Making Sense of Facebook’s New Insights

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Facebook LogoFacebook’s New Insights
Powerful New Tools!

New ways to quickly see which pieces of content worked FOR you… and which ones fall flat on their face!

While some of the new “terms” will need learned, once you understand them, you can now “at a glance” see if what you posted recently is working!

For those of us using Facebook for Business, the REAL reason we post on a page is to get seen, heard, and build our brand reputation through VIRAL brand development. Now it’s easier to know if you’re doing the right things.

The new insights are dramatically different than the older insights and it’s obvious that Facebook has been paying attention to what data page admins have been visiting external sites to gather about their page!

Lets Take A Closer Look:

The Overview Panel: 

fb-insights-2013-1The overview panel is exactly that. A quick way to see if you are on target for performance this week. Quick access to the Post Reach and Post Engagement numbers in the lower section will come in handy. 

The Page -> Page Likes Panel:

fb-insights-2013-2My favorite segment here is the “Net Likes: What Changed” area where you can not only see how many new likes you got for a given day but ALSO how many unlikes for the same day. This lets you make sure that new likes is remaining greater than unlikes! Sometimes more unlikes are going to happen but keep an eye on it. 

The Page -> Post Reach Panel: 

fb-insights-2013-3Pay attention to the third section, “Hide, Report as Spam, and Unlikes” so that you can identify if things you did on a certain day got you a bunch of spam complaints. Too many spam complaints can kill your EdgeRank and result in very negative effects on the page visibility. 

The Posts -> All Posts Panel 

This panel shows us the type, targetting, reach and engagement for each new piece of content we created on the page itself. This is similar to the main overview. 

The Posts -> When Your Fans Are Online Panel:

This is one of my favorite tab of the set! 

fb-insights-2013-4The data here refreshes weekly so you’ll want to check in again during holidays to see if your fans behavior patterns have shifted. 

The Posts -> Best Post Types Panel:

This is one of my favorite tab of the set! 

fb-insights-2013-5Finally! Facebook makes it quick and easy to see which content types your audience is responding well too without having to rely on a third party paid service to find out this information! Woot!

(My audience has never liked video or flash-based audio and you can see here that that has not changed.) 

The People Panel: 

fb-insights-2013-6While this panel is not super important to me now, earlier in my business it was critical in helping find out not only who my audience was but whether or not I was hitting certain intended demographics. Good stuff here!

Exporting Reports

It’s important that you know that at this time, the export reports are still mostly exporting the older reports rather than the newer ones. That should be updated in the near future.  There also (like always) is significantly more data and things that can be learned from those export reports (using outside tools) than from these panels here. 

However, it’s really the new terminology I think we need to take a look at to help you understand what the numbers MEAN. Without knowing these terms, the numbers don’t mean much!

People Talking About This is the unique number of people who’ve generated a story about your Page in the last 7 days by liking your Page, commenting on or sharing a post, checking in to your location, tagging your Page in a post, or writing on your Page’s wall. In the new Page Insights, the People Talking About This metric has been broken out into people engaged, the number of unique people who’ve clicked on, liked, commented on or shared your posts, and other page activity, which includes Page mentions, check-ins and posts by other people on your Page.

Virality is the percentage of people who’ve created a story from your Page post divided by the total number of people who’ve seen it. In the new Page Insights, virality has been replaced with Engagement Rate, which is the percentage of people who saw a post that then clicked on, liked, commented on or shared it.

Viral Reach is the number of people who saw a post from a story published by a friend. In the new Page Insights, viral reach is included as part of organic reach, with total reach broken down into paid and organic reach.

An Observation…

I LIKE this! A lot actually!  Facebook is showing that it’s been listening and getting a better understanding of the data we actually need. 

Is it perfect? No, but it’s a substantial improvement over the former insights system. 

EdgeRank is now more important than ever and with these tools it will be easier to quickly identify what is working and what isn’t!

This is a strong call to me to really focus on each message and craft it well (and get you guys to come hang out on my page more!) 

Not sure how to get your fans to actually wake up and read your stuff? Easy Status System may be just what you want! 

I hope you enjoyed this overview and I look forward to sharing thoughts with you below! Love em? Hate em? Confused by em? Let me know! Thanks in advance for all the shares and love!

~ Kim ~
Taking The Headaches Out Of Internet Marketing

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Original Post Date: October 7th, 2011
Refresh Date: June 21st, 2013

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  1. says

    Hi Kim, thank you for your thorough, informative post. Like any recent changes, it can take a little while to get used to them, however from what I have seen from your post, these changes will be quite helpful in our ongoing tracking and monitoring.

    Off to check mine now!

