Facebook Blocking Friend Requests

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Facebook Blocking Friend RequestsFacebook Blocking Friend Requests, Creating More Privacy and Networking Headaches!

Fairly recently I had a post titled, “Are These Two Facebook Profile Permissions Limiting Your Networking Ability?” where I outlined two easy-to-overlook privacy settings that could be impairing your networking ability.

Today’s post includes one more, but this setting is not the only cause of a similar appearing problem so I saved it for this post.

This is going to be a long post – with a lot of pictures – so if you’re short on time you may want to skim it, however, this is a really serious topic and because of how it affects those of us doing business on Facebook I think you will find it worth a full reading. (And if you find it useful please share it!)

What It Looks Like When Facebook Blocks A Friend Request

Upon filling out the “Add As Friend” Dialog Box, when Facebook blocks a friend request, you get greeted by this little popup box that politely tells you to get lost.

Facebook Blocking Friend Requests

Why Is Facebook Blocking Friend Requests?

There are TWO very different reasons that Facebook blocks a friend request and does not allow you to connect with an individual. (Three if you include the occasional server hiccup.)

1. The Person You Are Trying To Connect With Has Their Request Permissions Restricted In Their Privacy Settings (accidental or intentional)

2. Facebook Has Flagged You As A “Potentially Annoying Person” And Is Trying To Prevent Spamming (often over-zealously)

I should note too that we have also seen cases that we cant establish that it is either of these two answers, so more factors may be at work.

So… Ummm… Which Situation Are We Dealing With?

When you get the dreaded popup message, the first thing you want to do is to scroll down their  profile and see if you can find out if you have any friends in common.

The problem is that if they have restricted their profile access, they may have hid this piece of information.

Using the appearance or lack of friend box, blended with some logic of whether you believe you have friends in common, you need to solve whether its likely that you do not.

If you do not have any friends in common (most likely), then the answer most likely lays not in Facebook blocking the friend request, but in that person’s privacy permissions.

Working Around Facebook Blocking Friend Requests Because The User Asked Them To Do So (aka Permission Settings)

Assuming you do in fact know the person you are trying to friend – AND – assuming that they have not done the unfortunate thing of disabling messaging from non-friends… then you will need to send them a message explain what is going on.

You can ask them to send YOU a friend request if your permissions are more open than theirs.

You may however want to explain to them why Facebook blocked the friend request on their behalf..

Here is a screenshot of the permissions that are responsible.

They can be found under Account -> Privacy Settings -> Basic Directory Information -> View Settings

Facebook Blocking Friend Requests

Here you can see all three privacy settings that are impacting in some way our ability to either connect or at least solve this riddle.

“Send me messages” and “Send me friend requests” both lack the “Customize” selection that might make it easy for us to add some sort of exception.

In an example that has happened to me, a  lovely gal that had engaged repeatedly on my fan page (and we even got to meet face to face yesterday!) was someone I looked forward to connecting as a friend with…. yet sending her a request got me the dreaded “bugger off” box! LOL Since she and I have no common friends it is very likely permission based on her side as, after I sent her a real email, she was able to easily friend me. (When she gets back from her traveling I’ll be sending this page to her!)

Working Around Facebook Blocking Your Friend Requests Because You Are A “Potentially Annoying Person”

This one is not so easy…

If we check out the Help Center, this is what Facebook has to say about why Facebook is Blocking Friend Requests:

Some research has indicated that there can be a number of factors leading to why Facebook is Blocking Friend Requests this way:

1. If you have sent a large number of friend requests and not had them answeredyou will likely find you have been temporarily blocked from sending any more. This appears to include “completely un-responded to” requests as well as “ignored”, “declined”, “not now” and “I don’t know this person”. Logic would indicate that “I don’t know this person” would be a heavier offense than simply no response/action at all, but we can not confirm that at this time.

2. While not mentioned by Facebook – there is a strong theory that this flag also shows up when there is a high number of unanswered Friend Invites sitting in our invite box. We do not know however if this includes the new “Not Now” set ones (which remain in our invite box, just in a different area).  We are not real sure what the details are on this but it appears the be the only one that fits as a common denominator when we can not find other reasons that this spammer/annoyance flag would be up.

Temporarily blocked could mean as little as 24 hours but seems to be more like a week or two in practice. This is likely due to taking some time for the number of unanswered requests to fall to an “acceptable” level.

I personally have sent less than 200 invites in the last six months, majority of which – since they included a message indicating how I knew or knew of the person – have been accepted. Yet, I have been repeatedly flagged and unable to send invites.

