How To Quickly and Easily Resize A Bunch of Photos or Images At Once

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Resizing a single image is a two minute job in the very easy to use application… but the idea of repeating the procedure for dozens of images can be mind numbing! 

Sometimes, you just want to get the same repetitive task done at once! 

Processing images in bulk or in mass is incredibly common because it’s an efficient use of time and energy! 

While there are dozens of ways to accomplish the task, each with increasingly difficult learning curves, tonight I went on the look for something that would be fast and easy to use!

After turning down several candidates, I happily located…


Fotosizer is a really easy to use free Windows application that quickly turned all EIGHTY photos I needed to modify tonight into a few minute task!

This is the perfect way to quickly resize the high megapixel images that your camera produces and get them ready for upload to your blog. 

fotosizer-1Select which photos you want to modify. You can either add photos individually or save time and add a whole folder. I chose to add the whole folder of my 80 images to process. 

fotosizer-2Select your settings you want to apply to all selected images.  I wanted to adjust the size. I also used the “optional settings” to reduce the quality to 80% which was barely noticeable but helps make the images load faster when used online.  Select where you want the modified files saved to and what naming scheme you want used to name the saved files. 

fotosizer-3Click the green go button and Fotosizer sets off to work bulk resizing your images. It really took only a couple minutes for the utility to process all 80 high resolution images that I was adjusting. 

Fast, simple, free, and easy to use!  Grab it here!

If it helps you out, be sure to donate to their project. 

An alternative, but slightly more time consuming process (that would likely also be more flexible), would be to “upgrade” with a bulk image processing add-on. I’d probably recommend this if you need to do this kinda stuff often.

What are your favorite tools for quickly editing images you want to use on the web?

~ Kim ~
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  1. says

    Hi there Kim:

    Just to answer your question what photo resizing software do we use I guess that actually depends. For reasons of my own I use more advanced software and almost never resize images and bulk.

    On an image by image basis I use Adobe Photoshop but on the occasion that I do need to resize many photos I will almost always do it in Adobe Photoshop Lightroom.

    I realize that the average user really doesn’t need to invest in this type of software but I was just searching the Internet came across your blog and thought I would answer the question.

    I’ve never heard this FotoSizer but it does look like it would be a great software for someone that did need to resize photos on an irregular basis.

    Thank you for sharing and have a wonderful day,


  2. Clint Butler says

    This looks like some great software Kim. I will have to do some additional research to see if there is a MAC application that something along the same lines. Right now I use Photoshop and Corel for my image work.

    On my blog I use WP as well for compression. I like it, keeps my file size down to a more reasonable size for page speed.

  3. says

    I wish more people would resize their images, Kim.

    The notion that bigger is better is a big mistake, especially on social media platforms. I consider those oversized images that try to eat alive my Facebook feeds to be little more than spam. No matter what the topic or purpose. It’s obnoxious and self-centered to just try to shout louder than everyone else, in order to have your message heard.

    I hope more and more people (let alone, marketers), start getting into the habit of using tools like Paint and Fotosizer. It will improve their brand, and make their messages more classy.

  4. says

    Kim, I should have come here last week, that is when I wanted to resize many pictures that I downloaded from my camera and after resize 4 of them with paint I say to my self, how come there is no tool to resize a bunch of pictures at once? Wow, here it is the solution… I will get to work again now… Thanks so much for sharing and for adding the directions how to do it (it helped me a lot)

    Thanks again.

  5. says

    Hi Kim,
    As part of changes to my website that I am making, I needed to resize several photos to the same size. This tool would have been invaluable as I sat resizing each image.

    Thanks, I will add fotosizer to my list of resources.
    Best wishes

  6. says

    Thank you very much for sharing such a usefull tip!!
    From now on, no more losing hours of resizing images which was a real pain in the **! :) Thanks to you for saving us so much time!
    I shall come back once in a while to check for some more tips like this one!^^ It could definitly be welcome :)
    Best regards,

  7. says

    I had no idea there was a product like this out there. It sure would save a ton of time in photo resizing compared to having to re-size each photo individually.

  8. says

    HI Kim, What a great tool! I already downloaded and I am going to try this out tonight I have so many folders full of pics this is now going to be a breeze..Tining couldn’t have been better. Thanks for sharing. Chery :)

  9. says

    That sounds great, Kim – I’ve downloaded it and am looking forward to using it.

    I use IrfanView (another free program) for most of my image work. It’s quick and easy – Paint drives me nuts! If I need to add text, I use Pixlr, which is like a simpler version of Paint to me.

    Thanks for this tip.


  10. says

    Hi Kim,

    That is a really handy tip , and no doubt I will be using it this year as graphics are so important as part of our online marketing .

    All the best Rosemary

  11. says

    Always an interesting jaunt into the cyber world when I stop by here. Informative and never repetitive. Tools to make our chores easier are always welcome and there is a plethora of resources. here.

  12. says

    Hey Kim,

    This is an awesome post! This is going to save me a lot of time for a clients site. I will still charge him the normal rate, but make more money this way! I usually use Photoshop and do them one by one! LOL

  13. says

    Wow, this sounds like a handy dandy little tool to have. At this point I don’t think I have need of it, but it is good to have it downloaded so it is there when you do need it. I am impressed with how quickly it worked for you to re-size so many photos.
    Thanks for finding this!

  14. says

    that is a really helpful tool, Kim. It always takes me so much time to resize my images and I haven’t found a good tool to help out. It seems to work really quick!

  15. says

    I must say again a great post by Kim, your posts are always worth reading and implementing Kim you are playing a great role in guiding people to save their precious time , I am a marketer and deal mostly in different websites and always get great ideas from your posts and get great results.
    Thumbs up.

  16. says

    Hey Kim, come back here to share with you that finally got to know how to use this “FotoSizer”… it took me a while but some how it worked … now I will go back to my “paint” because it is easy for me for what I usually do, but when I have many pictures to resize.. well, I will use Fotosizer again so I can get used :-)

  17. says

    Great find. I love the way you gave a practical examples of why people people would want to resize so many images at once — to resize all them megapixel pics from the digital camera!

    Thanks also for sharing information on the plugin that I can use with Paint.NET because that is fast and easy and that’s the program I love to work with.

    Have a great SuperBowl Weekend!

    ~ Jupiter Jim

  18. Sarah Park says

    Thanks for sharing this app. Resizing bulk photos all at once surely saves a lot of time, energy and effort.

  19. says

    Oh Boy!

    Batch photo sizer! I have been using pixelator and I have to re-size photos one by one. This is awesome especially when I need to re size photos for buttons on Facebook. Or If I need to use a certain size of photos and have been doing them one by one.

    Once again, Thank you Kim!!!!


  20. says

    Hi Kimberly,

    Thanks for sharing FotoSizer. It’s looks like it will really help when I’m downloading a lot of images. I’ve downloaded it and I’m anxious to watch it in action. I love coming to your blog to pick up new goodies!

    Raena Lynn

  21. says


    Great find. I love the way you gave a practical examples of why people people would want to resize so many images at once — to resize all them megapixel pics from the digital camera!

    Thanks also for sharing information on the plugin that I can use with Paint.NET because that is fast and easy and that’s the program I love to work with.

    Hope you had a great Super Bowl Weekend!

    ~ Jupiter Jim

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