8 Things Businesses Need To Know About Timeline For Facebook Pages

8 Things Businesses Need To Know About Timeline For Facebook Pages

FB Timeline For Pages… 
Businesses & Brands  Impacted!

 (This post was 8 tips but it’s grown to 13! Enjoy!)

Today, Facebook launched the “Timeline” display format for Facebook Brand Pages… 

 Here’s 8 things your business needs to know about the new Timeline format for Brand Pages:

 1. Preview Mode

You can put your page into preview mode by either clicking the preview button near the top of the page – or – by visiting here and setting your page to preview status. (The server is being finicky and I have had some trouble using preview while “using FB as page”.)

2.  March 30st Cut-Over

You have until March 30st to play with, and set up, the page in preview mode before this mandatory change-over date. You can chose to stay in preview the full time or – when you are read – change over early. What you can’t do is choose to forever stay on the old format or to go back to the old format after you hit publish.

3. Cover Images For Brands

The large format cover images, with a dimension of 851 x 315 pixels are now available to brands. Here are however some very strict rules regarding the (limited) marketing one can do in these images. 

You also have a new picture box for your photo or log and that requires a 180×180 pixel image. Be sure to use one that scales well to 32×32 pixels for thumbnails and accents well with your cover image. (The long photo banners we used to use no longer fit.)

4. No More Default Landing Tabs – Custom Tabs Still Available

Although the location of tabs has moved, custom app tabs and iframe tabs remain fully available to you as a business owner. They are all available both from the drop down menu as well as by URL. They now sport a changeable custom image which is new. What is gone however is the ability to set any of these as a default landing tab where non-fans would land by default. Now all fans land on the wall every time.

In brighter news, because of how applications are now displayed, the “useable width” of custom applications has been increased from 520pixels to 810 pixels (some are saying 760 pixels).  This actually provides a lot of flexibility that we had lost prior to have really nice graphics on those custom tabs. 

5. Custom App Tabs Can Have Custom Graphics

Two of your apps now have a “favorites” position right under your banner with a lot of display room and the rest are displayed with large thumbnails when the dropdown is opened. 

Unlike prior we can now upload powerful, useful, compelling graphics for these app tabs using this technique.

6. Pinned & Highlighted & Hidden Posts

Two new ways to showcase a post now exist.  These can only be used on posts created by the page. “Star” (aka highlighting) expands the post to full-width and makes it harder to miss. It will however travel downstream just like any other post. “Pinning” pins (or sticks) a post into the upper left spot on the page for up to seven days and adds a little tiny orange banner/flag to it to indicate that it is pinned.  

There is also the option to hide a post from the wall/timeline. It’s easy to use and takes them out of view without deletion. 

7. Hiding Posts By Others Has Changed

How we hide posts by others and how we prevent the “posts by others” box to appear (if you really would do such a thing) now has new dashboard admin options. I don’t recommend this of course but certain larger brands need this type of control. 

8. About Box Now Useful Again

While the About box isn’t new, it now sits up right under your smaller page image and showcases who you are and a link to your site.  It’s really important to be sure to make use of this box again!

9. New Fan-To-Brand Messaging Ability

Brands now have a “Message” box, placed in the same location it appears for profiles, that will allow fans to initiate a 2 way private discussion between themselves and the brand page. Pages can not initiate this discussion. Pages can however cho0se to enable or disable this feature in the admin dashboard.

10. New Admin Panel 

In addition to the main dashboard that we have had prior, that is behind the “edit page” link, we have a new “admin panel” that is intended to let us administrate the page all from one point. It shows us notifications, new likes, insights, and the new inbox for the Fan-To-Brand messaging box.  In the three drop-downs there are also access to Help, Invite tools, edit page tools, and the new activity log. 

11. Milestones For Yourself or Your Business

Once you have switched to timeline format, the first item you will click on the center divider line to add to the timeline is the date you or yours were born/founded. After that is set, then you will have a new posting type available called Milestones. 

Milestones are to highlight important time-based items in your business such as fan growth, revenue growth, product launches, etc.  Milestones call for a custom graphic that is 843 x 403 pixels and a date to be set.  Example.

12. “Offers” (Kinda Like Deals)

Kinda similar to the former “Deals” product, offers function similar to an application and allow brands to post “sales” or “specials” on their pages. This is more impactful than a status update though because the one-click claiming allows it to spread virally through friends of your fans.  Learn more about offers here. 

13. “Premium For Facebook” Shifts Brand Exposure 

 Paving the way for Facebook’s shift to further a Freemium (Free + Paid) model of revenue generation, the new “Premium for Facebook” allows brands to use a modified version of the former “sponsored stories” to improve post visibility from a typical 16% up to an estimated max of 50-75% (they threw around both numbers, I don’t know which is correct.) Not all of this is yet available.  The most significant of this change will be letting sponsored stories right into the newsfeed and a so-called “logout experience” that we don’t have any information on yet. 

What other tips have you discovered about the new Facebook Timeline format for brands and businesses? 

Are you having a “love it” or “hate it” experience with the new change? 

Want to learn more? Grab a copy of my Timelines for Facebook Pages training, covering all the important changes including the ones that can hurt your business!   Click here to sign up!

~ Kim ~ 
Simple Tech Tips For Marketing 

PS: Some great examples of brands using the new timeline format include: Coca-Cola, Starbucks & Macy’s.

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3 years 2 months ago

RT @AskKim: 8 Thinks Businesses Need To Know About Timeline For Facebook Pages http://t.co/k8fEJdXT

3 years 2 months ago

Ok, I don’t like that there is no landing page — after I spent days figuring out how to design one. Sigh. But some of the other features sound interesting. Being able to pin a post to the wall sounds good. At least for a short time it won’t flow “downstream.” I also like the messaging ability option. That needed to be there long ago.

3 years 2 months ago


You can still use a landing page if you have a custom tab and still send people directly to it. Also, “Like Gates” are still down, but never the less… default tabs are not going to be such a big issue (I think that’s what you were referring too?).

Kathryn Booth
3 years 2 months ago

Nice summary – I am going to nominate you boss queen of the update and refer this. Generally I can layer something like this in, but not this week.

3 years 2 months ago

Here we go again, Kim.
I don’t know how I’d ever figure out all these endless changes without you leading the way.
Thanks for the clear outline of changes here, and I look forward to getting into the real dirt on your webinar Saturday!

3 years 2 months ago

Thank you Kim. overall, I am looking forward to the change.
I understand we cannot have contact info on the image. But will they strictly enforce that rule? I have already seen an image with a URL on it and this is less than 24 hours old as I type this…