    • says

      Thank you Annemarie! Indeed this is actually a change that I’m very pleased to see. Sure there is a couple terms to learn but they are actually useful for us and the overall increase in amount of data we have in an easy to consume package is lovely. There’s been a lot of changes lately that have been frustrating, but I’m calling this a win. Thanks for commenting!

  2. Hyderali says

    Thanks Kim,

    It seems those new facebook feature has not been rolled to all over, I’m still getting those Old Facebook Insight. But thanks for letting us know the features & their descriptions in advance. Really, I was confused about that “Talking about you” but you helped me in that on Google+. Also, I think you must let people know there is still one feature which I found is “XX no of people are here” & that means those people are living in that location where the business is situated. Really, engagement, interactions & sharing is what facebook about.

    • says

      Hyderali, is sounds like you’re seeing that either on a Places page or a regular page which has been assigned a physical location. Is there any chance you could get me a little clarification and a screenshot? I’d love to have a look at that but most of the pages I admin do not meet that qualification so I have not been able to lay eyes on it tonight. Thanks oodles!

  3. says

    Lots of info here and I am going to have to go poke around as you say and check it out! Are we still getting our demographic breakdown, I really like that! Also the edge ranking and exposure the two work together I gather? Why is it on some of my pages I seem impression counts under the posts and others I don’t? I also gather that the more interaction you get will increase your potential exposures? See told ya I was a tad confused! LOL

    Kim you always give us such great info to learn and apply I thank you for taking the time to do so and holding our hands along the way!


    "Dream, Believe, Become…"
    Tracey Keefer

    • says

      Hey Tracey! Yup we not only get the “overview” demographics but also the demographics of those engaged users. We got all kinds of new toys in there!

      EdgeRank is the formula that ultimately determines exposure. It used to be that every post would at least appear in the most recent, now a post with zero EdgeRank may vanish completely. It takes a HIGH edgerank to end up in the Top Stories for a reader. EdgeRank is calculated on the side of the reader, so what appears in my News Feed and your News Feed as top stories might be very different even if we generally followed the same stuff. EdgeRank is how the game is played and that just increased.

      All pages SHOULD have insights per entry and every entry should have insights after about a 48hr delay (for accuracy)… ensure you are scrolling back to check stuff that’s a couple days old.

  4. says

    Wow, Kim, this is incredibly helpful! I never truly delved into these stats, but I now find them fascinating. Like Hyderali, I do not have the new Insights yet either, but I’m glad you showed me us where they were so I didn’t go nuts trying to find it.

    I do have a stat on my page of how many people are talking about the page. With the new Insights, can you see who these people are?

    Thanks so much for this post, Kim!

  5. says

    Wow thanks for this Kimberly – I noticed the “talking about you” but wasn’t sure what that meant. I’ll spend some time over there today and get more familiar with the new look and system.

  6. says

    Hi Kim,

    Thanks for staying on top of things for us so we don’t keep getting lost! Your detailed explanations together with your awesome screenshots are very helpful and much appreciated.


  7. says

    Thanks Kim for this clarification. I have to admit I have been confused by this whole thing of edgerank, and how to get more engagement. I look forward to understanding that more.

  8. says

    Kim, thanks for the reminder to take care of those fans who are “talking about me”. I may have missed it, but is there a way to identify who those “talking about me” fans are? Because if there is, that’s valuable information!

    • says

      Hey Steve, there’s only a way to identify some of them. Those that are fans of the page and either comment/like/share from the individual entries on the page itself. If however they simply share a link to the page, you won’t be able to track those. You simply look at every entry you’ve made on your post and look at those who have commented, those who liked the entries and those who shared the entries. That is not everyone of course, but is a large percentage. You also know who has liked the page because they are a new fan. That leaves you missing some, but not a huge majority.

  9. says

    Hey Kim, this is something even I can understand. I dabbled with this for a while and found it amazing, but now I know what I’m looking at. Thanks for the explanation. I like tracking. It is something I have just learned a few months ago. I have to keep my left brain going, and you are a great help. But then, you always are.
    Blessings, Donna

  10. says

    Hi Kim, thanks for all your Facebook tips. I’m still having a problem switching to the new Insights and I’m slow with keeping up on all of the latest changes. I’m glad to hear that these changes will give us more chances of getting noticed on the Ticker.

  11. Denise Sonnenberg says

    Don’t have the new Insights yet myself, but this is a great explanation of what we can expect. This also answers many questions that I’ve had since I first saw the “people talking about” number on my Page. Thanks

    • says

      Thanks Denise, I’m glad you found it useful. I think that the “People Talking About” number is a fantastic metric. That’s what we NEED to be happening and being able to pinpoint that number is really powerful. It also gives us an incentive to remember to use good calls to action to keep that number high!

