How To Add Google+ Comments To WordPress Easily

April 26, 2013 · 19 comments

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How To Add Google+ Comments To WordPress Easily

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Recently, Google announced that Blogger blogs were getting access to the Google+ comment system (rather than their previously crap-tastic commenting system)… 

It is important to note that there is no capabilities to sync these comments with the native comment system meaning that they will not be retained in your site’s database. 


Using Code

HOW TO : Enable Google+ Comments on Any Website

Note: You will need to replace “[URL]” with ”<?php the_permalink(); ?>” if you are adding these to your entire site at once.


Using Code For Thesis

How To Add Google Plus Comments To Thesis Theme for WordPress


Using Code For Genesis

How to Add Google Plus Comments to Genesis Theme


Using Plugins

There are several plugins now available. Each has different nuances. Be sure to read the details. 

Google+ Comments WordPress Plugin (by Alex Moss) – While not in the repository, this is is a pretty robust plugin that will work along side the native system. 

Google+ Comments – Displays G+ & Native comment systems in different tabs

Google+ Comments Widget – Replaces native system, Mobile Responsive

WordPress Google Plus Comments – Works with native commenting system. Can set width and language. 

(I intentionally did not include all plugins because a few were just not solid.)

screenshot of G+ Comments Live on

G+ Comments Live on

 The SEO Question 

 Like other alternative WordPress commenting systems, this runs in an iframe which means it does not help your SEO. In fact, the comments themselves are sync’d to Google+ and indexed there with no chance of that traffic coming to your blog. 

However,  ease of engagement, lack of spam, and facilitation of chatting, it can be a great way to build social proof and engage with your audience. 

It also can bring in traffic since the comments go to Google+ and friends of readers may return to read the post. (This is similar to how FB comments can create traffic.)

Because of this,  this commenting system is really best and ideal for those who are going to reply to their fans and open dialogs and carry on conversations. 

Check out the Google+ comments below (and the original ones further down) and let me know what you think!

~ Kim ~
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PS: I’m using the code for Thesis and have added my own little blue border around it to help differentiate it from the author box above.

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