Even more confusing was when a Facebook server hiccup caused a bunch of my previously declined requests to return to my invite box, I was unable to DECLINE the invite… why? Because apparently I did not know the person! W-T-F!

So as you can see, sometimes Facebook blocking friend requests doesn’t always go as anyone plans!

So what to do?

Well, as in the prior case, the answer is to get in contact with the individual and have them attempt to send YOU a request. Again, assuming you do know them and assuming that they have not blocked Facebook Messaging from non-friends, this USUALLY solves it. (Although in the case of two marketers, it is possible for both individuals to be in in the time out box!)

How To Stay Out Of The Penalty Box that Leads To Facebook Blocking Your Friend Request Attempts?

While we stressed the importance before, it is now ABSOLUTELY IMPERATIVE that you send a message along with your friend invite using the “Send Message” link that is part of the “Add As Friend” Dialog Box.

(Please note, this link will be missing if (again) the individual has disabled messages from non friends)

(The “Send A Message” link isn’t present once its been clicked and the message form has been opened, but generally it would be in the bottom left corner of this popup.)

I personalized message goes a LONG way towards getting your friend request accepted (even by those who are relatively close to the friend cap) and will help minimize the time you will spend in the penalty box.

Facebook blocking friend requests is their way of interrupting the old poor behavior of mass-inviting 50-100 people per day from a group/page.

Also, be sure that as long as you’re not at the friend cap that you clean out your request box somewhat regularly (even though I still do not recommend fussing with it more than once a week unless you see a request from someone you  know) just as a precaution.


So that is the full extent of what we know or our “best guess” on any non-bug behavior regarding Facebook blocking friend requests.

As you can see, the causes are quite different but the workaround remains the same.

I can’t stress enough to always be sure to send a message with your friend request… always, always, always, always…. did I mention always? ;)

Building to the 5,000 cap needs to be done carefully, strategically, and with attention to maximizing relationships and minimizing spammy “mass-adding” behavior.

Facebook blocking friend requests can certainly be annoying but understanding what’s triggering it can go a long way towards helping you keep it to a minimum and work around it when it happens.

I hope this helps you deal with the annoying “please get lost” popup that indicates Facebook is blocking YOUR friend requests!

Like it? Love it? Agree? Disagree? Know of something I missed? Leave me your thoughts below, I look forward to reading them! If you found this post helpful, I hope that you will share it with others so that they too can understand this incredibly frustrating issue! Thank you in advance for your comments and shares, I greatly appreciate them!


PS: Looking for a great way to stay on top of changes in the social media industry? Want valuable tips to help you make the most of WordPress, Facebook and Twitter? Looking for resources to grow your business? Drop your name and email in the box below and hit subscribe to get my newsletter and tips!

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  1. says

    Aloha sweet Kimberly,

    Thank you so much for your very detailed explanation of this new blocking friends procedure. I did just have this happen with a new friend of mine and didn’t know what to do. I do have a lot of friend requests in my waiting list though, so that could be the reason.

    Thank you so much for always keeping on top of this stuff and keeping us all informed. You are such an angel!

    Much love & aloha,
    Kellie :)

  2. says

    Hey Kim, this is great information to have. I know the Facebook settings can be very tricky so I appreciate you for sharing the info. I don’t use FB as much as I should so I’m sure I have everything blocked (or I will in a minute) and the best way for someone to reach out to me is on Twitter. I guess if you’re trying to reach out to someone and you don’t know the Twitter name you can Google them to see if they are on LinkedIn or another social network that isn’t as restrictive as Facebook.

    Thanks Kim!

  3. says

    Thanks Kim for a very informative post. I will need to bookmark this for when I get more active on Facebook. I’m still a tweeter at heart :-)
    Patricia Perth Australia

  4. says

    As usual, a thorough and Understandable explanation of a new FB hiccup.
    They should hire you, gf! You’re better than any of their so-called Help articles.

    I did go through and check my settings, and am working through the too-many requests sitting in my inbox, and will now share this madly so that others can do the same thing!

  5. says

    Thanks Kim,
    I have to check out those settings maybe I am blocking friends request and I don’t even know about it.
    And knowing how to avoid getting your friend request turned off by facebook is also a plus.

  6. says

    Nice post Kim –

    Only one I’m on the fence about is the “show friends” one. I have mine set to ‘only me’ because I want to protect my peeps and especially my family (I have a 16yo who is very active on FB) from the would-be friend scrapers.

    You know – the spammy types who troll through your friend list adding everyone and then the non-internet folks in your life let into theirs ’cause they don’t know any better …. bleh. I don’t want my junk spilling over into their junk even once by mistake.

