Profile Mute – A Handy Muzzle For G+ Users That Abuse Email Notifications

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Some Users Simply 
Need Kept On A Leash

If you’ve used Google+ for any length of time, you’re probably intimately familiar with the healthy blend of both on-site and email based notifications, as well as the ability to control those notifications. 

But one notification type sometimes evades the general ease-of-use of the site…  email notifications from those who have circled you and shared a post with you by email!

Fortunately, there’s an easy way to put a halt to misbehaviors!

If someone is repeatedly sharing posts with you by email (that are not appropriate for email delivery), the first thing you should also do is simply ask them nicely to remove you from their email notification circle.  This may or may not get you a snarky reply, but about 3/4 of the time it’s all that’s needed to put a halt to unwelcome emails. 

If the situation continues however, you thankfully have the ability to HALT someone’s ability to generate notifications for you… as an intermediate avenue that is less severe than blocking them. 

Mute User is a wonderful thing! (When you need it)

Screenshot of the popup that results from clicking the "mute" link on a user's G+ profile. Explains that the user can still share to your stream but not generate notifications.

Located on the user’s profile page, the “mute” link generates these educational/confirmation popups to ensure you  know what you’re doing. It also allows you to easily unmute someone. 

As with Post Mute, Profile mute allows the individual to still continue sharing items into your stream, but puts an end to email notifications and on-site notifications from that user. 

Again, always ask nicely first where possible. However, sometimes this tool is a handy solution for a user that can’t keep their content on a short leash by themselves. 

Keep in mind that just because Google+ OFFERS you the ability to send the post to a particularly circle by email… does not always mean that’s a good idea!

Screenshot of the G+ +1 button share dialog box providing us with a checkable dialog box that says "Also send email to [circle name]"

 Email notifications break one of the fundamental rules of the social platform by allowing people who are not in your circle to easily reach you by email. 

On the surface this sounds useful – and sometimes it IS – but it also leads to a lot of email notification spam due to over-use of the feature. 

So now, you have a ball-gag for those users that just can’t play nice ;) 

~ Kim ~
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  1. says

    OMG… finally a way to mute idiots like “hey! look at my pijamas”, “me sitting on wc”. At the start i though that google+ is for business purposess only, but after those kind of guys… changed my mind. – Facebook copy!

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