Facebook Update – Where Did My Friend Lists Go?

Facebook LogoAnother Day… Another Change!

Yesterday, Paula Fergusson was kind enough to provide me with a screenshot of a change to Facebook she observed and I verified.

As you’ll notice, the location of Friend Lists have gotten a case of wandering feet and gone a little walkabout…. They now can be found on the drop-down under Most Recent.

Click on the image to open a larger view if desired.

Note: You must click on “Most Recent” before the drop-down arrow will appear! However, since each list now has a custom url you can bookmark individual lists.

Hope this helps solve the riddle of where did those all-important friend lists sneak off to!

How are you coping with all of the recent back to back facebook changes? Are you using friendlists to keep Facebook manageable? What do you think about the increased emphasis on Groups as the “new lists”? Leave me your thoughts below… lets chat!

Thanks in advance for all the shares, tweets, bookmarks and syndication love!


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20 Comments on "Facebook Update – Where Did My Friend Lists Go?"

4 years 4 months ago

Sorry.. but this change is a bit crappy. Some of the latest changes are making Facebook more cumbersome and less functional.

4 years 4 months ago

Thanks Kim! I noticed that my friend list had disappeared yesterday and did not go looking for it. (I did grumble to myself a lot.) Change is not always good Facebook!

4 years 4 months ago

I was just grumbling to my friends about this…
Thanks for showing me where it went. I felt
like I was driving blind on Facebook without
my lists.


4 years 4 months ago

Hi Kim,
Where do Facebook get their suggestions from, they seem to change everything weekly these days. Mark Zuckerberg must be bored or something.
I liked the layout when FB first started, I think they should go back to it.
I might start a campaign.

4 years 4 months ago

I am in agreement with Pete. It used to be so easy to keep in touch with all my friends and people I added that I had stuff in common with or people that I enjoyed reading their stuff. It seems like FB just keeps changing every week!
Thanks Kim for keeping us up to date.