Productivity – Keyboard Shortcuts For Gmail [Infographic]

Make Quick Work
Of Your Daily Email
With These Gmail Shortcuts!

Gmail plays a key role in the online marketing endeavors of majority of internet marketers today. 

The speed, flexibility, applications and shortcuts make it an important part of online productivity for many.

Here’s some popular Gmail keyboard shortcuts that are built right in!

Want to adjust or modify those defaults?

Simply go into your Gmail Settings and then under “Keyboard Shortcuts”!

Having trouble remembering them? You can press the “?” key at any time to open up a list of the shortcuts or you can use a chrome extension (or mac app) for prompts that remind you to use them. Want to learn gmail keyboard shortcuts once and for all? There’s even a training available for that!

How do you use Gmail in your business?

~ Kim ~
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18 Comments on "Productivity – Keyboard Shortcuts For Gmail [Infographic]"

2 years 7 months ago

Hello There,
Yes,I agree that g-mail has important in every Internet user’s eye.I use official id for official purpose but i also use my g-mail and hot-mail id for back-up of my work.It make me secure.
I think these shortcuts can save my few minutes and have given me a smile.thanks for this wonderful post.

2 years 7 months ago

Hi Kim, Wow, these are very helpful shortcuts. I’m a big fan of Gmail and of shortcuts so I will be using this frequently. I have bookmarked this handy reference guide.

Thanks also for the link to the Lifehacker article. I just downloaded the CheatSheet app for my Mac that will help me learn shortcuts as well. They may take a little while to learn but they sure are helpful once they get stuck in your brain.

2 years 7 months ago

Actually I haven’t used gmail but having read this…maybe I should. I have an account at an organization where I work…and like the convenience of being able to access it wherever I am…i’ll take another look…Thanks Kim.

2 years 7 months ago

I love shortcuts but I find that more often then not I forget what they are LOL. I like being able to create my own though. Doing this optimizes the best ones for my personal preferences rather than trying to learn them all.

I use Gmail as my primary email address because this allows me to sync it with multiple devices. I also really enjoy the fact that it has the best spam filters in town.

2 years 7 months ago

thnaks for these keyboard shortcuts and it looks more col to learn it through giveway….thnxx….!!