FBPurity – Easily Clean Up Your Facebook Newsfeed!

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FBPurity – Easily Clean Up Your Facebook Newsfeed!

The #1 Way To Quickly
Make Your Facebook NewsFeed Manageable!

Face it… the Facebook News Feed is a freakin mess! 

For anyone with more than a few friends, we actually need Facebook’s infamous “EdgeRank” to calculate which pieces are important and filter out the rest… 

Unfortunately, that usually results in missing things we need to see.

Using the Most Recent view is more likely to prevent us from missing stuff… but it’s like trying to drink from a firehose! 

What to do? 

The answer is to grab the browser add-on “Fluff Busting Purity” (aka FB Purity) and use it to quickly and easily filter out things that you don’t want to see… while keeping the important stuff. 

This means that YOU get to decide if all of those pictures of fluffy the dog from great aunt Freda are actually worth seeing daily in your stream (rather than Facebook deciding this!) 

 I’ve used this addon, in every browser I use, for well over two  years and frankly can’t stand Facebook without it now! 

You’re going to love the ability of to suppress certain words from the newsfeed: 

    – Friend join a business and won’t shut up about it?  (Filter out the business name)

    – Sick of all the political nonsense? (Filter out the political keywords… though you’ll also want to do this to muzzle political chatterboxes)

    – Relative have a hobby you either dislike or disapprove of? (Filter out words associated with the hobby)

Plus, you can chose to show or hide all of the elements of the Facebook page itself … greatly minimizing clutter. 

You’ll also want to check out (and follow) their Fan Page: https://www.facebook.com/fluffbustingpurity

FBPurity how I love thee!

Click here to get the (free) FBPurity Browser Add-On

~ Kim ~
Simple Tech Tips For Marketing


PS: This is the add-on that Facebook wishes would go away… because it puts the power in your hands rather than theirs. 

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  1. kareem samara says

    Thanks for sharing this with us …but i prefer to use Socialfixer.com instead, and its really doing a great job with many feature

  2. says

    Thanks Kim,

    I didn’t realize there was an add on which could help to clean up my newsfeed. I will download it and use it. It must be great since you have been using it for 2 years! Thanks for the information and the video!

    Raena Lynn

  3. says

    well, that comes as a completely new to me, was not aware about how I can clean up the feeds – infact never gave it a serious thought and never looked out for a solution….thanks for sharing this Kim, as always you come up with something new in each of your posts.

  4. James Roebuck says

    I love FB Purity, thank you ever so much for bringing it to my attention. It really does help me keep my Facebook newsfeed clean from all the junk i dont want to see.

  5. Lee says

    Hi Kim good stuff I need all the help I can get when it comes to making social media easier. Especially Facebook I find it ends up taking a lot of time to achieve very little. So for hopefully speeding things up and keeping the content down.

    Thanks lee going to go and give it a try

  6. says

    Glad I checked out this post!! I didn’t know about this, so thanks for the heads up!! I know that I have things I don’t like to have to go through, so this will be extremely helpful!!

  7. says

    Hi Kim Thanks for the great video There is a lot of noise on FB and I do appreciate your advice here. I did go and download this and do need to reboot my computer to try it out. I am sure I am going to love this FB Purity Thanks for sharing Chery :)

  8. says

    Kim, you simply keep amazing me each day!

    I followed your instructions and added this app to my browser without any problems. I thought it was going to be routine yet it was exciting. I believe it was all the wonderful colors on the page.

    Well, now my Facebook is clean and news feed is easier to get though. This frees up time for more productive activity like interaction.

    I will check back from time to time with them on new stuff.

    Kim, you do so much for us all and we love you for it!

  9. says

    Hey Kim, either I am getting better or this was so easy that even someone like me could understand and install it… either way.. I thank you so much for bringing it to my attention, I was always wondering what to do about this :-) Finally it is installed and so I will be notified and make adjustment.

    Thanks again

  10. says

    Thanks so much for blogging about this and for showing us how it works via video. New things can be scary to implement, just because I’m not sure if I’ll be able to figure out how to use the durn things, so the video really helped! ;-)

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