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Over the last 24 hours, Facebook Groups have begun being migrated to the new Timeline format. 

Fortunately, unlike for our profiles, this change mostly brings a banner image change and has only minor impacts on the core group functionality (sigh of relief!) 

Click here to read more about the changes to new member group addition notifications

Now, the group admins have a choice of either leaving the default member montage or selecting a cover image/banner for the group. 

Default Member Montage View


This montage view “kinda” favors activity. I say kinda because it’s obviously biased to the very last few posts and not a true view of who usually represents activity in the group. This is the default view and the images will shift over time. You can hover over the pictures to make them light up and be clickable to that member’s profile. 

Cover/Banner View

By hovering over the default montage, you will get a little tiny popup box that will let you upload a new image: 

The dimensions you will need are 802 x 170-180 pixels, leaving a strip at the bottom, 30 pixels high of pure white (which sits behind some stuff and otherwise looks odd).  Some reports say height of 200, but I’ve found that to be consistently too tall. 

 Need to remove, replace, or reposition the image after uploading? Hover over the image again and click the pencil and you’ll get new options: 

 As you can see, the new Timeline Covers for Facebook Groups are really straight forward and easy to use. 

They give us a lot of additional branding space for the group without changing core functionality of how the group works too much. I like this!

 Thoughts on the new Timeline Covers for Facebook Group?

Love em? Hate em? Like the cool new montages? Got your group a new cover image? Sick and tired of Facebook changes? Let me know your thoughts below!

~ Kim ~ 
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  1. Kathryn Booth says

    I had seen the montages but did not know there was a banner alternative! Nice! This is something I didn’t like about the groups, I enjoy a nice big banner reminding me where I am…

  2. says

    Hi Kim,
    I like the banner , as it means there is that extra opportunity to build a brand within the group. Which is so important to stand out from the crowd within Facebook. Thanks for sharing the measurements and update so quickly. Take care Rosemary O’Shaughnessy @Social Media Training.

    Ps: I like’s Dave new Banner

  3. Nathan Gurley says

    Hi Kim, Nathan here. Thank you for this information about timeline covers in Facebook. It seems like I just started noticing these and was not sure what they were, but your post cleared it up for me. It’s nice that you put specifics about the dimensions you recommend for the banner as it is much better to know these things beforehand!

    • says

      Heya Nathan, glad the post was able to help ya sort out the dimensions for the image requirements without too much digging! I’m often guilty of including too much information, but rarely too little ;) Thanks bunches!

  4. Julie says

    Such a great tutorial! I had been thinking about to create a new timeline account for my fan page for a couple of weeks, when I came to your blog, Thanks for the useful information!

  5. says

    I think I will love it, going to work on one of my groups now. I love the new timeline for individuals. Thanks! Looking forward to timeline for pages too.

  6. says

    Hi Kim,
    Thanks for the latest update of facebook as i am not aware of this update, interesting information. I hope this will change the look of Groups and also helps to increase the strength of groups

    Thanks for sharing with us

  7. says

    Groups previously displayed a small “group image” that admins could upload. I bet people often chose some generic clip art or a photo that appeared too tiny to be meaningful. Face Book timeline would be used by many numbers after this.

  8. says

    Hi Kim, I just noticed this change I didn’t know that you can do that, I will certainly use this tip for my 3 Facebook groups, thanks for sharing…

  9. Pearly Quah says

    Hi Kimberly,
    I am using Timeline on my personal account and wanted to remove it. Is there a way for me to do so ?

    Thanks for sharing this information.


  10. says

    Every time Facebook changes something I suffer from a mild panic attack thinking that I’ll never get it right and that the last version was a much better one. The same is with the timeline, but I’m getting it. Thanks for the tips about working with groups.

  11. says

    Hello there Kim,

    In my own own point of view, this is very creative! You can entice people to enjoy you guys. This is another way to promote your business and stand out from the crowd. Being simple is okay but a little make over won’t hurt.

  12. peg says

    I found a website that converts images to specific sizes. I converted an image to 802 x 175, and it did not work :-( I tried other sizes, like 802 x 170, 802 x 180, etc., but nothing worked. As soon as I click download, it boots me out of my Facebook page. Any ideas? Thanks so much!

