How To Convert or Migrate A Facebook Profile Into A Business Page

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Did ya know that a Facebook profile accidentally begun in a business name (or for any other reason really) can easily be converted into a Facebook business page?

This, combined with page merging, can be a REALLY useful solution for dealing with the 5,000 friend cap and “friend rot” (inactive accounts) that can be a problem to filter.

The advantage of this process is that a business that started the wrong type of account can retain some of the efforts and not have to abandon hundreds or thousands of connections entirely.

There are countless reasons to want to do this, although the new Subscribe feature has minimized the need for celebrity brands to make this switch.

First things First: Backup Your Profile (However, you won’t get to take the contents, except the friends/fans, to the new page. This is just for your records.)

Second: Give all Pages & Groups you own another admin/owner. Because your profile is going away, it will not be able to own these items and if they do not have another admin/owner they vanish or fall into limbo.

Third: Rename your profile to your desired page name. This will not work in all instances as Facebook has some filters but in many cases it will be helpful. (Particularly if you are using the page merge technique next.) There is no rename as part of the migration.

Now, once you’re all set with your backup and protecting your pages/groups…

Jump right into the migration with this great video from Paulino Brener over at Social Media Travelers.

As you can see, the migration is pretty slick!  Want to learn more? Facebook’s Profile to Page Migration help docs are here.

It’s worth noting that the fan count (former friends) will likely be incorrect for 24-48 hours. Don’t panic!


~ Kim ~
Simple Tech Tips For Marketing

PS: This process is a LOT more stable than the merge pages option which is notoriously broke and buggy.

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  1. says

    Thank you Kim. Very useful video which taught me how to create a timeline for my blog.

    Looking for some feedback [on my facebook page]. Let me know what you think.

    • says

      Shamelle, visually your page looks good. Your educational class content is good too. However, if you will put some energy into engaging your fans and writing some open ended discussion type questions you will have better results with the page. If your fans aren’t engaging, the page loses edge rank and actually loses visibility over time. Ask your fans how they like timeline or some other open ended question and see if you can get them to start talking with you.

  2. says

    This is helpful, one question. Only on the “group” page, would I lose my contents there, or would the “personal” be the only one lost?

    • says

      Groups are different than pages and profiles and can not be merged. You need to pass the ownership (admin rights) of the group to someone else before this merger. A group MUST be owned by a profile. When you get rid of your profile, you will not be able to be admin of the group because you will not have a profile.

  3. says

    I did what the video stated, about making a personal page into a group page, and it made a new group page. Now, how do I add the “new” page to the “page” I want it to merge into? There is no “merge” option. Please help. Thank you .

  4. says

    So, my friend is the Admin to my group page. But when I merged my personal FB into my group page, it made a “new” group page. How do I add the likes over to my group page that is controlled by my friend? It says she can’t because the names do not match, but she is the admin for the page. I am confused, it should hhave merged correctly when I did it through my page, why did it make a new page?

  5. Vicki says

    Hi Kim,

    Are you able to merge a personal profile to an existing business page? At the moment I log into my personal profile and then choose between my personal profile and business page when posting on my business page. I would like to just post as the business page.



  6. David says

    Hello Kim,
    I’d like to say, you do a phenomenal job on your blog with all these insights on what to do and not to do while using Facebook.
    Which brings me to my query : after carrying 5000 profile friends for over a year, I decided to switch to a Facebook Page for my little news blog. I followed all your instructions diligently and I intended to merge this new page to my existing Facebook page (using the exact same name as you instructed) but I was forced to put my merger plan on hold because I went from 5 000 friends (5 187 to be precise, you know Facebook has been “giving friends for free” somehow lately) to 253 likes only ! (Here’s the new page URL : . And it’s been over 24 hours now and I’m definitely freaked out.
    So my questions are : should I just wait 24 more hours ? Will it get fixed by Facebook somehow (I did file a report but you know they never reply to those) ? Should I complete the merger even though I’m yet to get my friends-to-fans number correctly ? What can I do to get this fixed ?
    Help please !!!

    • says

      David, a lot of the migrations are taking longer than they should at the moment. I know it’s crazy scary but just hang on and site tight. Do not do the merger until the migration looks correct. I don’t know that it will help but because it’s been 24hrs I would go ahead and file a bug REPORT at and click on the REPORT tab (don’t write on the wall). Go to “Business page” and then “my issue is not listed” and be very detailed in your report. You’re not the only one waiting on a migration to finish at the moment though so I think they are just backlogged (they human-check these so it’s possible).

