How To Quickly & Easily Convert WordPress Posts Into Pages (And Vise Versa)


Now It’s A PostNow It’s A Page! As WordPress users, we tend to think of posts and pages (rightly) as their own separate things. Generally speaking… Posts are for chronological and time relevant items and generally used for community discussion. Pages a for long term evergreen content and often used with comments disabled. Posts also […]

WordPress Plugin Review: Frame Breaker (Tell Toolbars to Stop Traffic Stealing)


You Can’t Frame Me! We’ve recently seen a resurgence in scammers utilizing frames in order to display our content without letting the traffic actually visit our site.  This often isn’t easy to recognize at first when we see OUR content on their domain but a quick check of the code usually reveals an <iframe> enclosing […]

Things To Check When Your WordPress Hosting Account Exceeds CPU Resource Limits


Addressing A CPU ResourcesExceeded Notice From Your Hosting Provider When a low-traffic hosting account, running WordPress sites, starts getting CPU “Resources” exceeded notices, here are some of the things my team and I investigate for the client BEFORE recommending a hosting migration: Reduce your plugin load on all the sites and look for which plugins may […]

How to Mass Delete Unapproved Comments from Your WordPress Database Using phpMyAdmin


Solving A Blog’s Spam Comment Flood!  Some blogs just get pummeled with spam even when they take the best of precautions…  Or maybe they forgot to take precautions or their spam control plugins accidentally got deactivated! Either way, a mass of comments in the SPAM area of your comments section can be a pain in the rump! […]