Clean Up Your FacebookFriend List  Are Your Facebook™ Posts Seemingly Invisible Lately? Or just getting a lot less engagement on them than you used to? Even though you’ve added more friends?  You’re not alone! One of the biggest MYTHs marketers on […]

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Now It’s A PostNow It’s A Page! As WordPress users, we tend to think of posts and pages (rightly) as their own separate things. Generally speaking… Posts are for chronological and time relevant items and generally used for community discussion. […]

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Keeping Your Domain AddressOut Of The Blacklist Dog House! Keeping your IP address and domain URL out of trouble and off of blacklists is one of several very important ways to protect your ability to get your message to your […]

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How To “Whitelist” An Email AddressTo Keep It Out of The Spam Box Managing email can be unwieldy and its compounded by technology trying to be smarter than we are and anticipating (often incorrectly) what incoming mail is spam. This […]

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Unsucessful Mistakes Businessman

Beware These Common Landmines!  After many years in social marketing, I’ve seen so many things that make me go ummmm that I wouldn’t be able to list them all…  … but here is some of the most common newbie traps that even […]

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You Can’t Frame Me! We’ve recently seen a resurgence in scammers utilizing frames in order to display our content without letting the traffic actually visit our site.  This often isn’t easy to recognize at first when we see OUR content […]

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How To Make A Link Open In A New Window in WordPress One of the most common question on WordPress is how to make a link (hyperlink) open in a new window. This is important because when we link out, […]

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