Evernote Was Hacked

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evernote logoAnother Target Hit

You may have noticed that your Evernote application just isn’t happy with your password today! 

That’s because Evernote has done a forced reset on all user passwords to control a large-scale hacking. 

You will need to visit here and reset your password.

evernote-hacked-2012 According to Evernote, no financial details were compromised and no user data was harmed. 

Play safe!

~ Kim ~

PS: Another reminder to use unique passwords for your important sites… and to use LastPass to help you manage all of those long unique passwords. 

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  1. says

    My those pesky hackers have been extra busy of late. I don’t use Evernote, but this is a good reminder of something else – I’ve been meaning to sign up for Last Pass for months now. Think the time has come.

    • says

      Sure thing Marquita, it seems they don’t have any better thing to do or they are bored. I am not sure what they are trying to accomplish. Fortunately, I have not used Evernote for a while so no harm I think.

      Thank you for the reminder Kim.

  2. says

    I begin to think last week that I needed one central place to route communications/content/task reminders/etc to and your post reminds me that I have Evernote (just never used it). I will try to look at it again to determine if it meets my needs.

    Re LastPass, I was going to install RoboForm on my desktop…in fact the download window is open at this time. Think that I will check out LastPass first.

    Thanks Kim.

  3. says

    Hi Kim, It seems to me you are always up on everything. I didn’t get any message on this? I am going to check this out now. Keep up the good work Kim..Thanks for sharing.. Chery :)

  4. says

    I use Evernote extensively. It’s a relief that they acted so quickly. But I wonder how they no that “no data was compromised?!” It makes me a bit nervous!

  5. says

    Thanks Kim.

    I use Evernote for EVERTHING….going on it right now to see if there is a problem.

    You always come to the rescue…I am so grateful you are part of my life.


  6. says

    I use Evernote on the mini. Don’t have too much on there, but know anything is hackable and nothing is full proof. The best hacker will always win, it’s just a matter of what they go after.

  7. says

    Online security is big concern. I wonder when such big and reliable companies get compromised, how much small businesses and blogs are safe.

  8. says

    This just seems ridiculous…and I can’t help but wonder what safety Evernote had in place, I am glad I never got into using them and won’t…they have proven they are insecure in my view…

  9. says

    Does not seem like a month goes by that a website is hacked. It is scary when I hear that it happens to big companies like when I heard about Twitter makes me think how safe is my site. Thank you Kim for your post. I try to be as creative as I can with my passwords and recently went back and changed some that I have been using for over a year.

  10. says

    Oh my God, thanks for sharing the useful information! I just had no idea what happened, I am actually a new user of Evernote, I’ve downloaded it from the App Store last week, but I really felt disappointed when I experienced that it didn’t work. Thanks for sharing the link for the solution of the problem, I hope I can fix it!

  11. says

    I also received the email notice. At the time I was using the Evernote webapp in Chrome and when I went to switch notebooks, it asked me to change my password. I use 1Password so I was able to quickly create and update my password.

  12. says

    I have downloaded the app 2 weeks ago thinking to find some time to learn how to use it with no overwhelm.
    Good to know they have acted fast this says a lot about their service.
    Thanks Kim for this post it reminds me to start using it!

  13. says

    I was wondering why it wouldn’t accept my password. I just hit cancel and it still seemed to work OK. Thanks to this post I’ve asked it to reset my password and am now waiting for the email.

    Thanks Kim

    • says

      Yeah Sire, the local copy on your system would have worked just fine. The password is required for the system to sync your data. So until you corrected your password, the data wasn’t being sync’d with the server. It was nice that we could still log in locally though until we realized what was going on!

  14. says

    I realized this when I tried logging in with Evernote client on my Mac..and then I heard about this news… Updated my password to be safe… Infact, they made it mandatory to change password…

  15. says

    Oh, no! I was getting ready to download the app because I’ve heard so many good things about it. I was thinking it would help me remember my non car accident lawyer stuff.

  16. says

    A lot of websites seems to have been hacked lately, including Twitter, Microsoft, Apple, and even Google (some local versions of it, anyway). Websites should learn a few lessons from these attacks, since users’ privacy is not to be messed with.

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