How To Quickly and Easily Resize A Bunch of Photos or Images At Once

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Resizing a single image is a two minute job in the very easy to use application… but the idea of repeating the procedure for dozens of images can be mind numbing! 

Sometimes, you just want to get the same repetitive task done at once! 

Processing images in bulk or in mass is incredibly common because it’s an efficient use of time and energy! 

While there are dozens of ways to accomplish the task, each with increasingly difficult learning curves, tonight I went on the look for something that would be fast and easy to use!

After turning down several candidates, I happily located…


Fotosizer is a really easy to use free Windows application that quickly turned all EIGHTY photos I needed to modify tonight into a few minute task!

This is the perfect way to quickly resize the high megapixel images that your camera produces and get them ready for upload to your blog. 

fotosizer-1Select which photos you want to modify. You can either add photos individually or save time and add a whole folder. I chose to add the whole folder of my 80 images to process. 

fotosizer-2Select your settings you want to apply to all selected images.  I wanted to adjust the size. I also used the “optional settings” to reduce the quality to 80% which was barely noticeable but helps make the images load faster when used online.  Select where you want the modified files saved to and what naming scheme you want used to name the saved files. 

fotosizer-3Click the green go button and Fotosizer sets off to work bulk resizing your images. It really took only a couple minutes for the utility to process all 80 high resolution images that I was adjusting. 

Fast, simple, free, and easy to use!  Grab it here!

If it helps you out, be sure to donate to their project. 

An alternative, but slightly more time consuming process (that would likely also be more flexible), would be to “upgrade” with a bulk image processing add-on. I’d probably recommend this if you need to do this kinda stuff often.

What are your favorite tools for quickly editing images you want to use on the web?

~ Kim ~
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42 Comments on "How To Quickly and Easily Resize A Bunch of Photos or Images At Once"

2 years 4 months ago

Hi there Kim:

Just to answer your question what photo resizing software do we use I guess that actually depends. For reasons of my own I use more advanced software and almost never resize images and bulk.

On an image by image basis I use Adobe Photoshop but on the occasion that I do need to resize many photos I will almost always do it in Adobe Photoshop Lightroom.

I realize that the average user really doesn’t need to invest in this type of software but I was just searching the Internet came across your blog and thought I would answer the question.

I’ve never heard this FotoSizer but it does look like it would be a great software for someone that did need to resize photos on an irregular basis.

Thank you for sharing and have a wonderful day,


2 years 4 months ago

What an awesome tool Kim! I can’t imagine having to re-size that many images, but it’s nice to see that even for a project of that magnitude there’s an app for that :-)

2 years 3 months ago

Thanks for sharing this awesome tool Kim. I would surely try this and i hope it would help me a lot :)

2 years 3 months ago

Hello Kim,
ah… You just make my work more easy. now i can resize and rename my images at once. thanks for this awesome tool

2 years 3 months ago

I never thought that I re size all the picture at ones. Thanks for this tips Kim! I think this software will come in handy.