    Still finding that happy medium between public life and private life – feel pretty clear with this new (excellent) Facebook training that Pages are the way for me.

    Good job,

  7. says

    I’m rather uncomfortable with your advice about ‘getting around’ someone’s privacy settings. I know some people use Facebook for various types of networking, but I prefer to restrict Facebook to people I know well in real life, mainly friends and family, and to use Twitter for wider online social networking. Sending a message is always an option of course, but this puts the person concerned into the position of maybe accepting people they’d rather not have on Facebook – not due to dislike, but just because they don’t know them very well – or appearing rude and rejecting them.

  8. says

    Hi Kim,

    Thanks for the great post as now I know why there this annoying pop up box when I want to add friends that Facebook suggest to me. It seem like weird to me at first because that is what Facebook alog suggest and I couldn’t add them.

    You post answered my question. Thanks


  9. says

    @ Kim

    You’ve stressed on the topic which was annoying not only me but also my friends for a long time. This is something I havent found on any other blog. Thanks a ton for the info. The article irrespective of the length is very helpful

  10. says

    A lot of good information. I continue to be amazed that people send friend requests without a message or any introduction. Since I have no intention of accepting friend requests from strangers, that means they accumulate in my box. As far as I know, the only way to delete them from my box, is the “harsh” “don’t know” this person. Am I right on that?

    • says

      Hey Richard … you initially have the “yes/accept” and the “not now”… the not now is what I use in many cases (meaning I have hundreds down there) as it gives me the advantage if I LATER connect with someone (such as after I’ve sent them to my fanpage) I can easily go dig their invite out and half of the friend-request process is done and I can just approve it. The “I don’t know this person” should not be harsh – but please try not to use it on anyone that you think (by looking at their common friends) might be in one of the many tribe communities simply because Facebook “dings” their account and if they get a bunch of “I don’t know this person” they stop being able to invite friends and become subject to spam regulations and potentially banning. However, I am not nearly so merciful on those that I have no common quality connections with (emphasis on quality) and that are sending the totally random invites. That behavior has to stop because its hurting all of us and its why these regulations exist in the first place. If you use “I don’t know them” – the person can never again send you an invite, and they get a “ding” on their record. Very useful for putting a stop to spammers in short order but not so useful since some of our “younger” tribe members still have a lot to learn! I just wish that tribe members would stop assuming that I instantly recognize all names and faces… I’m honestly bad with both! Please please please jog my memory, people! I wish more people had their head on their shoulders like you do Richard!

  11. says

    Hey Kim. Its really an awesome information I was looking around. I could not stop myself reading the whole of it coz currently FB has blocked me adding friends. I agree to what you have researched and wrote here. Only thing which bothers me is sending friend request with a text message attached to it. Sometimes we add people randomly to create a huge network. In that case we come across lot of people who do not know us personally or professionally. I am only wondering if that piece of text message attached with the friend request will actually work or not to add me on the list. Of very recent while promoting a profile on FB, I was blocked on sending friend request though I hardly send request to friends (where in number is concerned). I just do not get the answer yet. As far my experience is concerned, FB blocks you, when you send frnd request in bulks and get the major portion unanswered. But in this case I hardly sent…. just few.

  12. Lyndon Hinch says

    I have been blocked from getting friends. I only do people that I know from school, work and mutual friends… Please explain to me why I’ve been blocked… I would appreciate if you can get back with me.

  13. Eleyne-Mari says

    I’m so glad I found your site! After having a Facebook page for several years, I deactivated my account last December. Yesterday I created a new Facebook account and because I didn’t have a list of the 1,500+ Friends I had with my old account, I went back into the old account to retrieve the names. Then I deactivated it immediately. I then sent Friend Requests from my new account and just got a message that I would be blocked for 2 days. I only sent requests to my previous Friends and most of them I sent a personal message to ask them to re-Friend me. I’m confused as to why I received this message. I had only sent about 30 requests before I received the message and I knew all of these people. Thanks for your help!

    • says

      Eleyne-Mari, Unfortunately, Facebook has no way to know that you knew all of those people. They only know that the behavior you were engaging in (Mass Adding of Friends) resembles that of a spammer and their automated script caught the behavior and locked you down. Frustrating I know. There is also the possibility that you may have sent the same message to many of them, which also is another red flag. 30 is usually about the “hot spot” and we often recommend adding no more than 20 per day and take a day or two off from time to time. This is a known situation and just something we have to work around. I’m curious as to why you created a new profile when you had a perfectly good one. Perhaps your name has changed and you’re not aware that we can change the names of profiles (but not of pages). Fortunately you’ll be back in two days and more aware of what’s happened and that facebook was just trying to protect your friends albeit over-zealously!

