Facebook moves F-Commerce Into Pinterest Territory… with “Collections”

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Facebook Collects 

Ever since Pinterest “went big” there have been countless clones that have tried to not only succeed but to balance that sweet spot between popularity and profitability. 

Without a doubt, images are HUGE in not only marketing but in mass appeal. 

Leave it to Facebook to find a way to bring “pinnable content” (is that trademarked?) to business and brand pages! 

Let’s take a look at Pottery Barn’s latest collection:

Collections look a lot like photo albums (and are commentable in the same way) but hover over the images and a little popup button will appear.  (Individual items however can not be commented on.)

According to AllFacebook.com, “Collect”, “Want”, “Like”, and “Buy” are all pins/buttons that are available to the merchants currently testing collections.  (Remember those Facebook verbs we everyone was talking about? They’re starting to be a real thing!)

Click on any of the images and you open the image lightbox and things get even more interesting!

Once in the lightbox view, you can not only fully appreciate the image (and pin… err I mean “collect” it) but you can see a nice view of other images in the collection in the lower right.  

 Now… I want to draw your attention to the UPPER right… because something neat is happening here. 

Do you see that “Buy for $” link? 

That link is a “bridge” that links out to the item’s sale entry on Pottery Barn! Holy smokes!

While, at this time, (and in limited testing), collections are not costing the advertisers anything. We certainly can see a prime candidate for Facebook to monetize some outbound traffic!

 So what happens once you pin (errr.. collect) them? 

Once I’ve collected an item, it goes into my collections (which took me forever to find, but which I do control the privacy on. I made mine public.): https://www.facebook.com/kimberly.castleberry.1/app_ogproduct

I would assume that in the future this link would be incredibly easy to find.. but for now, it’s not showcased in any decent manner.  

According to TechCrunch: “The “Want” button adds a product to a Timeline section called “Wishlist” visible to friends of friends, the “Collect” button saves to to a Collection called “Products” that’s visible to friends only, and a special version of the “Like” button will also add to “Products” but that’s visible to friends of friends.”  (Not all button types appear to be in testing at this time.)

My products tab/sub-page has a very neat display of the item’s I’ve collected. This page here is one of the few that actually concern me though. I’ll get to that in a moment. 

I also generated a reasonably nice newsfeed posting. It’s nice and large and vivid… but it posted the first image in that album I collected rather than my recently added image. (This is likely a bug.)

 I wonder why there is no like/comment on these items. Could be beta testing quirks or could be intentional.

Do Facebook Collections Stand A Chance? 

Pinterest has done a fantastic job teaching everyone to pin stuff and it’s obvious that the Facebook  album/lightbox combo can be repurposed splendidly for this task. 

So what’s my concern?

It’s simply that Pinterest also taught us to scavenge up cool stuff and re-share our friends cool stuff… something that at this moment we can’t do.

Would Pinterest be as interesting to the masses if they could only pin commercial stuff that was handed to them? I seriously doubt it.

I want to suggest not making rapid judgements on this project just yet. If the “pinning” won’t work commercially “at all” then there is no sense in FB doing the dev work to bring “pinning” to all users.  I’d like to think however, that is this beta test (which is what this is) goes well that this project will be expanded into something much more all-encompassing. 

I’d personally actually LIKE the idea of being able to snag funny images my friends share in my feed and add them to a “humor” collection that someone could subscribe to….

These would also wind up very similar to interest lists (and a source of things to curate) if they could be subscribed to which would be an interesting proposition.

I think this is a neat move… a neat experiment… and I’m fascinated to see whether Facebook will give it the legs it will need to succeed. 

I suppose the real question comes down to this: Will readers accept and use the “want” button? 

What about you? How do you feel about these collections… not only as a marketer but as a “regular person” enjoying Facebook?

~ Kim ~
Simple Tech Tips For Marketing  

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  1. says

    Thank you so much for this article. Happy that Fb is doing this, it will be good for my biz.. I will keep an eye on this. So only beta testing right now?? So when will be ready for the rest of us?

  2. says

    Kim, when in the world you stop learning from all what you share here?

    WOW, how in teh world you get to know all this and how can you clearly explain it (no I did not get it all, but I got the idea) this is amazing, you get to know and asee thinsg that pertain your business way, way ahead of anybody else I know.. or perhaps you are so kind and generous to share with us all and otehrs they just keep it for themselves..

    I TRULY thank you for all what you share… soon I will get to understand more, but no matter if I understand all of it or not.. just to be aware is enough for me at this tome.

    THANKS SO MUCH once again.

  3. says

    Fantastic updation about that wonderful platform.
    I read somewhere before some time that here is something new with the name of “Promote button”.
    Now here is another good with “want”.
    It Don’t know that it will have the good time or not but at this time should be.

  4. says

    Just in time for the holidays! This could turn out better on facebook than pinterest, partly because the pinterest search function is very limited and there are so many reposts.

  5. says


    I prefer keeping it simple. I love the simplicity and open sharing on Pinterest, especially images that are not commercial and not even specific to business interests. it is like show and tell for adults. Facebook sets up dialogues and allows for images and galleries. I would like each to maintain its own style. What you are describing on FB seems a bit complicated.


  6. says

    Hi Kim,

    Many thanks for sharing this update. It will be interesting to see how it takes off or not . I can see it having one big advantage to pinterest as more people have friends using Facebook in the general public from the feedback I receive in my part of the world . Take care Rosemary

  7. says

    Thank you, Kim, once again for keeping us up to date. I am just getting started with Pinterest, and I think I will move into collections big time. Of course, I’ll come back to your blog for a refresher before I get started.

    Thanks again.

    • says

      Awww, thank you Angela. I know you’re just getting back into blogging so if you get stuck, since you’re a B3 member, be sure you shout at me in the B3 group. It’s good to see you back!

  8. says

    Facebook and social network as general are getting deeper and deeper in our lives. They are offering us a lot of advantages and disadvantages so it’s really important to know them well.

  9. says

    Its really nice article Kim! you always post valuable article. I don’t pay my attention on Pinterest but I think Its time to pay attention on Pinterest. thanks Kim…

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