to get it to update itself more often.

      • says

        Hi Kim, and thanks for the response.

        Although it’s my feed from my site it’s based on a datafeed from a third party which is issued once every 24 hours.

        That said, I think I have just solved it by replacing the date field in the underlying MySQL query (previously taken straight from the datafeed) with the current time/date stamp, every time hootsuite checks.

        • says

          Yay, John, I’m glad to hear that you got it sorted out. Sorry that there wasn’t something simpler than tinkering with the query but I’m glad you had the skillset to handle that!

  12. says

    As a regular blogger, I’m always keen to make my blog accessible to more readers. This post has helped me figure out how I can have my blog published on Google Plus. Thanks for explaining the whole thing in a step by step manner.

  13. SapoPepe says

    Hello, very good article! Question: if I have an image rss as I can do so that it is you post on Google+ with HootSuite?

  14. says

    I would love to be able to auto publish my posts to my Google Plus personal profile. I’ve not yet set up a Google Plus Business Page, mainly because I feel I’m so spread out all over the internet. I also heed your admonition to be present in the places we auto-publish to.

  15. DARRELL says

    Hi Kim,

    I followed your instructions to the letter re getting Hootsuite to ppost WP posts automatically to G+: But no luck! Is there soemthing new since this post that I may be missing?

    Thanks for your help!


    • says

      Darrell, this should still be working. I just realized that I changed my Feed URL and didn’t update hootsuite so mine hasn’t been running. I just did that and we’ll see how it does later this week :)

  16. says

    Hoot suite is not reliable source. IFTTT is much better and user friendly provided they also add some spice like Google Plus in them.

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