How To Change Your Existing Facebook Fan Page Vanity or Custom URL

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How To Change A
Facebook Fan Page URL
That Was Set Up Before

If you are wanting to set up your Facebook Fan Page’s custom/vanity URL for the first time, be sure to start at this link, as the instructions are different.

However, if you set up a vanity URL and later, perhaps after changing your Facebook Fan Page name, need to change it, you’re in the right spot!

Prior to very recently, once a Fan Page vanity URL was customized, it could not (ever) be changed.

Now, in a recent Facebook change that makes them honor the same rules that apply to Facebook Profiles… the custom or vanity URL may be changed one additional time AFTER it is customized the first time.

Because the policies now match, I would not expect to ever be able to change it beyond that…. so be careful with this.

Let’s Change The Custom Vanity URL of Our Facebook Fan Page

First: Visit for the web form we will use.

Alternatively, you can access this link from within your Page’s admin area:

Second: Use the drop-down list to locate your page name.

If the username field to the right of your page name becomes editable… you have your URL-change-token (metaphorically speaking) still available.

If, alternatively, the URL box vanishes and Facebook simply tells you that the URL has been set… you know that your URL-change-token has been used.

An important consideration:

While your original (long) page URL remains working (redirects) through all of this… once you change the URL a second time, the first vanity URL ceases to work. It becomes your (sometimes major) job to track down where you have published that URL and change it.

We want to avoid frivolously wasting this opportunity to change this URL. Often times, we find ourselves, a year or more in the future and facing an unplanned and unexpected (or legally obligated) business name change and needing this. You only get the one… so hold onto it if you can!

However, if you’ve been waiting on this opportunity, it’s now available!

~ Kim ~
Simple Tech Tips For Marketing

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