Google External Keyword Tool Review

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Google External Keyword Tool

Why start with something expensive when you get so much for free?

The Google AdWords Keyword External Tool, wow that’s a mouthful, is perhaps the single best free keyword tool available.

Here’s why:
– It’s free
– It provides an abundance of information on any keyword you might need data on.
– It provides keyword or niche brainstorming functionality
– You can download the information to save on your computer, or print out.
– It also offers a traffic estimator and
– It helps you with the “Profit potential” decision
– You can use it to create article/content topic ideas.
– It’s seriously easy to use
– And it provides information for both beginners and advanced marketers.

Now Google’s tool isn’t perfect. It doesn’t offer many of the bells and whistles that other tools offer. But part of the time you don’t need them. Google also only uses its own data for the results. Other tools pool data from a number of search engines. This may or may not be helpful since most people still use Google to search.

You can access the tool at –

Check out the basic how-to introduction to the Google Keyword External Tool.

Consider using Google’s keyword tool as an introduction into keyword research. And you’ll likely find that even if you graduate to more advanced, aka paid, keyword tools, such as Market Samurai, you’ll likely still turn to Google from time to time for a quick answer. 

Visit here to learn more about Google and other keyword research tools. Learn how they can help you find and grow your own niche marketing business.

~ Kim ~
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  1. says

    Google External Keyword Tool helps me a lot to know about what keyword should I target by letting me see its CPC, Competition and monthly global searches. Anyways, Great article.


  2. says

    Hi Kim
    I love the Google External Keyword Tool to find money keywords in the niches I work in. I love it also to create content that helps to solve problems,

    All the best.

  3. says

    The Google keyword tool is an invaluable resource for webmasters. Apart from the fact that it is free, results are from Google’s database. You can’t beat that. Nice post Kim.

  4. says

    Hello Kim Good and worth meaning information provided by you. I am new in blogging field and every time i confused about keywords. Initially i was using Sem rush for keyword,CPC and traffic then i try to market samurai now i am using Google adwords tool for my keyword analysis and report. Here i want to ask you a question that every new tool provide different type of information so we have to depend only on Google adwords tool or can we try two or three and according to comparative analysis we can use keywords? When you find time please reply and clear my doubt.

    • says

      I like to use multiple tools personally. They give me a much more realistic idea of what might work, has worked, and is working, than I get from any single tool. Every tool has its faults and biases so looking at the big picture has been a lot more effective for me. Hope that helps, Sumit.

      • says

        Thanks Kim for your response but when we come through with Adwords tools and Sem rush both provides different data. From here what will my next step to choose a keyword ?
        What is your secret behind keyword choosing? :)

  5. says

    It’s very important to take Keyword research before starting any blog because we get a tentative ideas about the cpc and ctr also.
    Google Adword Keyword tool is good and free tool rather than other tools because other tools are paid versions and very expensive. Thank you for giving review of Google External Keyword Tool.

  6. Antonio Flores says

    Hi Kim,
    I’m following the instructions that appear in your website
    but when making them and to follow them like it is indicated it is very confused.
    could you clarify more I want to look for words key and when it is looked for they are not like it is indicated.

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