Business In The Yes, Please, Thank You, and Gift Economy

Yes, Please, And Thank You! Adapting Businesses For The New Economy “Our grandparents are more suited to be successful in social than we are, because we’re going back to “small town rules”. Marketing is about to get really fucking hard. It’s about to get really one-on-one.” – Gary Vaynerchuk Marketing as we know it is shifting, changing and evolving.  Gone are the days t

The Harrowing Tale Of My (Solved) YouTube Suspension…

From YouTube Termination To Back In 48 Scary Hours! Two days ago… at a rather crazy 1:33 am… I received one of those email notifications that you never want to receive.  YouTube had (wrongly) flagged one of my videos and decided to terminate the associated account. (So much for my plans to get some sleep!) They flagged a video that was completely non-promotional and simply showed you how to get your

10 Tips To Get Your Profile Found On LinkedIn

How to Create a Strong Profile That Gets FOUNDOn LinkedIn  LinkedIn is a professional social network that is an important component in any online marketing campaign. It’s a much more buttoned-up version of Facebook with many features that you can use to promote yourself and / or your business. The entire point of using social media is so that your target audience finds you. Simply creating a profile isn’t en

6 LinkedIn Marketing Strategies and Tactics For Brand Awareness

Build Your Brand on LinkedIn With These 6 Marketing Strategies is a growing professional social media network that, if used properly can increase you market reach exponentially. Never before in history have business owners had so much information at their fingertips, with such close proximity and access to their markets. is ripe for using as a marketing channel and has  REALLY made so

Solve Your Browsers Stinky Tab Memory With Session Manager

Never Again LoseAll Your Browser Tabs! We’ve all been there right?  That sinking feeling when something causes a reboot… and we return to a browser that is now devoid of our precious tabs we were working with! In that moment, it’s hard to tell whether to scream, groan, or pull our hair out! (Generally I want to do all three things at once!) Fortunately though, I’ve learned how to put a stop

How To Quickly & Easily Convert WordPress Posts Into Pages (And Vise Versa)

Now It’s A PostNow It’s A Page! As WordPress users, we tend to think of posts and pages (rightly) as their own separate things. Generally speaking… Posts are for chronological and time relevant items and generally used for community discussion. Pages a for long term evergreen content and often used with comments disabled. Posts also show up in the archives, date based search, author search, feed,