Covert Store Builder Review – This WordPress Tool Makes Me Mad I Can’t Be An Amazon Affiliate!

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Covert Store Builder LogoCovert Store
Builder Review

When my friend Cindy asked me to check out a new premium WordPress theme she’d created, I made a sad face.

Cindy, ya know I’m in a state where I can’t be an Amazon affiliate!

“Just test it out for me anyways, will ya?” she asked.

After a little more arm twisting, I’m glad she convinced me to have a look at this!

If I were in a state that allowed me to be an Amazon affiliate, I’d be sitting pretty on this sweet gem!

By now you know that I’m crazy busy, don’t have time for looking for top performing products, don’t have time to optimize a site, and don’t have time to write a ton of posts for individual products… and this magic theme feels like it was made just for me!

Take A Look!

Covert Store Press Review

Little WordPress Theme With Big Results

It’s almost silly to call this a “theme” because this “theme” has advanced but easy to use tools built into it that enable it to help you easily generate affiliate commissions and content from Amazon, Ebay and Comission Junction.

Covert Store Builder Example 1

I created what you see above in less than 30 minutes after installing the plugin!

(And I didn’t write a word of the content except the title!)

You’ve got to see this!

Okay, okay you say… there are tons of Amazon affiliate themes on the market, why am I so jazzed over this one?

You likely can’t see the “popular” tab in the screenshot, but that and the slider are the key to a ton of magic!

This theme keeps track of which items are getting clicks and pulls them to the front, showcasing them, optimizing your site for you!

This saves you a TON of time and helps highlight the things your visitors will actually buy.

It takes very little time to add items using simple keyword searches, but if you want to make it totally hands free, just buy the upsell plugin and the automation will add items over time keeping the site constantly fresh!

Got a little time to spend on the site?

The theme is using feature images to make the front work… which means that if you add a few unique articles here and there between the products, your site should have little trouble looking good while still playing nicely with Google as well.

Don’t let the “Covert” name of the plugin scare you off… because the team has been making (and supporting) solid themes and plugins for a couple years now and comes highly recommended for niche setups.

Covert Store Builder Screenshot 2

There’s a LOT you can do with something this powerful but the best part is how LITTLE you HAVE to do to get it going!

What Makes This A Powerhouse

1. Real members joining your site and generating sales for you.

2. Full auto responder integration, your members will automatically be added to your lists so you can sell to them over and over again

3. Automatic traffic generation with Facebook, Twitter & Pinterest. Including Facebook comments!

4.You can fill your sites with quality products and content in minutes – without ever writing a single word yourself

5. It’s the world’s first intelligent self optimizing affiliate store theme – automatically maximizing your commissions and profits

6. Full monetization, including a very clever wish list feature I have never seen in WordPress before.

In fact, I have NEVER seen all of this in a single WordPress theme before.

In My Testing

The only trouble I ran into at all, during my initial setup, was that Ebay was crazy slow to issue my authorization email. No fault of the theme and certainly something I worked around!

It takes what it’s designed to do and it does it very well. Combine it with a few popular marketing plugins such as WP Reviews PluginPulse Notify or Covert Messenger and things potentially begin to get wild!

I’m giving this one an “A” or “5/5″ if it’s something that fits your business as it’s going to rock your socks!

review-covert-storeIf you’re not interested in niche affiliate marketing, this isn’t for you… but if you are, you’d be crazy to miss this!

The team has a great history of providing support, the theme was solid in all my testing, the documentation (PDF + videos) was a perfect blend of fast + deep where necessary, and I had this up and going in very little time.

It’s really too bad I can’t be an Amazon affiliate… but my loss is your gain! The field is wide open so check this out!


Here’s To Your Success,

~ Kim ~
Simple Tech Tips For Marketing

P.S. – I recommend that you check it out now – it’s really good – and you’d want to get in before the price goes up!


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  1. says

    Absolutely a great share Kim!

    This looks like it can take marketing to a new level. I have to play around with this one. My time is so slim these days, and I don’t usually look at shiny objects. But to me this is NOT one of those shiny objects, but instead a real boost to marketing.
    All I have to do is create some time off. I think it is worth it!


  2. says

    This looks very interesting Kim. I’m an affiliate with Amazon, but I haven’t done much to earn any money from it. Now, I’m thinking that I might give this one a try. I’ll just need to think about it for a few days.

    Thank you!

  3. says

    It seems like straightforward integration of Amazon and probably it is a good option. I personally haven’t use it, but I’ve never been very successful Amazon affiliate.

  4. says

    This looks very interesting. I am using Amazon, but I haven’t done much to earn any money from it. Now, I’m thinking that I will give this one a try.

  5. says

    Hi Kim,

    I went to the link and it was all sold out so must be quiet popular! Thats amazing you could do all that with the theme in just 30 minutes, Sounds like its very easy to use which is nice :)

    Thanks Kim,
    Regards Jessica.

  6. says

    I have been working on an Amazon affliate website that uses a shopping cart and the time it takes to plug the data in and write content is insane for what I am projecting profitwise. This looks great! Will try it out!

  7. MarkB says

    Can I setup this theme to use a blend of products from Amazon, Commission Junction and ebay all on the same website? Or can I only set it up to work with Amazon only products, eBay products, etc.?

    I couldn’t find an answer searching anywhere on this capability.

    • says

      Mark, I have not used this in a while (as I’m doing very little niche focus outside of my main niche), but when I was, yes you could run all three content providers into the content. It gave you good versatility. You can contact their support desk if you have any other questions :)

  8. says

    Hello, I am trying to add google Analytics to my wordpress site, using “Covert Store Builder” theme.
    I am adding manually the code google provided into the header.php but it does not work.
    Any ideas?

    Thank you !

    • says

      JJ I’m not fully sure in terms of the manual code. I know when I was using it on the site I was working with, that I was using the Google Analytics plugin that is made by Yoast and that plugin was connecting it all just fine. I wasn’t actually directly editing the theme files although that SHOULD be working.

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