      • David says

        Thank you very much, Kim. I took your advice and filed a new report. Now I’ll just sit tight and wait for Facebook to do what it’s supposed to do… hopefully. Keep up the great work :)

      • David says

        Hi Kim. It’s been 5 full days (and counting) and I still haven’t had any sort of reply from Facebook nor is my fans count even showing any type of increasing. I’m stuck on 253 fans from 5000 friends and growing frustrated with Facebook’s no reply/no fix ways. I really don’t know what to do from now on… Any idea ?

        • says

          I did this 2 weeks ago now and still have not had all my friends converted to likes. 5437 friends to 357 likes. I’m beyond frustrated, don’t know what to do. I have sent FB 3 different emails.

          • says

            Brian, I believe you’ve touched base with me before. Which email channels did you attempt to go through (most don’t work). I assume you filed a bug report? Have you attempted to call them (not that that usually works either, they have an automated system from hell.)

          • says

            I have just sent in the “Report a bug” and in the contact us page I filled out “Still have a question” its been over a week since I did those and have heard nothing. I have not tried calling, I didn’t know they had a phone # lol. I see people having this problem all over the internet and not heard yet of anyones getting resolved. I hope its a bug that is getting fixed but I am really getting worried. I manage the company that I did this one for and we have 16 locations that need to be converted and they are about ready to kill me for losing there friends!! I did it for a restaurant of mine about a year ago and had no problems at all. I really don’t know where to go from here on this one.

  7. Arsalan says

    Hey kim,
    i just had a query, i am converting my personal profile into a organizational page, i started my archiving but its been going on for about more than an hour and hasnt completed yet. does it normally take this long, my profile had 5000 friends, 300 photos, 366 messages. is it possible to go ahead with creating a page while the archiving is still being done, or has not been completed, or should i wait till it completes. does the archive contain the 5000 friends in it or will they be migrated/converted into “likes” regardless of the archiving. kindly advice



  8. says

    I recentl change my Business Profile account to a Facebook Page…
    I am currently re-uploading again all my albums….

    I am wondering if there is a way to get the tags setup again, I am beginning to regret the move coz the tags are not there.

    ps. I did the archive info, there’s an html folder aside from the photos folder…is the html folder something I upload to on Facebook too?

    • says

      The html folder was there to make it easier for you to view the files on your local pc. You do not need to upload that folder. There is no way to automatically rebuild the tagging. Tagging of profiles can only be done by other profiles… so your fans can tag pictures of their friends, but as a page, you can’t directly tag a profile.

  9. says

    Hi Kim,
    Your article is very helpful. I created an account for my blog, but of course I did a personal account instead of a business page. I’ve followed your steps for the conversion, but everytime I set up the category and give my password I get this message:
    “Please switch to a computer that you’ve previously used to browse Facebook.
    To ensure your account security, please complete this process on a computer you’ve used in the past. If this isn’t possible, please contact customer support from the Help Center.”
    Of course nobody from FB has gotten back to me on this issue. I would create a new page but I need the username I set up on the personal account.
    Any idea, how to make this work?
    Jo from Britishette

  10. Swings says


    Can you convert your profile into a page without loosing your profile?

    Because I have a profile with 5000friends so I want to put it into a page. But I also want to keep the profile with all the information on there, for more personal use instead of business. So once I have the page I can remove the friends who I don’t need from THE 5000.

    • says

      Swings, the simple answer is that no you can not do what you are asking. Once you do the conversion, the profile becomes a page and the profile functionality is no longer available at all.

  11. Alder says

    After conversion to a FB page, the original profile that was converted is in fact still exists in name only, and if its owner visited another page and tries to comment on a post there, that will be under the the name of the original profile, NOT the page converted from that profile. Kim, is this a Facebook bug? And is it possible to rename the original profile’s name after its conversion to a page? (On the topic on the last question, can you contact Facebook for that possibility?)

  12. says

    thanks Kim!
    i just merged my personal profile into a band/artist page
    contrary to what facebook say my friends did not transfer to likes.
    after migration i was left with the personal profile and a new page account that was blank
    any thoughts on this??

    • says

      Hey Tommy, did this sort itself out? Usually it takes 24-48hrs to propagate. It’s not an instant thing. However, it should have sorted itself out by now for ya. What’s the status?

      • says

        thanks Kim, yes eventually it came to and the friends turned to likes. but still a few bugs,
        My personal profile is still there! and in a result to that
        my Twitter will not feed to my facebook page as it seems to be stuck feeding onto my personal page.
        interesting now that im left with a persoanl page with 600 friends and a business page with 600 likes.
        I figure time might sort out the bugs?


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