      • Eleyne-Mari says

        Thank you for your quick response, Kimberly. Yes, I do know that I can change my name on the old account but I prefer to invite Friends who know me from a specific business and professional name. Some of the “old” Friends are not interested in this particular business and I don’t want to create any boredom nor confusion. Many thanks!

  14. ailene says

    so kim, how i am going to regain my account if i was blocked. Does that mean that i have to create another account over again? My first account has been hacked by a friend of mine so i created a new account. To my excitement, i did invites too many friends at a time and to their friends without waiting for their confirmation. Am i not going to access my account again? i am so tired of creating account over and over again.

  15. Muheed Jeeran says

    Dear Kimberly,
    I am disappointed as facebook not allows me to enter. When I log into the account, I am getting a massage :

    Understanding Friend Requests on Facebook
    Friend requests are more likely to be accepted when you send them to people you already know, such as classmates, friends, family and coworkers.

    If you use Facebook to communicate with strangers, they have the option to report that they don’t know you or to mark the communication as spam. If this happens repeatedly, you could be viewed as violating Facebook’s Statement of Rights and Responsibilities.

    then I click the continue button and not taking into my profile page. I can remember when I was adding a friend, it says “This request can’t sent” box and throw me out of the account. Would you please advice me regarding this matter. I have all my friends, I run many groups and run an special anti Gaddafi page. I checked from my friend account and I can see my account is still active in FB.

  16. Hottsounds E says

    They deleted my profile yesterday, so I started using my other one to regain lost friends, and now they just penalized me for making friend requests by putting on a 2 day block on contacting or making friends. Where is the common sense, and who is in charge of hiring these …….. people who create these rules, delete accounts, then block you from adding friends (when you create another profile)??

    I’m more than ready for the next big thing to come along so most people can go to the new place and leave facebook to “rethink their dumb decisions”. My hope is that whatever new site becomes the next big thing will have people sensible enough to let people decide for themselves whether or not they want friends rather than blocking everyone from making (previous / suggested…etc.) friends because THEY think they know your relationship with the people you’re requesting more than you do. I also hope the next big social networking site refrains from hiring anyone who likes to unnecessarily irritate their members (if this is what’s going on at any level) and has more common sense …

    Speaking of common sense, unexpectedly deleting a profile because you’re not sure if it’s authentic – WHEN it has not only a phone number, but an email address contact (and that’s just a brief preview of the publicly displayed ways I could’ve been contacted) is pretty dumb to me.

    Let people decide for themselves whether or not they want friends (and give them the opportunity to hide their friend button as they wish). Blocking friend requests is not the answer. Eventually, this will create a huge backlash and facebook will regret it (unless they somehow manage to find a way to merge/do business with whatever the next big site is)!

    • Hottsounds E says

      Actually, I should rather say: “Eventually, this, AMONGST OTHER THINGS, will create a huge backlash and facebook will regret it…

  17. Patrice says

    Your article was very helpful, but I do have a question that I didn’t see covered. I have been blocked from sending messages and requesting friends for 4 days, however, I have friends waiting to be confirmed. Can I still confirm them as friends? Thanks.

    • says

      Hey Patrice. Because your friends sent those invites to you, you SHOULD be able to approve them with no trouble. Thats not usually a component they lock down. Give it a try and keep me posted!

      • Priya Nath Mehta says

        Dear KImberly!
        I had been blocked for 7 days for adding friends” I did not know”. Then after the block period was over, say on the 10th day or so, I Confirmed one or two friends – and I was blocked again thereafter. All I had done was click the CONFIRM button to the friend who had invited me to become a friend. So this is what Patrice above had asked you! I tried it but it did not work.

    • says

      Hey Kenji, To the best of my knowledge we simply don’t k now. I doubt it will but you could try it. The problem is that there is no way to know how much longer your on suspension for so looks may be deceptive in some cases.

