Facebook Makes Major Improvements To Commenting Platform

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Facebook Makes Major Improvements To Commenting Platform

Facebook LogoFacebook Comment Box
Gets Revamp!

Yesterday Facebook launched updates to the Comments Box plugin! It now includes great features such as comment threading, new moderation tools and ability to sync comments between your blog and Facebook page. Plus, they added the ability to use it as your page, which is very powerful!

(The import/export does not seem to be working just yet)

You can test drive the new plugin in action on Facebook’s blog at: https://blog.facebook.com/blog.php?post=446183422130

Facebook VP Dan Rose Explains Comments

To set up the comment system manually is some rather yucky code but fortunately the plugin makes it pretty easy.

Facebook Comments For WordPress is what most prefer. However, I would note that there are 2 “broke” reports out of 8 on the plugin at this moment (likely due to 3.1 being so new).

I do NOT suggest disabling the standard WordPress commenting system except on product launch sites as taking away all of the link love from your readers is a VERY bad idea!


PS: I won’t be adding it until I have time to set down and track down the code required to manually embed it in Thesis. At this time I can not afford another plugin.

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  1. says

    Does this mean that facebook didn’t have a moderation and spam reporting tool for comments until now? And how did they dealt with people spamming one an other?

    Oh and I presume that this also refers to the comments box which some wp websites are using instead of the normal integrate comment system?

  2. bilal says

    looking forward for the new changes that facebook made…I also suggest WordPress commenting system ,bcoz it is the most reliable tool for inspecting spams i know

  3. says

    Hi Kim, As always fantastic and v. timely info. Your blog is fast becoming my WordPress Bible!!
    I have f/b comments installed – just upgraded to new comments system, so will keep you posted on how it works.
    You suggest not disabling w/p comments. Do I understand correctly that if I disable w/p comments, the comment luv plugin will not work (I don’t think that my comment luv is showing with f/b comments at the moment – could that be why?)
    And if both are installed, doesn’t it get rather ‘messy’ or does only one show??

  4. says

    Hey Kim,

    The way facebook changes its interface and functionalities is so disturbing but i guess we don’t have a choice than to go along.

    I had some trouble installing the facebook comments on my blog and I have not bothered to go back there. Maybe I will go try it out now.

    Thanks for the post, Kim!


  5. reehasmith says

    Thanks Kim for this post,i agree these new changes are very useful for us …i think wordpress is the best plugin for bloggers and to identify spams

  6. says

    I agree, on the interface and functionalities of facebook but the fact that being the best social networking site I guess, makes people want to learn and go along with it. Improved moderation tools for publishers and a new algorithm that pushes comments makes it sound all the more interesting. I’m sure this new comment box system will benefit publishers a lot since it’ll drive more comments to their posts.
    The article being about the latest developments by facebook, I thoroughly enjoyed reading it.

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