Facebook – How To Link An Event To Your Page Rather Than Profile

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Facebook – How To Link An Event To Your Page Rather Than Profile

Facebook LogoFacebook Pages that are linked to profiles suffer from a number of annoyances, including that when making things like events, the “ownership” of these things tends to default to the personal profile.

The solution to get around that is to use the Page’s Status Event menu, attached to the status box, but it’s less than intuitive so let me walk you through it!

How To Link An Event To Your Facebook Page

1. Go to you’re Page, on the Wall tab and right under the status box, instead of Link or Picture, select Event. Open that and fill in at least something for Title and Time. (Don’t worry we’re going to be able to change these in a moment, they can be completely wrong or just say Testing). Hit the share button to publish it.

2. Now that the event is temporarily shared, it has an event ID. Right click on the link to the event and select either copy link location (and open it in another tab) or open in new tab. (I suggest jotting this link down in a text document in case something happens while you’re getting this all open and saved.)

3. Once you have it open in a new tab. Briefly flip back to the tab with your Page Wall on it, and “Remove” the event. This prevents your visitors from seeing an incomplete event page while you work. Don’t worry, the event ID still exists (associated to your Facebook Page).

4. Now you have an event that reports that its Admin is your Page Name. This is correct.

The “Your RSVP” however still belongs to your profile, and in many cases you may want to RSVP to your own event so your personal friends “see” you as attending.

5. Now that we have the event ID correctly associated with the Facebook Fan/Like Page, its time to go to the upper right and select “Edit Event” to clean up all of the details, image, start and end time, etc.

We edit and set this just the same as we do for any other event.

The “Invite Friends”, “Select Guests” & “Invite People To Come” links/buttons all reference your profile’s Friends. There is no way to send this invite to the Invited Events section of of the page for all of your Page’s fans. (Also, the share button share’s the event to your profile, not you’re page.)

However, there is an “Update Fans of PageName” link that can be used to send an “Update”. An update goes to a special section of the inbox and is not a true Facebook inbox/email. (Most people do not realize they are receiving updates and completely ignore them!)

6. Once you have the event looking correct, fully edited, copy the link from the very top of the page:
(example) http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=141101459234963
(if it has a bunch of other characters in it, such as your profile or page name, simply refresh the page)

7. Take that link back to your Facebook page and share it as a link.
(If you did not delete it from your wall during editing, it auto-updates itself to show part of the description, etc., in most cases.)

As long as you do not mark the “attending” box, or share the link, once you’ve removed it from your Facebook Page wall, the event is fairly well hidden and you can easily work on it over a couple days to get it “just right”. I highly suggest getting it looking right before inviting guests either from your page or profile.

Thoughts on Linking an Event to Your Facebook Page

There you have it, a relatively pain-free way to put an end to your events being “owned” by your personal profile. Many times in business we want people that are invited by guests to see the event as belonging to our business. This isn’t something we do so much for friends as it is for those that may not be familiar with us directly.

Would appreciate if you’d share this post with anyone you might think would benefit (such as maybe your facebook fans?) as well as tweet, digg, stumble and bookmark it! Thank you for all you’re syndications!

Like it? Love it? What do you think? Know of a better solution? Is this something you’ll be able to utilize in your business? Are there other aspects of the Fan Pages that annoy you? Please share your thoughts below!

Happy Facebook’ing!

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  1. says

    Thank you for this fan page – event connector tutorial.
    I appreciate your help on keeping this all straight. So often we participate on Facebook in way s we hope will strengthen our fan page interactions but instead they end up ting back to our profile.

    Learning these small technical elements provide a strong pattern for building the firm foundation we each need in our online efforts. Thanks.

  2. says

    Thanks for this great information Kim, These tips are super useful. When comes time to organize and promote events, it can make a huge difference to know how to link your event to a page. Let’s face it, sometimes facebook makes it hard for people to get this type of info…Thanks for making it available for us ;)

    • says

      Hello Kim
      I usually link my event on the profile page of my account. Now that you shared these awesome tips. I think that I’m going to give it a try. I wonder why I haven’t tried this before. Really a big thanks for your help.


  3. says

    Thanks for the excellent instructions on how to link an event to your Fanpage. I’ve hosted events and have not tried this. I will definitely follow your easy to follow instructions!

    Raena Lynn

  4. says

    Thank you for the post. Since search engines are focusing more and more on your use of social media sites it is important to know how to utilize them most effectively.

  5. says

    As a FB user, I am totally happy on how this social networking site is trying to improve all the features offered to their users. Moreover, now that many people are trying their best to maximize their FB accounts to improve their businesses, it is important for them to find other ways how they can make this possible.

  6. says

    Hi Kim,
    So many times I have posted to my page … or so I thought only to find it had shown in my profile.
    So much to learn with facebook … glad we have you pointing us in the right direction… you have saved me hours in learning time.

    Great post … thanks for sharing

  7. says

    Hi Kim,
    Thank you so much for providing this information, These days facebook is the best place for online marketing and your tips will be helpful to improve the marketing on facebook.

    • says

      Your welcome Arjun, and indeed correct. Today Facebook is definitely a site that we must pay attention too. Hopefully this tips give business owners a little more flexibility in their marketing. Sometimes Facebook is just a wee bit too confusing!

  8. says

    Kim, connecting events to our pages is a cool way to promote our events to our fans + having more exposure to them!! Thanks for sharing.

    by the way, I’m doing today #fanpagefriday on my page and it turned Awesome, the credit goes to you for inspiring me.

  9. says

    It is really great to get this detailed instruction on linking an event in our facebook profile. It will help me a lot. Thank you very much for sharing. :)

  10. says

    Very nice tutorial Kim :D

    Although I Social Media is not my expertise atm, I can see how effective it is when it comes to community building and interaction. A FB fanpage is a great solution!

    Thanks for sharing.

  11. John T. says

    I am soon planning to organize an event and I believe that this will be very helpful for me as linking event to a page looks more professional. Thanks for the detailed tutorial. It was easy to understand and follow

  12. Stephane Lacroix says

    Thanks For the tips Kim, You’re so resourceful. I’m not the best at following instructions but you’ve made it so simple…I had to read. I’m definitely subscribing to this Blog to help my learning curve.

    Thank you so much.


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