    • says

      Jakey the time you will be held is variable and fluxuates based on a lot of factors. Usually it’s only a couple of days. However, you were obviously flagged for spamming and if you return to that you will almost be guaranteed to lose your account and be banned from returning. Once you are able to send messages again you have to play within the rules and remember that profiles are not for business use, that’s what fan pages are for :)

    • Mia Gibson says

      hello kim i am able to send friend request now on facebook and make new friends on facebook now and i am happy i am not being blocked any more from sending friend request and i was blocked from sending friend request last year alot sincerly mia gibson

  18. says

    Hi, I have blocked many times by facebook from sending requests with bans ranging from 3 days to 15 days. But yesterday facebook blocked me from sending requests for 30 days and they even gave me a final warning that if i send a request to a random person next time i may loose the ability of sending request. i am very stresses and i don’t know what to do. Please help me and suggest a way of getting the ban uplifted

    • says

      Tushar, if you’re been warned repeatedly, you’re doing something repeatedly to continue to alarm the system. You need to look at your behaviors and consider if your doing things Facebook believes you should not (like mass adding people you don’t know) or sending more than about 20 invites (even to people you know) at one time. There are lots of “don’t dos” and it sounds like you may be doing many of them!

      • Chereches Carina says

        hey..i was blocked too, but i don’t know for how many days because when i log in i receive a message: “Understanding Friend Requests on Facebook”..what can i do to reactivate my account? Can you help me,please?

        • says

          Hey Carina, there’s nothing I can do to help you I’m afraid. I don’t work for Facebook, I simply report on what we know or don’t know. Perhaps if you did not get a notice about duration – you are not blocked? What does it say when you try to send a friend request? You’re going to have to wait out the probation and be super careful about not adding people you don’t know in the future. Please be careful.

  19. kanishka kumar says

    Hi madam kim, why i cant send friend request to Richa Anand, homtown purnea and current city delhi. I know her last 10 years please help me to send her friend riquest.. Thanks and rigards kanishka

    • says

      Hey Alex, assuming they have the new newsfeed format… when they visit your profile they will see a row of buttons near the upper right. One of those looks like a “gear”. If the select the dropdown there, they will find a “Suggest Friends” dialog box. That used to be located at the bottom of the left hand sidebar but has been moved. Hope it helps!

  20. says

    Building to the 5,000 cap needs to be done carefully, strategically, and with attention to maximizing relationships and minimizing spammy “mass-adding” behavior.

    what does “cap” mean when u use it in this paragraph?

    • KimJCastleberry says

      Hey Thomas, sorry that wasn’t very clear. Personal profiles are “capped” or “limited” to a max of 5,000 friends + pages they like. This is different than fan pages which can have unlimited FANS (but not friends). Hope that makes sense.

  21. Lee Sands says

    The part that frustrates me the most about Facebook is that it’s way overzealous. I understand the importance of making users feel like they’re in a safe and secure environment, but some of their policies and guidelines are just absurd! I swear I hate it when I try to send someone a legitimate friend request only to get slapped in the face by that stupid “This Request Can’t Be Sent” pop-up box. It shouldn’t matter if you and that person has any friends in common or not…. regardless you should be allowed to meet new people and make new friends. What’s wrong with that idea? I really dislike how Facebook treats people who are only trying to branch out on the social network. Why don’t they give you the chance to get to know each other first before they label you as a “potentially annoying person?” I find that to be very rude and insulting. I really wish Facebook would just back off and let nature take its course instead of meddling in other people’s affairs. I’m so sick and tired of Facebook disabling my friend requests!

  22. says

    Hi and thanks for posting this. It has helped me understand why FB slapped me on the hand – I thought someone had reported my friend request, which seemed unlikely, but I think it’s because there are probably quite a few unanswered. Since I started using FB as a networking tool, I’ve connected with hundreds of people I don’t know personally but with whom I share a professional link. FB themselves suggest these people to me constantly in my sidebar and I only send requests to people with whom I have at least 50 mutual friends. I really don’t understand why FB would create this massive tool and then stop us from using it. I have often thought they should add another category of ‘friend’ and call them ‘connections’ or ‘contacts’. These people aren’t personal friends, but FB has grown beyond that usage and they need to accept that their platform is being used in ways they hadn’t conceived. In fact by embracing that, and facilitating it, they only stand to gain.

  23. says

    I’ve just been blocked by FB for 7 days. And that for sending friend requests to people with whom I had few friends in common, all friend requests being accepted…

    • raj singh says

      my facebook friends request block for 30 days. how to solves this problem, please………………..

      Read more: Facebook Blocking Friend Requests
      via Just-Ask-Kim.com

  24. Jerry says

    Not sure I like facebook after all. I am 67 yrs old and been in the same area all of those yrs. I had someone send me a friend request and when I tried to accept, it came at me with a notice I couldnt accept them as I was being blocked. WTF? So now what? I’ve known this kid all his life and now they tell ME I don’t know him? Facebook can stuff it all up their ass!! I’ve lived this long without them, I can damn sure live til my life ends without them!!

