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    Thanks for this post Kim, I have been looking at dropbox for a while. I currently use a “clunky” homebrew solution with Microsoft skydrive for cloud based backup. I think I will take the plunge with dropbox now so perfect tip for me :)

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    Kim, very exciting information and one I will do my just due to understand how this will benefit my company.

    With so many people scrambiling to make sure their informaton is secure this is an idea service to apply to our procedures. The more people take security serious before something happens the better.

    You have always been our go-to Gal for tech information that has quality and the right price if one needs such things.

    Thank you for all you provide in our industry. I do look forward in getting all my updates from this one realiable source.

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    Now so many people are concerned about security, it is very essential as we keep our important data on internet. I will surely be looking for this.

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    Hi Kim,

    That is a really good idea to have a bit of extra protection for Drop Box, it is a fantastic program, quite simple but not much protection..
    Thanks for the helpful tips Kim, Enjoy your day!

    Kind Regards, Jessica.

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    Thank you, Kim, for walking us through how to setup the 2-step login verification. I also enjoyed reading your blog posts for each platform, like Twitter and Google+. Now more than ever we need to be careful with the information we put out in cyberspace.

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    I had the 2 step verification for my Gmail account, but it got tedious after a while and if you don’t print out access codes ahead of time just in case your phone dies, getting locked out can be a bit of a bummer. That said, the added protection is definitely worth for any account where professionalism is at stake, in my opinion.

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