Google Music – Putting Your Music In The Cloud!

Google Music – Putting Your Music In The Cloud!

Google Music Beta
For USA Based Users
(and others possibly by proxy)

In addition to all of the work going into the Google+ social network launch,  Google has been working on a number of other services including the new Google Music (beta) service.

While currently it’s only available in the States (due to legality issues yet) many international members have managed to get Music accounts using a proxy server.

Google Music is essentially an online music library (works with iTunes and Windows Media Player libraries too) where you can upload your own music (and you will also find a pretty sweet collection of well known free music courtesy of our friends at Google), store up to 20,000 tracks and once the music is in the cloud you can play it from any device with internet access.

To learn more, check out this little tutorial from Brankica on getting started with Google Music.

So I just got my invite for the new Google Music service, which is still in beta and is invite only.
I thought since Google gives every new account 4 invites, that I would give them to my readers!
I assume that these are going to go super fast, but the 1st four people to reply with a comment below, and share their thoughts on any of Google’s new services, with their gmail address, I will be giving you access to Google Music!

You can either leave the comment using your gmail address as the comment email  – or – you can write in the text body the part of your gmail address that is before the @symbol. I would NOT type out your full address as that could get you some spam and I’d like to avoid that for you.

I like being able to upload media to it from my PC and then stream it later from my phone (since the memory card on my phone is almost full!)
I am working on adding Google Music to my other accounts, so will try to get some more invites.
Who are going to be the 4 lucky people?
Hurry and request your invite now! And tell me what you think of Google’s projects, platforms and new services!

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PS…If you don’t get an invite from me you can visit and request your invite from Google. 
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25 Comments on "Google Music – Putting Your Music In The Cloud!"

3 years 9 months ago

I love Google and have been having some fun on Google+ .but still have s lot to learn. I would love to try out Google Music

3 years 9 months ago

This sounds like a cool service! I am just getting the hang of Google +, sounds awesome to add Google music as well. Thanks Kim for the opportunity to be able to try this out!

Karyn Davis
3 years 9 months ago

Kim I have followed your work for a while. This is the first time I have posted on your blog. Thanks for the head up on G+. Even though I am outside of the states (New Zealand) I am really keen to get my hands onto the Google Music as pretty much everything in my businesses is now being Hosted with Google. I create hypnotic audios…that allow people to relax…Please I’m keen as.

3 years 9 months ago

The concept behind google music and am very keen to give it a chance. With the emergence of g+ I can now pretty much do ll my stuff in one place now. Adding music to that would be a great thing.

3 years 9 months ago

Hey Kim – Thanks for the opportunity. Personally I’m loving the Google+ because I’m using it coming from a place with more knowledge on how best to use social media to speak to my target audience.

Love the circles and the ability to send specific stuff to specific circles. As a full-time flight attendant building my network on and off line, it gives me the ability to stay in one place, yet speak to the right people and the right time.