  13. says

    its a nice features introduce by facebook its keeps updating its features day by day to maintain its ranking :) thanks for sharing great information :)

  14. peg says

    Sorry for being a bother. I figured out how to resize using Paint. Facebook let me upload my image about 5 times, but I was unable to drag to reposition it. Now it’s back to not letting me upload an image. Maybe FB is having problems … I’ll try again later.

    • says

      Hey Peg, any time FB changes stuff they tend to break stuff as well. Like you, I’ve found that the reposition option is not working right. I have not had trouble removing and re-uploading mine however. You might try clearing your browser cache to see if that sorts it out.

      • says

        Just wanted to share Kim that I uploaded an image to my group and it looked great! I even had some members comment that they liked it as well. But then I noticed yesterday, it doesn’t show anymore – it went back to the FB montage. Not sure how you KEEP your custom image on your group page. Oh well, like you say, FB does tend to ‘break’ things as well. Good discussion….

  15. says

    I love the montages – I think they make small groups really personal. If it was a larger group I think I would prefer the banner. Thanks for the detailed post on “how-to”

    • says

      I totally agree with you about small groups. I’ve left the montage in place in my 30 day internet marketing challenge group for that very reason. I like the fact that it’s biased towards those who frequently contribute (and have done so recently).

  16. says

    Thanks Kim for sharing this, i was trying to figure out the ‘dimensions’ so now I can change my group image.

    As for all these Facebook changes – I vote that they stop for at least a year. Like that would ever happen, but can you imagine if they would just leave the platform alone for a while?

    Some changes are nice while others I do not like. I think many of these platforms are just positioning themselves for the mobile explosion which has happened, but I can see more devices on the horizon that social media needs to keep up with as well.

  17. peg says

    My new banner finally took! I just kept trying & trying; I guess FB was just being finicky. I still can’t reposition it, tho, so I’ll try again in a few days. I’m so glad I ran across your site, Kim. Very helpful. Thank you!

  18. says

    OK Now I get it! Am I sick of the changes? Of course I am. Who likes to change? But such is life! With so many learning curves each day, Facebook changes annoy me at this time. But, like everything else we learn, once I get it, it is more efficient! My emotions tell me “Oh NO!” But then the left brain kicks in and this post explains my questions as to what was going on. Once I get used to something, it is easier. Thanks for the heads up once again.

  19. says

    Hey Kim, again great update with info I was about to search for (but didn’t have to as you included the exact dimensions for the banner in the article). And what do you know, a simple facebook change that doesn’t change everything. That’s a change!

  20. says

    The group I set up was to gather information about the endangered cassowaries at Mission Beach by community sharing of that information. I like the group setting as I can reeach everyone and see everyon who is a member but I also need to access all the information which is very difficult now without timeline. Is it possible to introduce timeline to groups or alternatively transfer it to a community page without losing any info?

  21. Sam says

    Strange that I cant put a banner on my group with alot of members, So I tested it.

    I tried to put a image on my current group, But wouldnt work
    So I created a group and tried the same exact image that wouldnt work on my current group, And the image worked fine with freshly created group.

    • says

      Hey Sam, sounds like you’ve run into a bug. If the image won’t upload at all, be sure you file a bug report on the “Report” tab of the http://facebook.com/knownissues page. If however the image is uploading but not centering correctly its because FB has been messing with image dimension sizes this week on everything, and not all groups or pages are equally affected yet.

      • Sam says

        Well I did some tests, I made a group with just me as the member, And it worked, But then I added a few members, Tried to change pics and it resorted back to not allowing me, So I removed the members and had myself as the only member and it worked.

    • says

      Yeah, unfortunately, unlike most links, sharing the group to other places only lets it pull in little icon that represents a FB group. Unfortunately there’s nothing that can be done about that at this time, sorry Steven!

  22. Freda says

    Hi, just recently discovered the cover ability on group page. However, I cannot figure out how to change setting so only an admin can change the cover. Can someone help please? Thank you!

    • says

      Only the admin can change the cover is actually how it works. Non admins do not get the pencil/edit option. Keep in mind though that if your not using a cover image (and are using the images of members) that those members rotate based on who’s been active and no one ever sees themselves. This is not someone editing it.

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