Reading Your ePub eBook on Android

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Reading Your ePub eBook on Android

google android logoHow To Open An ePub
eBook on Android

While the Kindle app is great, its lack of ePub support which is used by the open source community and by many libraries (and Google Books) still leaves room for a more suitable app. 

I installed Aldiko, another ebook reader that has great ePub support on my android. It’s in the market, and free.  It’s a little laggy but otherwise great.

Connect your android phone by USB and mount the SD card. Create a folder called eBooks (or whatever you please). 

Copy/Paste your new ePub(s) into that folder. 

(Click here to learn more about converting PDFs and other document types into ePub format.)

Open Aldiko. 

Click on the home icon in the upper left and select SD Card. Now select your folder and then click the book and select Import. 

Your book should open quite nicely (be sure to read the tips Aldiko  provides).

The important part to me was when I clicked menu, then Settings, then Text and was able to increase the font size of the words. 

Problem solved. Perfect. 

~ Kim ~
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PS: There are a number of ePub readers to iPhone available as well. Like Aldiko many of them are listed as ebook readers and you simply need to check if they support ePub.

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  1. says

    There is this constant struggle between open source and paid software. It’s good that people are putting effort into overcoming the troubles that come out of it.

  2. says

    Android started to penetrate the market. The company is getting a much bigger share in the market now. And with this offer they have, I bet they will get more loyal customers.


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