  25. Victoria Smith says

    I logged in today with a message that I have sent friend requests to people I don’t know. But I haven’t! Matter a fact, I haven’t sent any friend requests within the past few months. They blocked me from sending requests for 7 days. I’ve changed my password but I still don’t know why they blocked me.

  26. aaaaa says

    My uncle was on facebooh for three months. For that three months,he was suspended about 45 days for sending friend requests. Fuck you facebook. Slobo Rogosic

  27. mukkul ahuja says

    i know whom i sending is my classmates my friends lecturer n then also m blocked y as its written strangers m not strangers m blocked in just 20 min in which 2 of person accepted what do i do n plz help n unblock me n this not the way,,,,,

  28. Debra Archibald says

    Hi Kim… a friend sent this to me because of the problems I have been having… Thank you for your article! One thing though, is that I now cannot send the person a message until the 7 day period is up either?

    • says

      Hey Debra unfortunately that’s not particularly surprising. The two main spam flags on FB are for spamming messages and spamming invites and it sounds like FB may now have the ban tied together. I can understand why they’d do that but it’s particularly not helpful for those of us accidentally blocked!

  29. John says

    What I don’t understand is why people don’t accept all the friend requests they get. Such persons can always delete (or even block) the person later if they don’t want that person on their list! So, so simple!

  30. says

    Hi Kim,

    Thank you for writing such a detailed post. I would agree with you about writing the introduction. I have used this method since I first started my account and people like it a lot. Take care Rosemary

  31. ALi Naeeni says

    HI Kim my name is ALi Naeeni i like too no why i am blocked from sent friend requstse too my friends on facebook fro 14 days

    • raj singh says

      Hi raj how are u doing kim facebook has blocked my friend requests for 30 days so can u tell me why facebook keep blockeing my friend requests

      Read more: Facebook Blocking Friend Requests
      via Just-Ask-Kim.com

  32. ALi Naeeni says

    Hi Kim how are u doing kim facebook has blocked my friend requests for 30 days so can u tell me why facebook keep blockeing my friend requests

  33. john wallace says

    hi kim I have been blocked for 14 days from adding friends how do I contact facebook by phone to let them know this is a mistake I am not a spammer

  34. marla says

    I understand but the blocking.but how do u tell a friend if they block u say ,they don’t know my married name .since we have lost contact how can I explain it in any email when they block me. this what I like to know

  35. Mark says

    Hi Kim, thanks for writing this article. I was searching for just this topic because it has now been a few times of being blocked for 14 days. every time it even says how can we help and fill out the box and I say “I know every person I send it to, in some cases I get mixed up with common names, and in some cases perhaps someone is mad at me for reasons unknown to me and that this is ridiculous”
    I am telling you I am really getting irate with facebook. they are making you change your page every 4 months now having to relearn it, and now this. I told them we should do it old school. people are smart enough to simply hit “do not accept’ and it is done. or they can personally block you. Why do they need to take people’s intelligence out of this. they are turning us into robots. seriously though I am about as nice a guy as you will meet and very tolerant but this is absolutely infuriating. had to say it :0)

    so Kim, you, and every single person on here, I would like you to request me as a friend in the next few days. I will accept every single one of you no problem. just type in Mark Rutkowski and look for the picture of the death star from star wars, that’s my profile. you can even wait until after I accept it to tell me you did it from this posting. I want to do this to fight back. plus I like good company anyway :)

  36. Nabaz Dosky says

    hey ,, plz i need u! just u can help me! plzz it’s will be the last time i be blocked! plz just help me this time!! it’s so older am blocked and i can’t send any message and i can’t talking with groups, and i can’t send any request to my friends!! :(

    plz just this time help it’s be the last time really!

    thanks and it’s my fb link! plz help me!

    ) plzz help me

  37. Bogdan says

    Hey Kimberly,
    Thanks for the info and for your hard work,but i got a problem with my facebook account.It warned me till 14 days…bt it’s been like almost 1 month already and i am pretty sure that the warning it’s stuck or i don’t know but it won’t let me add anymore friends,only get … It’s really annoying as it lets me like pages but no add my friends.
    if you know any way of getting rid of it,please contact me asap.
    Thanks .

