How To Hide A WordPress Post or Page From The Home Page or Feed

wordpress logoAdding Content Without Having It Seen On the Home Page or Feed!


Sometimes we need to add a post to our blog that stays mostly un-seen but is there if we link to it or selectively if someone searches for it.

This solution lets you control which posts (or pages) do not appear in a number of selectable places including home page, feed, blog search, archives, category pages and author pages.

This plugin is not the plugin you need if you are trying to prevent a page from appearing in your theme’s navigational menu.

This plugin also does not prevent the search bots from indexing your posts/pages.

This method is best if you are dealing with the need to occasionally prevent a particular post from appearing somewhere (other than Google/Yahoo/Bing etc) that you do not want it to and these posts are from different categories/tags on your blog.

If you have a frequent series of posts that you want to keep off the home page or feeds/etc (for example, I keep my weekly newsletter post off of the home page, but allow it elsewhere), then exclude by category rather than on an individual basis is probably a far more sensible and easier to remember to get the right things checked thank this is. (I always put my newsletters in the Newsletter category.)

Introducing: WP Hide Posts

(It’s worth noting that for a lot more in-depth introduction to what this plugin does/doesn’t, you can click the link above to its listing in the repository where the author has done a nice job explaining it.)

This plugin allows you to control the visibility of a post in various different views:

  • The Front Page (Homepage, depending on your theme, this may not be relevant)
  • The Category Page (listing the posts belonging to a category)
  • The Tag Page (listing the posts tagged with a given tag)
  • The Authors Page (listing the posts belonging to an author)
  • The Archive Pages (listing the posts belonging to time period: month, week, day, etc..)
  • The Search Results
  • Feeds

Closup showing the Visibility Attributes for posts.

For a WordPress page, this plugin also allows you to control the visibility with two options:

  • Hide a page on the front page (homepage) only.
  • Hide a page everywhere in the blog (hiding the page in the search results is optional).

Closup showing the Visibility Attributes for pages.


WP Hide Posts is very powerful because it lets you create content that is not intended for the home page without fear!

I often use a similar approach (only I’m working with code) to allow me to write posts that are created for the search engine with no fear of them displacing my regular-reader-centric content from the home page or feeds.

While I do not actually run this plugin (due to working with code instead) and while I was using a similar approach (exclude by category) the whole concept here creates a lot of flexibility and freedom that sometimes you need!

Happy Blogging!

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31 Comments on "How To Hide A WordPress Post or Page From The Home Page or Feed"

4 years 3 months ago

Hey Kim,
love the idea. I actually do need something like this from time to time. Especially that it is free, can’t hut trying.
I do have a question though. On the WP plugin page it says it is good for WP up to 2.9.2.
Should I be installing it to the last version of WP?

4 years 3 months ago

Hi Kim,

I use a similar plugin called: Exclude Pages from Navigation by Simon Wheatly,
which provides a checkbox on the editing page which you can check to exclude
pages from the primary navigation.

I didn’t check yet to see how it compares with WP Hide Posts yet. Because I
use the Thesis theme which allows lots of easy coding to be done, so I completely
shut off the built in navigation bar and code my navigation menu manually.

However, I definitely agree with your point here that this concept creates a lot
of flexibility and freedom. Especially if you choose to set up a complete separate
wordpress blog just for making a capture page, etc…

Happy Blog Creation!


4 years 3 months ago

Another Plugin with same functionality is Stealth Publish:

I am using it for my blog and it works like a charm :)

4 years 3 months ago

Hey Kim, what a helpful plugin that I don’t hear much about. Thanks for the heads up. I remember when I was testing Window Live Writer and I published a test post by accident. Sounds like this plugin would come in handy for odd ball situations like submitting your blog to Technorati too.
I really like the way you’re working it with the newsletter. Pretty sweet.

4 years 3 months ago

Thanks for answering my question, Kimberly. This looks like a fantastic plugin and I love the idea of hiding your newsletter. That opens up all sorts of ideas for me. If you find a plugin that keeps the page out of Google, etc., please let me know.