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Sounds So Sweet!

Did you know that just like video you can easily get audio files to have a player available on Facebook?

It’s a pretty cool and easy trick that doesn’t get talked about often but when you need it makes a superb impression!

Facebook actually handles embedded audio really well (much to my original surprise).

If you share a link that ends in .mp3 (such as your media link will after you upload it to Amazon S3), that shared link will open an audio player for your friends/fans.

That was the result of sharing my podcast file URL after I loaded it to Amazon S3 for this test. (I do not recommend that your podcast files be streamed from Amazon S3.) http://podcastlibrary.s3.amazonaws.com/001-STTFM.mp3 See how the URL ends in .mp3?

This is essentially similar to how sharing a YouTube link opens a video player.

Same idea.

What this also means is that you can share your podcast feed to your page/profile using a tool like RSS Graffiti and each item will have an audio player. (This is occasionally buggy but usually works well.)

Want to quickly record short (sub-five minute) audios from your mobile phone and auto-post them to Facebook? Check out Audioboo which handles the mobile application, hosting, social sharing and takes advantage of a similar player on Facebook.

Have you tried using audio on Facebook yet? 

~ Kim ~
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  1. says

    Wow and here I searched everywhere for a solution to this, converted sound files into audio and all that jazz….
    Thanks for sharing Kim!
    BTW Soundcloud works well with FB for sounds and you can add an image too

    • says

      Hey Frithjof, I’m familiar with the soundcloud app but I was not familiar with the ability to add an image to go with the audio. That makes sense as most tracks are album image tagged naturally. Soundcloud has a really good community and strong app for sure and functions as the hosting for the file if I recall correctly which is different than this feature in that way.

          • says

            Hey Phil, the mp3 feature has since been removed from FaceBook, you need to post via Sound Cloud to actually play it on Facebook. Think of it as SoundCloud providing an app within an app. Posting an mp3 will now just post a link.

          • Phil says

            Hey @GameDevZach, SoundCloud audio tracks stream from FB news feed directly on desktop PC, and you are able to continue browsing news feed. On a mobile phone, however, clicking a soundcloud audio embed play button automatically redirects you to soundcloud.com to hear the track, and navigating away stops playback. Would you happen to know anyone who has been able to make this work? I just wasted a year of SC Pro posting links that none of my friends (400+) could use because desktop PC’s are apparently dinosaurs now.

  2. Jesslie says

    I think a lot of people knows already about how to embed a music player in facebook…But sometimes, I just link it to youtube…Anyway, thanks for this…

  3. says

    I did not know this – very interesting. I have been reading more about podcasting and it’s benefits. I may give it a shot since I don’t like seeing myself in video :)

    • says

      Hey Lisa, one thing you might like about Audioboo is that you can record it once and have it not only share to Twitter & FB but also have embed code for your blog. Definitely might be a tool worth looking up for you if you don’t want to go podcast format but decide you like audios.

  4. says

    I have not tried to share or post an embedded audio on Facebook! I am as shocked as you are, this is in fact the first time I have heard about this. I have no encountered a post with embedded audio but I will surely try this one out.

  5. says

    Wow, Sounds good Kim! Never knew Facebook could do that! Gotta get on it right now, got somethings I’d like to post myself. Facebook has just changed their format which I like better than the old. do you have any training available with this new posting skill you have just shared?
    Pretty neat,

    • says

      You’re certainly welcome Kevin. It’s one of those hidden gems that not everyone needs but sometimes is just really really nice to have available. Appreciate you stopping in!

  6. says

    I really like when I podcast and the audio player shows up in Facebook for my posts. I do use RSS Graffitti…. you originally sent me in that direction…lol.

    • says

      Owen told me it’s all being done with HTML5 which I can certainly believe. It’s really neat to see the web “growing up” and gaining more dynamic flexibility for things like this.

    • says

      Herbert, I honestly don’t know if a .wav file will open the player or not. There’s a good chance it will. I feel its unlikely that other file types like ogg will open correctly but it is a possibility worth looking into. When you find out would you let me know?

