Green Screen Made Easy in Camtasia

August 15, 2013 · 15 comments

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Green Screen Made Easy in Camtasia

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Green Screen Magic 
With Camtasia! 


Green Screen is the video “magic” of removing the background from an image so you can put other backgrounds in it’s place. Formerly only a tool of the Hollywood elite, now even you and I can add Green Screen effects in a snap!  

Green Screen effects are a new feature in Techsmith’s Camtasia for Windows version 8.1. (A similar tool is also present in the Mac version 2.1)

“Easily superimpose yourself into your videos and make it appear as though you’re inside of your presentation, floating through outer space, or on a beach in Florida. Camtasia Studio’s new green screen effect, called Remove a Color, gives you the power to create videos that make an impact.”

While this second video is geared at the Mac users, it gives a few examples of what you can do with Green Screen to help inspire your creativity. 

Here’s a super quick video, by the team at Techsmith, to show you just how easy they’ve made it! 

This feature is not available in versions of Camtasia before 8.1 so if you have not upgraded, now is certainly the time!

You can find numerous green screen backdrops, affordably, on Amazon, but I recommend the pop-out green screens from the  CowboyStudio collection since they are small, light weight, and fold up nicely. (They are the ones you see in the video above as well. 

Do you use Camtasia? 

~ Kim ~
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