  12. says

    I have noticed in the last week a line appearing telling me “are talking about this”, i.e. my page. An interesting statistic, although I do not really understand what it means. Is it simply the number of times someone has maybe replied to a post on a private wall about the site? The figure seems higher than the amount of interaction on my page.

  13. says

    I don’t have a fan page yet, however I am lurking out here finding out what I need to to make the jump when I am ready with all my stuff!! So I can’t say whether I like or not!! So thanks for the info.. looking forward to learning more about it and then jumping in!

  14. says

    To be honest, I’m not too crazy about Facebook. Maybe because I can depend on someone to do that for my business. This post really strikes me that I need to learn loads if I want to handle the business’ Facebook initiative by myself in the near future.

  15. says

    Wow, Kim, thanks for your post! I just went and clicked on the link to see my new page insights. I’m sure not very far yet with marketing, but it’s fun to actually know what this stuff means. The email that I get from FB is confusing to me. So I think I’ll just go to the page stats and be done with those emails :)

  16. says

    I have been learning new and different aspects of Facebook and its potential to build not only traffic but lists as well. One thing that I did not really understand was the Insights section. When compared to Google Analytics for my blog, Insights is pretty cool. I am looking forward to your EdgeRank ebook when its done be sure to let me know!!

    • says

      If you’re still trying to find your fan-list for your page this will probably help you sort that out. It is currently bugged and will only go back 1,000 fans.
      PS: I know based on your comment there’s a real person behind this account, lol but you are not using your name where it belongs. Be sure you put “Your Name @ Seattle Homes” (without quotes) in the name field so that I know who you are (and don’t delete you) and you still get your keywords linked. Thanks! (You’ll see a little note under the comment box, showing you when a blog is configured to provide that feature.)

      • says

        Haha, thanks for not marking me as spam Kim. I’m new to commenting so the instructions confused me a little bit. Ill look into the fb post. By the way, great site. The stuff about tribes is pretty new to me.

        • says

          Hey Bill, I try real hard to not spam flag anyone that’s a real person leaving real comments though sometimes it’s hard to tell. In this comment you left, I edited your name field to include the @ Seattle Homes, so that you would see how it will link for you. When you’ll enter it that way… you get the linked keywords and I still get to see you as a real person.

          Just fill the comment form out like this:
          Name: Bill W @ Seattle Homes
          Email: (I won’t put that here for all to see)

          Then comment as usual. Because of a plugin I run, the @ symbol in your name tells my blog to only link to what is after the @ sign. So you still get the full SEO benefits while being able to “be you”.

  17. says

    Kim, I always appreciate your feed back about these changes . You have explained very well about the talking about you. I really enjoyed your webinar this evening . Take care Rosemary

  18. says

    Hi Kim!

    Thanks for sharing the information. Was pretty fuzzy at first when I saw it. Of course, I don’t have a huge list like yours :)

    But nice explanation and keep it up. I really enjoyed it!


  19. says

    This is so important to measure our progresses on who our audience is and our stats.
    I tend to procrastinate in doing this and I hope that this new model FB offers will encourage me to be more present in checking my progresses.
    Thanks for sharing this clear analysis Kim.

  20. says


    As usual, you have explained clearly and succinctly another aspect of business building, this time by focusing on FB insights. Thanks for the reminder to check this out regularly to assess what types of posts are working and not working for me.


    Dr. Erica

  21. says

    Kim, Thanks for writing such a comprehensive post on the new Facebook insights. I just started recently checking out the new data that is available and I really like the posts insights on what resonates with your fans and when they are online.

  22. says

    Hey, Kim:

    Got confused by the older comments; realized that you are keeping this post evergreen by updating it – are you?

    • says

      Ooops, sorry for the confusion! Yes, I just rewrote the post and preserved the URL. Usually I remember to put a tiny refresh date at the bottom of the post but seems I forgot to do that. I do this a lot with my content, bringing old out of date stuff forward with a rewrite.

      • says

        Good thinking; I do the same with a tiny difference – I leave the old post with the comments intact, save it under a different URL (add the date to it, or say part-1), then add a link to the new post.

        That way everything is new – the post, comments, etc., but the age and hopefully the rankings remain.

  23. says

    I joined the blogosphere not long ago and before i got to 30 likes on facebook i was so eager to see how facebook insight is going look like, well i’ve gotten some impressive number of likes and i must say that i’m loving the insight though i’m not using it as much as before

  24. says

    Hi Kim,

    I have been using Facebook insights to track our success in social media this year, but I can only access data for the last four month’s social media use. Is there any way to access previous quarter’s data on the site?

    Thank you!

    Asta MAIL

    • says

      The export tool only goes a couple months deep. At one time, the API export had more data than that. You might see if a tool that hooks into the API, such as Edgerank Checker Pro, can grab further data.

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