How To Remove Or Hide Facebook Trending Topics

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facebook logoBye-Bye Facebook 
Trending Topics 

Recently, Facebook announced Trending Topics, a new cluster of information that sits in  the right-hand sidebar of the desktop version of Facebook. 

Whether you consider it needless clutter or just one more item that needs to go away, it’s important to at least be aware that you CAN hide/remove the new trending topics if they get on your nerves. 

FB Purity to the Rescue!

The safe, top rated and best of all free! FB Purity browser extension has a built in option for hiding / removing Facebook’s Trending Topics box. Below is the simple instructions guide for removing it.


FB Purity lets you easily clean up and Customize Facebook. These are the simple instructions for how to remove the Trending Topics box on Facebook.

If you’re not familiar with FBPurity, I recommend starting here with a walk through of how to install it. 

FBPurity gives YOU control of your News Feed including font size, ads, hiding or showing certain elements, blocking any word you don’t want to see (useful during political season), 

If you enjoy FBPurity, please be sure to make a donation to support it! (The developer has to work really hard to keep up with Facebook changes!)

Check the FBP Features List or the FBP User Guide. If you have any problems or find any bugs in FB Purity, please check out the FB Purity Troubleshooting Guide. 

Being able to hide or remove the Facebook Trending Topics box reduces some of the clutter of the screen and frees you from additional reminders that your friends have strange tastes or obsessions in celebrities, music, and political soundbites! This lets you focus on what’s important!


~ Kim ~
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  1. says

    Hi Kim,

    Ah…I am SO glad that I was introduced to FB Purity from your earlier article, and am loving it. I guess that’s the reason these trending topics aren’t showing on my timeline so far, and even if they do, I’d be doing just what you mentioned.

    Thanks for sharing. Have a nice week ahead :)

    • says

      I’m glad you’re enjoying FBPurity, Harleena! Yeah, I’m not sure whether the feature came in auto-enabled or not so it very well may be why you haven’t seen them yet. Although I know that they were initially only released to 4 countries so it may be that the roll out has not completed yet either. Have a great week!

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