Fix Facebook Unresponsive Script Freezing Firefox

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Facebook Unresponsive Script FirefoxOne Solution For Facebook Unresponsive Scripts In Firefox

Okay, truth is that this script issue does not only affect Firefox, but its the only one I’ve had to troubleshoot it with (Its my primary browser) so I wanted to share a solution I found to fix the Facebook Unresponsive Script warning.

I’d had it before and cleared it a long time ago and it returned recently out of the blue. I see more of it when I’m using the groups so I think *for me* its a script in the group ajax auto-refresh that is hanging but I’ve heard varied reports.

Firefox limits the amount of time that  any website script can run and certain things cause some scripts to get sluggish.

Firefox will start frequently throwing an error that reads similar to “Warning : Unresponsive script” when this is the issue you are dealing with. The choices in the popup give you the option to either stop the script or continue, both of which leave the browser semi-non-responsive and likely to throw the error again in a few minutes.

This gets aggravating real fast!

Here’s a work-around to get it sort out the Firefox/Facebook Unresponsive Script! (Thank you to Lee Dodds from his FB Group for this solution)

What we need to do is extend the “allowed” time that Firefox will let a script run before assuming it is misbehaving.

Steps to Fix Facebook Unresponsive Script Freezing Firefox

1. Run Firefox.

2. In the Firefox address/bar, type about:config, and then press Enter. (Do not type http in front of that)

3. Either scroll down to find or use the search filter to locate: Scroll and locate dom.max_script_run_time

4. Double click on the line of dom.max_script_run_time, and change the value to a higher number (in seconds) that you want Firefox to wait before getting the Unresponsive Script warning. By default, the value is 5 or 10 seconds. You can safely set the magical number to let’s say 20. You can set the value to 0 to instruct Firefox to wait foever – no warning and dialog whatsoever. Note that the whole Firefox may be not responsive and cannot be used while waiting for scripts to execute, so the number should not set too high in order to give you an opportunity to stop truly nasty or buggy scripts and recover use of Firefox. [I have set mine to 20]

5. Click OK.

6. Restart Firefox.

Thoughts on fixing the Firefox/Facebook unresponsive script problem

Someone in that group indicated that they thought doing this made facebook load a little slower but they did not feel it was really problematic. I have not observed a slower loadtime. The script was hanging every two seconds for me and had made my browser unusable and unstable and crash-happy so even a touch of a slow down is a dramatic improvement.

There is also a related post of a same or similar issue that may help:

I hope you never need this solution but if you do now you’ll be able to find it here!


PS: While this workaround is aimed at solving the Facebook unresponsive script issue there is no reason it might not work for other sites triggering a similar warning in Firefox.

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  1. says

    Wow it seems whenever I come by there is always a post dealing with something I am experiencing. I have been getting that unresponsive script, but had not tied in the idea of FB causing it or being related. I thought it was Robo-Form or Adobe (which always seems to be mentioned in the pop-up). But FB makes sense since I usually have it open in another tab.
    I have changed the time to wait for the unresponsive script.

    I have an unrelated question. I am hearing things about “Doorway pages”. What are your thoughts? Good? Bad? Indifferent?

  2. Denise says

    Thanks, Kim, for this post. Today the unresponsive scripts finally made me crazy enough to stop everything else and find a solution.

  3. Paul Karwal says

    Comment: Opera Notes
    I am very thankful to you for this very informative article about this common error these days especially when it comes to Facebook games and Firefox taking simultaneously. I have followed this solution but it is not working on Snag Bar Add-On. Kindly provide a solution for this Problem also.
    Thanks & Regards

  4. David Ouila says

    I followed this suggestion with no luck. Even got exasperated enough to set the number as high as 500! Still no luck.

  5. david says

    @david Oulia
    try setting it to 0.
    but like the person said if its the whole firefox thats not responsive then youll have to close firefox maunally by doing like ctr+alt+del.. but yea try it

  6. Zain Devraj says

    I’m very tired with this issue still, I’ve set value to 0 but when I quite firefox and again I open it has same problem and value goes to 10 automatically. Please help me I’m really sick with this issue now.

  7. lenny19 says

    I get it when reading comments and the site sits idle and meanwhile new comments are getting posted via facebook’s ajax script. This might cause firefox to figure there is some script attacking while it is just new comments being posted.
    To simply switch off the alarm at firefox is wrong solution. Firefox requires additional update to understand that those actions on facebook are simply new comments popping in and not malware code attack.

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