A Quick & Easy Personalized Link Shortener  You probably heard of as one of the most popular URL shorteners and you’ve probably used it some. But wouldn’t it be cool if you had your own custom URL shortener? Something like There […]

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Let’s Ask Google! There are a lot of SEO reports that suggest that url shorteners may be hurting your SEO… Is this true? What can we do about it? Matt Cutts, Google’s SEO expert weighs in with the facts…. The […]

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So Long Sucky Comment  Spammers! Comment spam is one of the biggest annoyances for WordPress blogs.  While it doesn’t pose any “risk” as long as you do not approve the spam posts… even having to delete it sucks up precious time […]

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Disable The Default Image Self-Linking For Improved Blogging WordPress is many things to many people. And somewhere in the evolution of the software, they decided that it was better to focus on helping people make delightful photo lightboxes and galleries than focusing […]

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A Little Facebook Privacy Please! Facebook groups are a fun way to have topic-based discussions with other like-minded people. Unfortunately, unless the group is “Secret”, our membership in the group is often very public. While “open groups” show everything to […]

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Embed PasteBin Code Snippets In WordPress Code snippets are sometimes a non-optional pathway for WordPress users. While there are lots of plugins, often times it’s best to use a code snippet to keep the blog running smooth. However, I’ve always […]

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