Taking A Look At Facebook’s New Graph Search Tool

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facebook logoFacebook Announces
A New Relationship-Based
Search System! 

While it remains debatable as to whether or not the online world is ready for it… Facebook’s newest announcement may forever (eventually) reshape the way we think of online search! 

Much in keeping with Google’s moves towards contextual search, Facebook has finally begun to leverage it’s massive infrastructure known as Open Graph in a way that lets it produce search results that no other system yet provides as fully…

Introducing Facebook Graph Search!

Powerful stuff with a very human touch!

What role does Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook founder, feel Graph Search plays? 

While Graph Search is not yet a part of all of our accounts, The Verge has a useful walk through of the new system

As you can see… quite a bit of interesting data is available about your friends, colleagues, peers and associates!  


So the sanest question we can ask is…. what about privacy rules? 

Fortunately, according to Facebook, the search results honor all existing privacy rules and do not add any new privacy settings that you might need to opt into: https://www.facebook.com/about/graphsearch/privacy

However, as Leonie Smith points out… that doesn’t mean that there still aren’t some safety concerns you should consider.   

All Things D has raised the very valid point that Facebook entering the search market will actually relieve many of the anti-trust pressures on Google. Since Facebook feels there is enough room to enter and compete in search, it will be harder for the claim to be made that Google has unfairly commandeered the market place.  They write, “Facebook’s notion of search — which ends in people and pictures and recommendations — lends credence to Google’s defense that modern search is about answers to questions, not simple links to Web pages.”

Want to learn more about Graph Search or get on the Beta Waiting List? Click here

It will actually be interesting to see if Facebook has released a product that is now ahead of it’s time. While immensely powerful, the time needed for individuals to begin to even consider that they can search in this particular manner may probe interesting to watch. Also, the tools biggest potential – but also the biggest hurdle – will be mobile which we have yet to see how it will handle.

What do you think about this new announcement from Facebook?

~ Kim ~
Simple Tech Tips For Marketing 

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  1. says

    Kim, you are my hero for introducing me to all the new stuff coming into the market.. more and more, I am convinced that just coming to your site, is all I need to do to get to know what is going on on the web and how can I use it in my lifestyle and business.. What else can I say .. JUST THANK YOU once again… This facebook graph and new way of searching will be for sure a hit.
    Thanks again.

  2. says

    I admit, because I’m a privacy maven, at first blush it feels somewhat “Big Brother” to me. But I also see some pretty exciting potential for a couple of projects I’m planning for the future, so I’m looking forward to paying close attention to how this evolves. Thanks for the great overview Kim!

  3. says

    Okie doke – I’m going to try this again. The cyber buggies are giving me a hard time trying to leave a comment. Anyway, while I admit I have mixed feelings about pretty much anything that comes out of Facebook, I can see the potential with this new “toy” so it’s going to be interesing to see how it unfolds over the coming months.

  4. Lee says

    Hi Kim
    Your little note at the end about usage on mobile devices. If this side doesn’t work properly or takes a long while to figure out then this could be a huge drawback as the mobile side of things surely is the biggest growing market and that is the side that they should be concentrating on or am I missing it.

    Great post lee

    • says

      This is a great point. More people are using tech on the go and this feature may end up in obscurity if there’s no way to utilize search on the go. Plus, good search features on your phone tend to be among the most popular.

  5. says

    Hey Kim, thanks for sharing this. It was a very good overview on the video by Thomas Houston. I think the jury will be out for awhile on the good and bad of what Facebook is rolling out. I am not one who likes intrusiveness on privacy, but I see a lot of good things from a search standpoint. Thanks.

  6. Liane Markus says

    This facbook’s new graph search offers a great benefit and I think this will really be very helpful and useful to every people who have facebook account. Thank you for the reminder and sharing this new update.

  7. Morris Murphy says

    Great stuff as usual. If we as marketers are going to stay on top of everything going on, we need someone who we can count on like Kim to help us all stay on top of our game. I have come to trust her to be my go to person for all things wordpress and Fb and marketing in general. Thanks for all you do it is appreciated. This was a very informative article on the newest changes in FB and how to use them to our advantage. Thanks for all you do.
    Morris (Murph) Murphy

  8. says

    Hi Kim, thanks for sharing all this information. I think we’re heading towards very exciting times with the new FB search. It will be great for google to have some serious competition as well!

  9. says

    Facebook’s graph search is indeed interesting.

    I would be concerned about the quality of Facebook’s data, however. Many articles on our use of social suggest that Facebook is a showcase of how we wish others to see view us. Have you given your dentist a like on Facebook, your kids’ kindergarden or the local discount supermarket? I haven’t.

  10. says

    This is a very helpful information. I never noticed that when I am opening my facebook account. The video helps me understand more about the facebook Graph Search Tool. Thanks Kim!

  11. says

    Ooh la la what a little gem you are Kim, this is a super duper overview. I’ve been really out of the loop on the new Facebook Search working remotely and was on a narrowboat in England when this was announced! Book marking and sharing! :)

  12. says

    Kim, Thanks for the heads up. This looks like a lot of fun, kind of narrowing your searches down to be more local and with people you know and trust. But I could probably post a question on the news feed and get the same responses. You think? Sounds like Facebook is trying to keep in step or surpass Google Search.
    They have to introduce new things to keep us as avid users! :)
    Thanks Kim!