  7. says

    Wow, this is pretty cool. I didn’t know you could embed an MP3 on Facebook. It’s really helpful for getting important information out there. People love mP3s. Thanks for explaining how to do it Kim!

    • says

      Hey Rick, for a long time this was one of the spots that Myspace dramatically trumped Facebook. Today Myspace still actually has the upper hand on audios since you can upload them right into myspace and not have to host them elsewhere. However, this is a step in the right direction while keeping FB protected from legal claims regarding copyright infringement and hosting copyright protected material. I wonder what’s next!

  8. says

    Thanks for the tip, Kim, and thanks for sharing the tools. I can hardly wait to try it. First I need to think of something to say ;-) I expect that adding audio and video embeds to Facebook will really jazz up the status updates.

  9. says

    This is awesome. Another easy way to connect with people. I thought it was more complicated, thanks Kim. You always thinking about ways to help us promote our businesses.

    • says

      Hey Cynthia, I don’t think there’s any reason to hate admitting that. All of us have our preferred online experience! Me personally, I prefer text as I’m often listening either to training audios in another window or to music streaming. However, audios and videos both are highly impactful and so I do make them part of my marketing workflow!

  10. says

    How did I not know this was possible? I’ve actually devoted large blocks of tame to converting audio files into video just so that I could upload them to youtube. This will save me a load of time. Thanks.

  11. facebook_MrStephenRobinson says

    I’ve used this facility for a while now, but it doesn’t seem to work on the new Timeline mode :(

  12. says

    Hey, this is cool! I don’t have a way right now to do video, but if I can find my digital recorder, maybe I can get something going with this. I’d never even thought about it, frankly! Thanks for posting!

  13. says

    Kim, great information. I can’t recall that I have ever seen anyone post an audio recording on Facebook. I will have to try it out and see what my results will be. Thank you!

  14. says

    Audio embedding is something that I haven’t heard much about on Facebook. Since Spotify Music is limited to certain countries Sharing Music on Facebook is restricted. The method you mentioned is a great way for all to enjoy similar feature.

  15. George says

    When i try using this tip i used cloudapp. I got the blue play button, but as soon as i press it – it tells me “undefined”. Any idea what the issue is?



    • says

      Jeff, since right after Timelines were introduced, this has been broke. I’m not sure what the ETA might be on fixing it. I know it’s driving lots of people nuts!

    • says

      Caryn, unfortunately, since this post was wrote, Facebook has made changes and removed the native audio player. You can upload your audio to soundcloud, audioboo or youtube and then share it from there to get a player.

  16. eduardo valenzuels says

    has this been fixed? after the timeline was introuduce I havent been able to see a player on facebook. please help.

    • says

      Unfortunately, you are correct that they removed the native player with the introduction of Timeline. I do not know why they did that but it’s aggravating everyone. Upload your personal audio to somewhere that has an app available such as either youtube or soundcloud or audioboo and that will get you an inline player though not as quickly as this old method did.

  17. says

    Just to clarify Kim, if I load it to you tube, it must be a video, correct? I presently use Box.com to upload my audios to. They have an embed code option, as well as a phone option, a share feature and an email share feature. I have been able to embed the whole file of audios on my website as well. I looked high and low for the software program I found that does have an embed feature so that it allows the listener to stay on facebook, which I feel is preferable. I’ll double check to see if it was sound cloud that did that! So many programs.. so many changes,, right? Ok thanks for the great techy help! You’re the best! Keep it up! CE

      • Ian D says

        Hi Kim,

        I must be missing something. When I do a post into facebook with the .mp3 link, all it does is display the link and not the player.

        Where am I going wrong? Does it have to be physically shared from another profile of something?



  18. Nehara says

    Actually i’m using “cloudapp” to upload mp3 music to facebook. but under my mp3 is not Appear a play button upper like you! please can any one give me the solution for me!!!

    i’m waiting for your answer. thanking you very much!!

  19. says

    I was just going to record something using SoundCloud and post it on my Facebook page, but then wondered if I could actually post it to Facebook. So, of course I Googled it And, of course your post came up :). Now I know I can. Thanks, Kim.

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