Facebook Review App Replacement

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Facebook Review App Replacement

Social Review Application, for Facebook, By Social Traffic Lab, logoFacebook Review
Application Alternative

Facebook is in the process of actively phasing out several “default” applications including the Reviews app.

While most pages do not utilize “Reviews”, even though it’s incredibly viral, because there is no way to control for negative feedback and ratings… some pages depend on it!

In today’s market, social proof is everything and page owners have been asking for a easy to use application that allowed them to moderate reviews and control spamming.

Now, there’s a nice Facebook Reviews app replacement, called “Social Reviews Plus“.

Social Reviews Plus” is a is a fairly well suited replacement for the Facebook Reviews  app.

While at this time the app is not as viral as the native app, the ability to customize the review tab and moderate and approve reviews is a HUGE blessing!

Plus, the app is being actively developed and I’m strongly positive about some of the upgrades they are hoping to make happen.

I’m now running Social Review Plus on my page. Here is a screenshot of the DEFAULT layout.

Social Review Application, for Facebook, By Social Traffic Lab, screenshotThat is the default layout before changing out any of the graphics or adding a map or optin box. You’ll notice that it’s ready to go instantly.

(The approve/delete buttons are only seen by the page admin)

Grab this app NOW, before Reviews goes away, so you can copy-paste your existing testimonials before you lose them!

Here you can see a more fully set up example..

social review app for Facebook, by social traffic labs

One really cool point is that Social Reviews Plus app makes it super simple to integrate your optin box right into the app.

If you’ve struggled over what might make an interesting landing tab, this could potentially be a great place to start!

No coding required (except to copy-paste your optin code) and very easy to use.

You can grab Social Reviews Plus, which is a premium app, on sale for a limited time, for only $10 bucks forever, which is an absolute steal!

If you already use the Reviews app, I suggest hurrying before all of your awesome testimonials are lost in this Facebook change.

Check out Social Reviews Plus!

Are you taking advantage of Reviews on your Facebook page? How do you feel about Facebook’s constant changes as a Fan Page owner? What is your biggest struggle with gathering quality testimonials from your community?

Kimberly Castleberry
Taking The Headaches Out Of Internet Marketing

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  1. says

    It’s always very important to read reviews of my fan page and it can help me to understand what my readers or clients would like to get or to read.

  2. says

    Unfortunately we weren’t aware of this change and we’ve lost all our Reviews. Is there a way we can see an archived version of our Facebook page so we can ‘find’ our lost Reviews?

    Any advice gratefully received!

  3. says

    Hi Kim,
    I’m looking for an app where people can review other peoples products? I have a support page for parents of multiples and would like them to be able to review cots and strollers that kind of thing.
    Any help you can give is greatly received
    Thank you

    • says

      Hey Claire, I know this comment is old but unfortunately I just saw it (and wanted to reply anyways). I unfortunately do not know of an app that would provide that functionality. However, there is a chance that the Social Traffic Lab team would have an app that would do that. I know they have a ton of specialty applications. I’d use the message button on their page to ask them directly.

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