  13. says

    Once again you’re introducing helpful information for all the latest social media developments. This new FB feature sounds great and I can’t wait to try it and see how it works out. Thanks for all the videos and updates.

  14. says

    Thanks for being ahead of the curve and introducing us to the next best thing from the giants.

    Will people use this “new product” as another way to market to people based upon their likes. It really becomes a no brainer for marketing, doesn’t it? Or, are they placing some safe guards on it?

    I am curious.


  15. says

    Hey Kim,

    I got a bold prediction, but honestly I see Facebook in 2-3 years giving Google a run for their money in developing with search engines. I don’t see Bing and Yahoo doing it. Although, I do like Bing a lot. Why, because they have the funds to do it, and because I think they understand more about making finding good content, and everything is leaning towards being social. They have the passion to do it, too which is vital. Think about if for a second would you join hobbies with your friends that have like interest or would you trust someone you don’t know and found on Google? I think it makes perfect sense and technology is changing at such a rapid rate.

  16. says

    Hi Kim, before I made this comment, I visited the link you have pointed back to facebook graph and i am now on their waiting lists. This is my first time to heard this another stuff from facebook and I think this could be next biggest search engine on the market.. what do you think??

  17. says

    I think brands haven’t even scratched the surface with the open graph. I think a lot of digital marketing VP’s think that they have to build something from scratch…but that’s not the case!

  18. says

    Great Job Kim, I was reading Sadie’s post and she led me here. What a Great Idea! FB is really taking over now let;s see if it will work. You did a great job putting these video’s on here to help us understand the whole concept Of Facebook’s New Graph System. Keep up the good work Chery :)

  19. says

    Hi Kim,
    I’m sorry to say this but I wasn’t aware about Facebook’s New Graph Search Tool. Actually facebook keep changing something & take something new for facebook user’s. Well let’s see how many facebook user’s like it.

  20. says

    Hi Kim,

    Yesterday I attended a webinar about Facebook Graph Search. It was referenced as “GSO is the new SEO.” Everything on the internet is moving towards social and relationships, and Facebook is smart to jump in and play in the search industry game. Their timing is very good if they want to compete with Google. This will be interesting.

    I watched all of your posted videos and I understand the concept. Specificity is valuable in searching, but I have mixed feelings. Regardless, this will be huge.

    Mark Zuckerberg and the two others in the video referred to Facebook Graph Search as a “product.” It’s a thing that makes me go hhmmm.

    Thanks for keeping us updated!

    Raena Lynn

  21. says

    Creating password & than use mobile device & lock with a screen timeout when cell phone isn’t in use that’s really brilliant idea. I never think to do it but I think its right time to follow this tips. Thanks for sharing this such a great advice.

  22. says

    I haven’t heard of long-tail SEO until now. This makes sense and is quite encouraging that paying attention to the details of keyword strings will be helpful in the long run. Thanks for a great infographic, as well.

  23. says

    I applied for Graph search way back when it was launched. but till now I haven’t received any confirmation email.
    DO you know how to access them, as still now I am not been able to experience this.

  24. says

    As someone who is somewhat technical myself, I must say that I am truly amazed at how you find the time to keep up with all this latest and greatest stuff going on in Facebook and Social Media! Facebook has given me permission to try this feature now. Thanks to the nice little instructional video you included in your post, I can see how to use graph search and how natural language search is quite easy and acceptable. Interesting that it allows Bing searches as well as FB searches.

    Once again, thanks for sharing!!!

    ~ Jupiter Jim

  25. says

    Thanks Kim for mentioning my article here on this post. I will be on SBS World TV News tonight at 6.30pm talking New Facebook Graph Search Privacy, stalking, scam issues! It’s rolling out now, you can’t opt out, and if you haven’t hidden all your details you will be in trouble…It’s bad News. Some of the searches we turned up during the interview were so bad, they can’t show them. Things like Muslim Men Who Like Bombs….it returned thousands of results, even here in Australia…Females who like Manly turned up loads of photos of young girls who had open Facebook profiles, i.e no privacy. Great for stalkers who can see where these girls hang out what they look like where they check in, so they can sidle up to them and make out like they are a friend of a friend…it gets worse…just wait till Facebook release a rumoured app that shows where your friends are located right now! The interview will be uploaded to the web afterwood and will link to it for those that cannot watch live.

    See my article on this here before you watch!http://thecybersafetylady.com.au/2013/01/huge-privacy-issue-with-facebooks-graph-search/

  26. says

    Hey, Kim; Thanks for the overview and sharing the video. I, myself, am torn…as a marketer and search lover I see the pluses but I like to protect my privacy, too. We will see…it has to happen with all the social data out there!

  27. says

    Thanks Kim for the “scoop.” I lay odds that a short time from now we will be doing Facebook searches as regularly as we now “Google.” Sure, there may be bugs and it may change form to meet challenges like mobile apps, but Mr Z has proven to be a pretty savvy guy. . . .

    Thanks again Kim for being at the front of the line with new info!!!!!

  28. Kay Wilson says

    Kim, thanks for a very informative newsletter. Facebook is going to be amazing with searching for exactly what we need. I had received info but did not pay attention, so happy you caaught my attention this morning. I signed for beta.

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