How To Check The Stats On Any Shortened Link (Including Ones You Don’t Own)

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Free Stats At Your Fingertips!

Google offers a free and popular URL shortener,, which gives you the power to see click-through data on any shortened link… not just ones that you created. 

While not as deeply integrated in as many third-party services as (which also has trackable stats) is, is a viable choice when you need to shorten and track a URL and retrieve click stats. 

Want to see the stats on that URL you just saw scroll by in the twitter stream?

Easy peasy!

Simply copy the URL… for example:

And paste it into your URL bar…

Add a + sign to the end of it… and hit enter!

Creating a Shortened Link at:

Checking The Click Stats on A Shortened URL:

So, while I use BudURL Pro when I am paying for click traffic from solo ads, and while I use Pretty Link Pro for on-site link tracking, this is another viable alternative for free link shortening services. 

Do you use links?

~ Kim ~
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  1. says

    Another useful tip Kim. I’ve never even heard of, which is not a big surprise, but it certainly looks like something worth checking out. I use a different url shortner and it’s worked well for me, but then I’m not really active in affiliate marketing and I know that makes a difference. Thanks!

    • says

      One doesn’t really need to have anything to do with affiliate marketing to have uses for link shorteners. We have to shorten everything that goes to Twitter… that’s a prime opportunity to use a shortener that has good tracking metrics so we can find out if what we said generated any clicks. This can let you test three different ways of saying something and find out which one got the most clicks for you. :)

    • says

      Mike, I believe it uses the same tracking server. The data is less complete than GA but I think in terms of accuracy it’s right there. I’ve seen some speculation that it may not be as good as premium click trackers but not really surprising. Even among them they’re not always an apples to oranges comparison. I think for most uses this is an acceptable level of accuracy. I don’t think I’d use it as my only level of tracking if I were buying clicks though.

  2. Sarah Park says

    Hi Kim!

    Thanks for sharing this tip. Very helpful for me to know if the ads I have are as effective as I believe it should be.

  3. says

    It’s nice to have a quick link tracker like, Kim.

    You can really do it on the fly and not get too involved in set-up, yet you get some handy feedback for link performance.

    I wasn’t aware of the address bar + method, so that’s a great tip!

  4. says

    This is what triberr uses know as well, although the clicks never jive with the visitors in GA. The whole tracking industry seems far from perfect. Wish there was a service that was 99.5% accurate. I’ll have to taking a deeper look at Pretty Link Pro.

  5. Eric Loiselle says

    Hi Kim,
    I was looking the web to know how to find the stats on my shorten links because for some reason they went in hiding mode and i found your site.

    I have to say you did an amazing job and the info is simply awesome! I’m starting a business in the affiliate marketing and your site will be very useful to me!

    You have in me a bookmarker for life,
    Again thank you for such a devoted site!

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