Force Any Excerpt Style RSS Feed To Display The Full Feed

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rss logo 1Force Any Excerpt Style RSS Feed
To Display The Full Content Feed

Any avid fan of reading blogs via a feed reader will tell you that full feeds are the ONLY way to go…

Yet, in the hope of generating more on-site traffic (and advertising dollars) as well as minimizing feed scraping, many bloggers have started setting their feeds to “excerpt” mode.

Fortunately, there is an easy way to pop these excerpt feeds out of their limited visibility and display the whole feed in any feed reader.

Now the truth is that many bloggers may not appreciate you doing this to their feed, yet it’s important that they understand that at the end of the day the reader experience has to come first.. and at least you’re reading their content!

The unfortunate truth about this service however is that it’s proof that excerpts only harm the casual reader – and don’t impact the spammer – since  the spammers can now force your feed into full view.

While I can’t make every blogger provide you with an excerpt, what I can give you is…

Full-Text RSS from” … a free tool to make the feed reader experience a lot more enjoyable!


It’s free and it displays the full content format for any given feed and it work’s reasonably well. Cool!

Simply visit the site, drop the feed URL that you want to convert into the box, click “create feed”, and in the window that opens, the URL will be what you will use as the new feed URL. 

The service is super simple… just paste in the problematic feed and hit submit. The service will provide you with a new, modified feed URL to subscribe to that will display much nicer. Piece of cake!

Check out Full-Text Feed!

Do you prefer excerpt or full text feeds in your reader? What is your preferred feed reader experience? Do you have any favorite feed based tips, tricks or tools to share?

Kimberly Castleberry
Taking The Headaches Out of Internet Marketing

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  1. says

    Great information Kim. After attending one of your online workshops a few weeks ago I changed my RSS feel to full page and gotta admit I was pleased with how much better it looked! Thanks

  2. says

    What can I say, Kim?…. As always, very topical post. Sometimes I wonder where do you get inspiration to write such a huge number of interesting and urgent posts? Wouldn’t you like to write an article devoted to your inspiration?)))))

    • says

      I’m just in love with the industry. I love all the toys! WordPress, Facebook, Google+, Twitter… and all the fun new sites… and softwares… and stuff to play with. Once you love something its really easy to want to share all the spiffy stuff I find :)

  3. says

    Just what I needed. I once wrote about full vs. excerpt feed on We Blog Better and the main pro of excerpt was that it can’t be scraped. Well, I am pro full feed because it makes it easier on your readers to read all they want, I mean if the post is good, they will come to the blog and share it, there is no doubt about that. So this is definitely solving the problem of those who “hide” their content, lol

  4. Bruce says

    I don’t use any tools. If I want to check the whole post I go over to check out the blog. I don’t mind the advertising since this is part of a bloggers job, as long as the content is of quality I’m fine with ads. And who knows? I might even find something that I need or like.

  5. says

    Ahh very nice! I am one of those that uses an excerpt simply because it was taught that is the best way to get someone to actually visit your blog. Entice them with just enough that they want to read more and they will click over. Then again, I’ve read excerpts that didn’t grab my attention and I never clicked over. This is very sneaky imo and I love it!

    In your opinion, are excerpts bad for us?

    • says

      That’s a good question Bren…

      They’re good for bringing back the rare casual reader that may be following the feed. But let’s be honest, most casual readers don’t use feeds these days.

      They’re really bad for driving away the social media elite and the large publishers that may be following you and who could improve your reach. These guys and gals have 1000 plus sites in their reader and simply can’t be bothered with excerpt sites.

      I use full text for the convenience of those using feeds. Maybe I don’t get as much click-through as someone else but I’d rather be followed than ditched by the people that can help me most.


  6. says

    Hi Kim,
    thank you so much for sharing this handy tool.
    Does it work similar to Google Reader?
    I will check it out in more detail when the internet connection at home has been restored, I am using the free 30 min at the library to comment.

    • says

      Google reader is a “reader” service. It’s going away in under 7 days. An good alternative to it is This is an intermediary service that re-writes the feed. You do this to the feed before you add it into a reader service. I hope that makes sense. If it’s clear as mud just let me know!

  7. says


    I have not used a feeder or reader. I always go directly to the blog site. That way, if I don’t like that particular blog post, I can sometimes find another post I prefer to read.

    Somehow I feel as if I’m behind the times with my way of reading blogs since almost everyone leaving a comment has used a feeder.


    Dr. Erica

  8. says

    Hi Kim, I have mixed feelings about having the full article versus an excerpt. I understand when readers want the article downloaded so they don’t have to visit my site, or if they won’t have Internet connection when they want to read my article. But if all I ask is a visit to my blog to read it, that’s not so much, right? I don’t have advertisements so I’m not assaulting the reader with a sales pitch.

    Right now I have an excerpt, but this tool could give my readers a choice. Very handy!

  9. says

    First of all: thanks for the advice. I foud this site by using Google, after bumping into so-and-so many blogs that are set on headline display.
    Dear Carolyn, aswell as anyone who set theit blogs on headline mode: usually, when I encounter a blog in headline mode, I would ignore it from there on because: I am subscribed to approximately 500 blogsites, so, when I get my daily dose of blogposts, I browse very quickly through all my subscriptions within my feedreader. The thing is that headlines mostly aren’t enough to make me decide if a certain post could be intersting enough to go onto this specific site, so I tend to ignore those. In my first years of blogreading, I used to subscribe to these sites aswell but when I realized that I ended up never jumping to my web browser to read the full articles, I quit subscribing to them. My advice: never ever put your feed in headline mode. Not so many people use feedreaders, so most people will go and read the articles on your site anyway. The handfull who do use a feedreader, though, are nerds, media pros and the like and they will just get annoyed.

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