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Only a few days ago, Facebook announced the impending upgrade of their entire “fan page” platform!

These changes have a broad scope and carry a lot more impact than first meets the eye!

The magnitude of these changes forever change how we as business brands engage on Facebook and is certainly worth a much deeper look than most are providing.

Here are screenshots with note detailing the front and back end changes that will be put into place on March 10th if the page is not upgraded by an admin before then.

These  are very helpful to give you an overview of the changes that are easy to observe in pictures and give you a feel for the “whats where”.

However, its important to realize that many of the biggest aspects of what has changed can not be conveyed in pictures… and that is the parts about how brands now co-exist and  cross engage becoming fans of each other and able to function on each others pages as a “business entity”. This is the game-changer!

Please click on the picture to open a larger image view and then click back to return here!

And if the idea of studying pictures makes your head hurt, scroll to the bottom and grab a copy of the training video.

Front-End Facebook Page Changes

Back-End Facebook Page Changes

As I’m sure you can see…. there’s a lot going on! Wow!

There is a lot to think about when it comes to the new brand-to-brand engagement issues, limitations and potential for headaches. However, the brand-to-brand feature is incredibly powerful and very very useful for those of us doing business on Facebook. If you’ve been uncomfortable using your profile for business matters… its just gotten substantially easier to avoid doing so!

Also, Facebook announced the upcoming end of new Static FBML development and the migration to IFrame Phase-In as part of these changes.  Want to learn more about iFrames? Check out a separate training I recently put together!

If the idea of trying to wrap your head around more Facebook changes makes you want to pull your hair out, then…

You’re going to love the recording of the training I did covering all of this madness!

Come join me as I walk you through the tangled possibilities these changes bring and help you see a lot of bright possibilities!

If you missed the live event or just want a second chance to review, I’ve got the recording you’ve been asking for!

With several potential pitfalls existing, being aware of your options before you upgrade is your best opportunity for a smooth hassle free journey!

Put your name and email in the box labeled sign up, confirm your email address and the video link will be delivered to your inbox!

(I even produced a iphone compatible copy!)

Come join me as I help relieve that knot of dread in your stomach and show you some neat tricks with the new changes to Facebook’s Fan Pages.

Yes! Send me what I need to know to stay on top of the changes to social marketing!
[And that free training recording!]

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See you inside!

Kimberly Castleberry
Your Partner in Online Success

PS:  Feeling stumped at the loss of Facebook’s static FBML? Here’s what you need to get cruising with the new iFrames! Check it out ->

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50 Comments on "Free Facebook for Business Training – The Latest Fan Page Changes!"

4 years 3 months ago

Thanks Kimberly,
I was unable to attend Friday so I definitely will be there Wednesday! I appreciate all the work you do on keeping up with all the newest changes. Helps the rest of us in our endeavors.
Val 😉

4 years 3 months ago

thanks for informing about this new change in facebook ..this offer will surely attract business in facebook

4 years 3 months ago

[…] Free Facebook for Business Training – The latest Fan Page Changes! from Kim Castleberry […]

Ileane Smith
4 years 3 months ago

Hey Kim,
I look forward to your webinar. I’ll try to check in, but I think I have a meeting at work during part of your Facebook Page training. Let me know of any future sessions so that I can add more links over on my blog :)
Thanks Kim, you’re awesome!

4 years 3 months ago

Yup, the changes implemented by Facebook with the new platform and using iFrames are a lot to take in but once you’ve have a proper look around it isn’t that bad at all 😉
Though Facebook decided to keep Fanpage photos as random does make is look cluttered but theres a solution for that as well 😉
And Using iFrame also boost site visits as it creates a portal to content showed in your site.

The only aspects one needs to get a hold of is how to create a new page tab and how to create content that is engaging for people to like your page and opt-in to your list.

Thanks for sharing!