  38. facebook_donaldwaynebrown says

    Mr. Zuckerberg: http://www.facebook.com/zuck
    These must be very busy times for you and your business, given the pending IPO, the relocation and the new round of hiring. I understand all of that.
    However, there is an issue that I believe would be in your best interest, and that of your company, to resolve in a timely manner.
    It concerns blocking friend requests for no apparent reason. Spamming, stalking and other unwanted practices–you don’t want any of that at the ‘Book and frankly, I can’t blame you in the least. The unfortunate, and unintended, consequence of your efforts to clamp down on those practices are these unnecessary friend-request blocks.
    What I ask is that you (or whoever does the engineering work if it isn’t you) remove the block from my account in a timely manner, so that I may go about my business in a manner I see fit.
    It would also be in the best interest of your company to look into setting up some sort of customer service department. I’m more than certain this isn’t the only issue on the ‘Book, but I hope this one gets resolved sooner rather than later.
    Thank you for reading.

    • says

      Donald, I truncated your post. You may not realize you are posting on my own personal blog and there is no official connection or communication connection between this site and Facebook, Inc. Certainly not Mark himself. I’m merely relaying what I’ve learned from trial and error in dealing with this problem myself. Please don’t shoot the messenger, LOL

  39. says

    i want to know why is facebook still want us to stop using this tool and the reason we have to wait 30 days because my friend request was blocked when i was supposed to send a friend request to someone and if this keeps up i will use myspace or other site but they do need to do something.

  40. Anne O. Nimous says

    Au contraire! . FB is interested in targeted marketing, and for that they want to know real information about your life, and does not include “friends” that you do not know. We can agree to act like good domesticated animals or We can counteract their effort by befriending everyone and anyone. Hidden among the 5000 will be the 20 people I really care about. Maybe that number is 200 or even 200 for you, but the point is that facebook will have no way of knowing who they are (well, unless you use their pre-designed friend groupings). If you send me friend request, I will gladly accept. George A. Sloan

  41. linda says

    hello.A lot of people..also them who have me in common can’t add me on FB , I have seen to much friends with my eyes trying to add but nothing… some friends send me messages..to add them. … they couldn’t add me.I don’t know what to do…This appears ———–>
    Friend requests are for people you know, like classmates, friends, family and coworkers. Please don’t send this friend request unless you know this person personally.

  42. Vicky Lambos says

    Thank you for the information here i have the same problem fb block not to make any friends for 14 days ….. :(


    Hi, Kim!
    Please tell me how to override blocking of friend requests through the web browser Firefox. I’m tired of being blocked constantly even if I’m searching for close friends or people that share my personal interests… Thanks for your concern about this lousy issue.

    • says

      Andres, unfortunately there is no useful way to override it. All of us are having to deal with this annoyance. It’s Facebook having their spam filter set much too tightly and punishing everyone. It’s gotten rather old I’m afraid.

      If you manually override the block – and you are already flagged – you’re at incredibly high risk for having your account terminated. I would NOT suggest doing that.

  44. Arpita Nundy says

    I confirm that you I am not a spammer. Please unblock my friends request.
    Thanking you in anticipation.
    Arpita Nundy.

  45. faye Ngiangia says

    the information is good but unblock me because i am not a spammer. Besides i was not adequately informed about this guide lines until now. on a very serious note if a friends request is blogged temporally for any reason it should exceed more four hours since it is temporary block. secondly, blocking of friends request should not prevent person from accessing his friends.

    • faye Ngiangia says

      i am really sorry for what is happening and i promise it will not happen again because i have learn my lessons . i promise that mistake will not be made again. i am sorry, i mean am sorry but please allow me access my friends. thank you

  46. faye Ngiangia says

    Hi, Kim!

    Hi kim,

    Please tell me how to override blocking of friend requests through the web browser Firefox. I’m tired of being blocked constantly even if I’m searching for close friends or people that share my personal interests… Thanks for your concern about this lousy issue.

    • says

      Hey Faye, sorry there is no way to do that. And unfortunately, even if there were (I’ve honestly not seen one) publication of it would be considered circumventing security of a website which is a criminal offense in most countries.

  47. kimone anderson says

    i am not a spammer are on annoying person i meet rebekah yesterday so i need to get back and my profile plz .

  48. says

    hi kim i am facebook user but me whats hapnings i like to send a request more people known unknown becoz i like to make freindship but between week getting a block freind request but let me know how should i unblock do you have any gud way so plz advise me thank you

  49. wallace jr says

    the spam reported under my name was me myself hitting wrong button,you should not be blocking me from adding friends,your tatally wrong on this one.———-wallace jr connolly

  50. Emre says

    this is the 2nd time I am being blocked from adding friends I have only added people I know or go to school with. I am not a spammer please fix this NOW !

  51. says

    I have just been inform that my friend request has been blocked and i dont want that to happen because i have friends,classmates,family member that i want to add and without the feature of adding a friend i feel facebook being needless to me.Please help me to unblock my friend request or should i open a new account?.

