Facebook Groups For Fun and Profit? {Disclaimer: I’m not a lawyer. I don’t play one on the interwebs. Consult yours.} Facebook Groups fall under the Facebook profiles TOS. So, regardless of popular myth, they are subject to ALL of the […]

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 Bookmark These  Hot Discounts For 2014! Discounts as hot as these only come around once a year!  Here’s the scoop: Each year I publish a massive catalog style collection of the hottest sales available on Black Friday and Cyber Monday to […]

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Celebrating 1700 Members! Congratulations #YCDI on rockin’ social media! 1700 members! Woohoo! And to the awesome moderators that help keep this place manageable and spam free! The #YCDI community is a place for business owners & marketers stay up to […]

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Solving A Blog’s Spam Comment Flood!  Some blogs just get pummeled with spam even when they take the best of precautions…  Or maybe they forgot to take precautions or their spam control plugins accidentally got deactivated! Either way, a mass of comments […]

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Which Loads Faster? Site A – or – Site B? Page A – or – Page B? Google says that page load times matter for SEO!  This isn’t new news but it has recently been very clearly stated that Google will give […]

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What is a Gravatar? Gravatar may sound like a funny word, but its one of the hottest tools to increase your branding value while blogging… for free! Have you ever wondered how come some people’s comments on blogs get a […]

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