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Dunbar’s Number In Social Marketing A curious number really… 100 – 250… Dunbar’s Number, which is most commonly rounded to 150. As I explore this new web app that helps you identify active vs inactive Facebook friends, I’m really struck by […]

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An Open Source Solution To Self Hosted Link Shortening One of the most common things online marketers need is a way to track and manage the links to content.  Creating tracking, shortening, and redirection links is a common request due to the […]

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That Common Authority Conundrum By now, if you’ve been investigating the idea of internet marketing or blogging for any time at all, you’ve come across the idea of authority (“expert”) marketing and the importance it can play for your blog […]

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Addressing A CPU ResourcesExceeded Notice From Your Hosting Provider When a low-traffic hosting account, running WordPress sites, starts getting CPU “Resources” exceeded notices, here are some of the things my team and I investigate for the client BEFORE recommending a hosting […]

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Move Facebook Photos Between Albums How do I move photos between albums? One of the down sides of being snap-happy on my mobile device has meant that I’m quick to upload images to Facebook but often forget to poke the […]

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Internet Marketing Related Sub-Categories I found these while I was doing some research for a list and thought I’d pass them along. These are niches (actually more correctly categories as they are not narrow enough to be niches) WITHIN the […]

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