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There’s a little confusion about Facebook’s announcement regarding changes to their like button… but what it spells is win!

A big problem bloggers have faced is the need to have TWO Facebook buttons – the like button and the share button – for different purposes on their blog… and the realization that most visitors will only use one of them.

Fortunately though when the “like button” was introduced it quickly became obvious that the “like button” and the “share button” were sharing counters. This lead to a lot of speculation that Facebook recently proved was correct.

Facebook has announced that they are changing the way the like button works so that after an individual clicks like they will have a blurb on their wall that looks similar to the share button…with thumbnail, meta description, title and link. This is VERY powerful!

What is different is that it does not appear that the individual can write a custom message to go with the submission which will still say “So and so likes a link from so and so” when they click the like button.

Facebook Like Button Output ExampleThis all goes hand in hand with the increase in site exposure that comes with the new comment box script/plugin.

This does mean that visitors can no longer like something and have it make only a single line entry in their profile – but it’s a massive increase in exposure for the site. Now the like button is “essentially” the share button.

This is supposed to already be in place, but I have seen it affecting my existing like button that I have embedded using their script code and I have not yet seen it impacting most of the plugin based like buttons so it is obviously still slowly being released.

Facebook has indicated that this is a “test” but due to the wide spread nature of the rollout and the type of announcement it is unlikely that this is going to be reverted as it is something we have anticipated for a while.

Will this impact your willingness to click on the like button?  How do you feel this will impact your site traffic?

Kimberly Castleberry
Your Partner In Online Success

PS: At the moment, liking things via our page still does not seem fixed.

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    • says

      If you are using the plugin you need to wait on a plugin update. The actual techy code should be autochanging itself this week as far as I can tell, but it will take time for the plugin to be updated.

  1. says

    Hi Kim!

    Thank you for listing Progressive Media Concepts as a related link! This was a really great subject to write about. I am trying to find you on Twitter… would you mind sharing your Twitter name?

    • says

      You’re certainly welcome Nicole glad to see you drop in. I actually found your post in zemanta and went to check it out before including it. You can find me on twitter @AskKim I look forward to seeing you there!

  2. says

    Hello Kim,

    Actually this seems a good change, because someone who shares something from a certain someone that means they like their content, which wouldn’t need an other click to show that. It seems right to me.

    By the way does this mean that everytime we share something from anyone, we will automatically like that person or the mechanics of the like button will change?

  3. says

    Hi Kim,

    Thanks for this Facebook update. This enhancement is beneficial to bloggers to gain more followers and to share more wonderful thoughts.


  4. says

    Personally I need the share button ’cause I feel most folks still don’t get the fact that the Like button is a way of sharing articles and posts with their friends. The word SHARE is a lot more understandable than LIKE.

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