Calling All Experts! Run A Q&A For Our Community!


Calling all experts! Are you an expert in a marketing related topic? Do your fans and readers come to you for your advice and expertise? Our community is active and hungry to learn new things from YOU! If you’re already an active member of the community – or a respected friend and colleague of mine […]

Marketing Process Automation with IFTTT and Zapier


Automation routines… Automating simple tasks across multiple platforms can help save a lot of time and headache. Introducing IFTTT For example, you can use to:     If new status message on Facebook page, then add to Buffer     If new Instagram photo by you, then add to Buffer     If new tweet by you, […]

Bulk Invite Your Email Contacts To Your Facebook Group


Mass Invite Your Email Contacts To Your Facebook Group!  Within your Facebook group, you have an invite by email option. Unfortunately, Facebook only allows you to send email invitations one at a time. Using the PREMIUM anyAudience Facebook Group inviter addon for Windows Chrome, you can semi-automate this process.  This helpful chrome extension overcomes that restriction by […]

Creating Picture-In-Picture Videos For Your Business


Have you ever wondered how to do picture-in-picture video where your picture (a video of you) appears in the corner of a screencast or slide cast video? The picture-in-picture effect helps improve branding by improving the trust factor and increasing the amount of face-time that the viewer has with you or your brand.  The two […]

The Golden Ratio in Website Design Theory


Optimizing Your Web Design Work According To Nature If you are designing sites, graphics, or artwork, you need to understand how the Golden Ratio (aka “divine proportion” or aka “Fibonacci numbers”) plays a role in determining eye appeal. The golden ratio also is called the golden mean or golden section (Latin: sectio aurea). Other names […]