How To Change Your Facebook Fan Page Name [Updated For Large Pages!]

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Facebook LogoHow To Change Your
Facebook Fan Page Name

Facebook Now Offers *Two* Ways To Change Your Business Page Name

Updated: 10/28/2012

What the Rules on Fan Page Name Changing Used To Be

Prior to the most recent update, the hard and fast rule by Facebook was that you absolutely could not change your Facebook Fan Page name or your Fan Page Vanity URL… EVER!

Change Your Facebook Fan PageAs you can see, the only solution for anything from a typo to a business change was the delete button. Suffice to say this didn’t make people terribly thrilled.

However, the precaution has been necessary as Facebook has needed to actively restrict someone from making a page in a generic name, farming a ton of fans, and then renaming the page (possibly after selling it)!

Can you imagine the nightmare if you people were suddenly able to easily generate and sell pages with 100,000 fans? It would be insanity (and fans of the page would likely be pretty pissy at Facebook for it).

How To Change Your Facebook Fan Page Name

Method 1: Do-It-Yourself!  Only Works For Pages Under 200 Fans

Find the particular page name in question and under it, select “Edit Page” to enter that particular page’s administrative dashboard.

FB Page Name Change Under 200 Fans

In the screen shot above, you see the new dashboard and the “Basic Information” tab presenting the “Name” field in an editable fashion.

This is how it will be displayed if your page meets the qualifications to have it’s name changed. If your page is not eligible, the Name field will not be available to you.

Now type the name in the way you would like it to be displayed and select “Save Changes” to change your Facebook Fan Page name!

Have just a few more than 200? Remove some fans and once you hit 199 the form USUALLY becomes editable again.

Method 2: Request A Change Form (Only permitted for fully TOS compliant names & pages, with business documentation and where no confusion of the fans is likely.)  

Facebook has recently re-introduced their name change request form for pages over 200 fans directly into the admin dashboard. 

This feature is currently only available to pages with a USA-based admin.  If you have an international page, I am able to assist with these as a consultant, but not for free. I can not guarantee the outcome of any request submitted, as that is at FBs discretion. 

Facebook Page Name Change Request Form

click on image for larger view

This option is not available to “Public Figures” and certain other categories. You must first change your category and hit save before it will appear. I used “Brands & Products – Products & Services” on both of mine to trigger it.  (You can change your category back afterwards). 

Please listen carefully: If your page is not 100% TOS compliant including no unsanctioned contests…. this is VERY high risk. Consider carefully if you want a Facebook staff member having a good long look at your page.

Also, recall that Business pages are only for fully owned brands and it does your business identification paperwork (Taxes, Trademark, LLC, Corp, etc).  Websites and business cards are not a valid source of documentation. Recall that we are not authorized to have a page in any name that we do not fully, legally own.

I am seeing about a 50% decline rate for this request form at this time. This is actually reasonably high as it means about 50% of those that are requesting the change are getting approval.  Facebook is mostly declining TOS violations and pages that have changed industry/niche. (Page displayed in example was denied on “confusion” reasons.)

How To Change Your Facebook Fan Page URL To Match Your New Name

Instructions and restrictions for how to change your Facebook Fan Page Vanity URL are here. Keep in mind that it can not be changed repeatedly (beyond once). Fortunately, unlike name changes, it is not tied to category and there is no country restrictions.  



This is an excellent opportunity for those that need it to make a much needed Facebook page name change.

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~ Kim ~
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image source: Facebook & my own
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441 Comments on "How To Change Your Facebook Fan Page Name [Updated For Large Pages!]"

4 years 8 months ago

Hey Kim, you are really on top of this news. I’d love to take advantage of this feature for a page I’m doing at work but it’s so new I’m certain it doesn’t qualify. Thanks so much for sharing this and giving us all the scoop! You’re the best.

3 years 24 days ago

I’m doing a Facebook page for a company and got frustrated when I couldn’t change it. I wonder why it’s not changeable. I mean it is your page after all. Or do you two think it’s for security reasons. That’s why all the fuss?

Imagine you have a page of a 100k and someone steals your page and changed the name. That would be devastating!

4 years 8 months ago

Me too Kim. It’s easy now how to edit my fan page as I read your post. Go Go Go!

4 years 8 months ago

Hey Kim, thank you for bringing this up!
I was waiting for this future a year ago :(, now I don’t need it because I already deleted my fan page and redone it. And since then I have 600% more fans.
I would love the possibility to change my profile url, because I have my profile from a time I was playing online games a lot and now I don’t really like the username Silentstalker(imaginary, I don’t want to give my real username 😛 ), well I think your really do have to pay for the mistakes you did in your youth.

4 years 8 months ago

Great post. You are the only one I have heard talking about this. I have wanted to change the name of my page for some time, but didn’t want to start over. Thanks for the heads up. I just changed the name of my page.

4 years 7 months ago

As always I appreciate your tutorial! The question is, should I change the name of my page? Right now it’s “” I’m wondering if I should change it to Linda Grace Cox or Linda G. Cox~ what do you think?