Your Facebook Inbox Is For Sale

Your Facebook Inbox Is For Sale

facebook-icon-150x1501Facebook’s Monetization
Strategy Hits Your Inbox!

Finally, users begin to see the goal that Facebook had in mind by creating a unified communication system and getting people more focused on relying on their Facebook inbox!

Recently, my friend Marquita Herald asked,

“Afternoon all, I have a quick question. Admittedly I’ve been hanging on the fringe lately, once again in book writing mode, so I could well be the only one who didn’t know about this, but earlier I tried to send a message to someone in another group and because we’re not “Friends” this little box popped up saying something to the effect FB would be happy to deliver the message to their inbox for $1 … huh?! Also, when I sent the friend request I didn’t see an option to add a note – has that gone away to – do we really have to pay to add a note to a friend request?! What planet have I been on?!”

The odds are you haven’t seen this yet… but you will soon!

Yes it’s coming and yes it’s standard and no we don’t all have it yet.

All of us have 2 “boxes” on Facebook: the “inbox” and the “other” box.

By default, any message from a non-friend goes to the other box. This is why you can’t safely ignore the other box. The $1 option lets someone override that and get into the “inbox” which means its more likely to get seen .

Anyone that doesn’t have it will likely have it soon. Like everything else, its rolling out on a one-profile-at-a-time rollout.

Additionally, Facebook removed the “add a note to a friend request” feature well over a year ago. So you’ve HAD to manually “walk over” and send a message manually for about a year. It used to be right there with the “send request” but it’s not been for some time.

So that changed… and then a time gap… and now this change… so you can still send the not, and still for free, you just have to know it’s going to the “other” folder.

Does this mean that spammers can now get into your inbox? Sure does. Although at $1 a piece they will rapidly go broke which is sure to deter any who do not have a high value per lead. 

Does this mean that you need to pay if you want to send a message to someone to attempt to get connected? Yes. (The idea is that if they already know you outside of Facebook, you won’t need the message. And the rules say you’re only supposed to connect with people you know outside of Facebook. Most of us ignore those rules.)

So, when you see this message pop up, now you’ll know what it’s all about!

Have you encountered this charge feature yet? Do you think it will make Facebook much money? How do you feel about it?

~ Kim ~
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29 Comments on "Your Facebook Inbox Is For Sale"

2 years 3 months ago

Hello Kim

I’ve been musing over this 1$ to send an email to what I figure is really highly untargeted unless I have missed something. It seems crazy to me that people would want to do this. Please let me know if I am missing something or if like me you think that spending 1$ to send an email via Facebook is rather daft!

Jupiter Jim
2 years 3 months ago


I saw someone comment about this on FB. So I tried to send that person a message. That person was not a FB friend and FB said it would cost my $1.00 U.S. I thought maybe it was a joke or an App or a hoax or who the heck knows what. Since then, it’s happened a few more times when I tried to FB message someone if I liked there comment on a post. So this is real, just as your post suggests.

My only serious question about all this is: “What is Facebook thinking?” Oh My Gosh! This is one of the great ways they have to monetize FB? This is pathetic.
This is stupid, ridiculous and defies logic. Why would I spend $1 to send a message to someone I do NOT even know?

And, as you mentioned, when you could no longer include a message with your friend request — I thought that was stupid and ridiculous and nonsensical and annoying as well.

It’s so sad that the ‘brains’ at FB could conceive of and implement such a stupid, ineffectual way to monetize the power of FB.

End of Rant!

Once again, thanks for staying on top of the latest and greatest in FB and generously sharing with the community!

~ Jupiter Jim

2 years 3 months ago

Oh my, what a surprise to pop in and find myself quoted! While I’m all for anything that will reduce FB spam – especially if it will keep those creepy guys from showing up in my inbox – it will surely cause me to think twice about communicating with others. For example I started to send a note to someone in a group I belong to – she needed help with something and I had the answer but I didn’t want to post the info in the group. I ended up letting it go because I refuse to give FB my money and why bother with a message to the “hidden” boxes when she needed help like right now. But hey, it is what it is.

2 years 3 months ago

Facebook management started to milk their followers and subscribers. I just wish it will not happen to them what had happen to Myspace.

2 years 3 months ago

I guess I have a bit different idea about Facebook than some people. When FB first got money from the Venture Capitalists last year, it was s done deal that they were going to have to find additional revenue to pay that loan back. And that means rolling out new ways to “monetize their user base”

Then when they went public and there was such an outcry over the stock de-valuation, they needed to put even more monetization efforts into place. The public price of a stock in the secondary markets is controlled by the news, both public and private. And you can be relatively certain that the institutional investors in FB stock raised a mighty big stink over their losses as the stock price sank.

FB is a public for profit company, not the AARPNET. Even Mari Smith is re-positioning herself as the video expert. Reach is not going to go back up without paying. And the login screens are telling us that Facebook is free and always will be, which I suspect means: FB is going to roll out even more monetization ideas or they guys at Roboform are now working at Facebook. :-)