How To Get An RSS Feed For Your Facebook Group

How To Get An RSS Feed For Your Facebook Group

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RSS Feeds!

If you’ve been investigating this situation for any time at all, you’ve likely already discovered that Facebook does NOT provide a build in RSS feed for their Facebook groups. 

This can be a source of a lot of headaches.

However, this is partially done because groups exist behind a login protection and groups that are not classed as “open” should never have their privacy compromised by having the feed turned into something that is less private than the group itself. 

However, sometimes we have a need for an RSS feed from a Facebook group. Either because: 

1) We are the admin and we want to personally track the group from there (without giving everyone access)…


2) The group is an open group and we want to enable members to have access to the feed for their own reading use. 

If you do not understand the difference between “open”, “closed”, and “secret” Facebook groups, in Facebook terminology, please be sure to read their Facebook group privacy primer  first. 

Creating An RSS Feed For Your Facebook Group

The easiest way to quickly create an RSS feed for your Facebook Group is using the “Freemium” service “Wallflux for Facebook”.

By default, this is for OPEN Facebook groups. If you need access for a CLOSED or SECRET group, see these notes.

Start by going here: 

Into the search box, put the URL of your group. It will look something like this:

Usually this will immediately correctly pick up the ID and give you feed URLs. 

However, sometimes, it does not work, and you need to back-track and use a different tool to get the “Facebook Graph ID” of your Facebook group. A tool like is necessary (and then plugging that into the home page of Wallflux).

Keep in mind that secret groups may not pull feeds properly due to the privacy restrictions on those groups. 


Once it has either found the ID or you have given it the ID, Wallflux will present you with a page like this. 

This page includes links to the versions of the feed available as well as an option to register your feed with them. 

For example, my RSS Feed looks like this: and

I did notice that Feedly was cranky about accepting this feed URL but did finally let me add it. 

Wallflux also gives you an option to register your feed (a paid option), there are several reasons you might want to do this including helping the developer to keep this tool available!

Tip: Be sure to look at both the regular and Atom feeds, in your feed reader, after adding them, as they display different and you may prefer one over the other. I prefer the Atom feed as it brings in images and comments better. This is more server intensive so if you register, it’s (rightly) a little more expensive. 

There are additional FAQs on the Wallflux home page if you have other questions. 

Hope this helps you get that all-important feed for your new Facebook group!

Questions? Comments? Let me know in the comments box below!

~ Kim ~
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11 months 16 days ago

I do not actually understand how this works for a Facebook group. This may be a silly question but is this something you set up once and that others easily access or do you have to add each person’s FB url to the RSS feed?

11 months 15 days ago


I just wrote a quick comment saying “Oh, okay, thanks,” but the blog did not accept such a short reply. That is the first time I encountered that, so I wrote a longer response here.


11 months 15 days ago

Nice sharing Kim. I may not need to use it yet but it is something new I read today. Thanks again.

11 months 15 days ago

Hi Kim,

Well done you have explained Group RSS Feeds very welcome and you made an excellent point the importance of understanding the different types of groups on Facebook.

Many thanks again for taking the time to write this post.


11 months 15 days ago

Great tips Kim. I must admit I’m a bit in awe of anyone who manages a group on Facebook because it appears to be a constant challenge to keep members happy and spammers out – not sure I could muster the patience. Thanks for the valuable FB hack, happy to share!