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emoticon-alien-smiley-1Cool New Toys 
For Facebook 

Recently, beyond the official Facebook comment emoticons, a whole collection of unofficial ones have begun turning up. 

Some of these are regular ascii based emoticons and others are modified ascii based. 

For desktop users, the easiest way to start having some fun with these is to install the “Facebook Comment Emoticons” browser add-on for Firefox, Safari, or Chrome. 

Note: These are not the new open-graph related smilies that everyone got a few weeks back. Keep reading to see what I mean! 

Facebook Emoticons For Comments 

You can download the browser add-on here

 Though it has a few differences between the Chrome and Firefox version, the add-ons are fundamentally the same and look like this: 


The smilies appear correctly for “most” people that are not running the add-on.  A few however, seem wonky and occasionally display as random empty squares. 


The best way to stay up to date on this add-on’s changes is to like their Facebook page here

These easily lend themselves to lots of silliness and if you need a safe place to test them out at, you can do so on their FB page as well. 


Just be aware that if one of your friends mentions some “weird square” that you posted, it’s probably just them not being able to see one of the emoticons. (Although, unlike many previous graphics toys, most of these do not require the other person to have the add-on to see them in some manner.)

Hope this adds some fun to your Facebook!


~ Kim ~
Simple Tech Tips For Marketing

PS: In chrome, the add-on adds a browser button to your menu bar. You can right click on it and select “Hide Button” to easily make it go away. 

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  1. says

    Oh jeez. I showed my girlfriend this and I don’t think I’m ever going to see the end of new emoticons on FB now. And I swear, some of these emoticons are getting weirder and weirder as time goes on, the other day I got just strings of bizarre faces…won’t sleep tonight, I know it.

    • says

      Ha! Nope, she’ll be entertained for hours. If you have any bad habits, tonight is the night to indulge in them because she’ll be busy! ;) Hopefully you are not stalked by emoticons in your dreams, Jon!

      • says

        Turns out it went better than expected, she’s stopped using emojis on that darn iPhone, so it looks like she’s done with the plethora of faces!

      • says

        I imagine it’d make people throw up (me at least), and I’ve already seen some disturbing cover photos that just boggle the mind. Still, Facebook is just too useful as a social networking tool and everyone organizes and handles things via FB, so I’ve got no major complaints!

  2. says

    Hey Kim,

    How much fun is this? I wasn’t a fan of emoticons, until lately because it gives the comment a little more umph!

    Using this extension of emoticons will help us stick out of the crowd!

    I’m running off to play with them now!


  3. says

    I have been using the new Graph one’s after my wife showed me that they were there. Too much fun, had a whole conversation with my youngest son just using them lol.

  4. says

    Nice. Now those damned iPhone users have NOTHING on me. :D

    And btw, I liked the personalized Myspace backgrounds. Mine is still in place 4 years later.

  5. says

    Hi Kim,

    Thanks for sharing. I’ve installed the add-on and I think it will add a little bit of fun to Facebook. I already made a Google+ comment about Skype…can’t beat Skype! There is an emotion for almost any situation. Sometimes when I’m on Facebook I think, “Oh I wish I had the clapping Skype Emoticon!” Or the (my lips are sealed). I’m sure you get the point.

    Thanks again for an easy install.

    Raena Lynn

  6. says

    Kim, All these emoticons really bring back the days of MSN Messenger and Yahoo Messenger. Heck even ICQ Messenger. Back when the internet was simple and MSN messenger ruled the world! And then cellphones come out. :( – Scott Craighead

  7. says

    Hi Kim! I am not even sure how I landed on this article here today but I love it! Just this morning a friend if mine on FB sent me a rose when we were talking about how to prune them! I really wanted to know how he did this.. Wooo Hooo Now I do I am off to play with my new tool.. HEHE

    Thanks for sharing.Have a Great Memorial Weekend Chery :))

  8. RachelLavern says

    Hi Kim,

    Like your video.  I just decided to start using emoticons more … mainly because people take more far more seriously that I take myself :)  I recall a co-worker years ago suggesting that I use more ‘sugar words’ in my writing LOL

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