  52. says

    Hi Kim,

    Well, this certainly came in handy at the right time for me! I’m having so much trouble at this time with Facebook and need to implement this.
    My FB right now needs a good cleaning. I feel as though I want to hire “merry maids” for Facebook lol!
    There have been too many spammers and those “friends” of friends, until I found a way to block them.
    Once again, thank you for showing me how to do this.

  53. Josie Spriggs says

    I keep getting blocked because the people from my church don’t answer my requests because they didnt go on that much. My brother is out to sea for weeks at a time so I had a few not answered but please 14 day grounding. That is so not fair. I know everyone I invited. I hate there is no where to defend yourself, no where to voice your opinion on the whole thing. If I was doing something wrong but I’m not. Anyway im done complaining . Not that it will do any good. When I’m ungrounded ill send message to invite me then I won’t get slapped around.

  54. Curtis says

    I’ve been sent to the cancel pending friend requests page, but whenever I press cancel requests, it just takes me back to the home page in an endless loop of repetition
    Help me!!

    • says

      Sounds like a bug. You might try using a different browser to see if it’s just a caching hiccup. Or it may be a very real bug. There are a lot of site-wide bugs at the moment due to how many changes are being rolled out to Facebook this month!

  55. john says

    I’m so pissed off at face book for blocking me from sending requests to my family members. The do you know these people on a list will pop up on face book and when you send a request, face book BLOCKS you from sending out more request even if it is family members.

  56. William Kirk says

    What’s also maddening about this is that a new facebook user will have zero friends in common with anyone, resulting in this banning **** happening no matter what. That’s what happened to me. I made ONE friend request to ONE person I know in real life (and in the message accompanying the friend request, I simply wrote “We should hang out again. Peace. :)” – the word AGAIN makes it painfully clear I know her!), and facebook had the nerve to stop my friend requesting ability because I don’t share friends with the person I friend requested. Well, no ****, facebook! It’s a NEW account! Of course, my NEW account has zero friends! What the **** does facebook expect me to do? No matter who I send a friend request to, I’m going to send a friend request to someone with whom I don’t share any friends! To make it even clearer, about a month ago, I called her and she recognized me immediately by my voice – SHE knows ME as well! This is the biggest bull **** ever, and I hope the people running facebook get exactly what they deserve – which I doubt I can say what that entails on this site without getting banned from this site, but I assure you, it would be just through and through. >:(

  57. says

    hello i dont understand why im being blocked for sending friend requests to people i do know really well i dont understand why people get punished for not doing anything wrong that way why do they block people from adding friends that a person knows really well ?
    i would like answers as to why for so long being blocked even if your not adding anyone there should be no blockage at all thank you ! i was hoping they would lift the ban off of me being blocked i havent done anything wrong and i wont cancel any requests just because i know people and i should have the right to add them as friends who i talk to all the time as well .

  58. says

    Facebook says I did to many friend request I’m only trying to get my friends back that I had I can’t get my original FB timeline don’t know what happened to it. What makes the difference if you do one a day or more . They all were my friends! Its been more then 7 days and I’m still blocked what can I do it won’t let me in I’ve already had over 7 days blocked how can Facebook unlock my browser Thanks!
    Garry Gray

  59. Mark says

    I sent a friend request to someone, but they weren’t online for several days. I kept checking a couple of people i was still waiting to accept and i usually use the Activity log to do this. It had been five days so they had moved right down the “log”. So i thought i would cancel the requests and re-add them so they move back up to the top. The first one worked fine, but on the second i got the pop-up box. I’ve been able to add a few other people since, but it still won’t let me add that person. It’s quite annoying. I’m just now wondering how long i’ll have to wait before it lets me add them again.

    • says

      Usually they send you an email that tells you how long you’re in the penalty box for. It’s usually 3 days but can be 10 or 21. I definitely recommend not doing a rapid send-remove-resend method as thats considered being obnoxious and aggressive and almost always gets you flagged.

  60. says

    From your article i have learned a lot of things?

    I have a question, at the present time do you know how many days are left to get unblocked from facebook, cause facebook said that I am blocked for 30 days, is there any way to check how many days left if you forget when it will as blocked

    I am sure you might know the way


    • says

      There’s no way to check that directly. However, go dig up the email that FB sent you when they blocked you – if they sent one – and you’ll have a date stamp of when it started.

  61. Aswin As says

    help me… I’m blocked from sending friend requests permanently :( . What do I do now? Is there any way to recover from this?

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