How To Change Your Facebook Fan Page Category

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How To Change Your Facebook Fan Page Category

How To Change Your Facebook Fan/Business Page Category

Facebook Fan PageThe unchangeable nature of the Facebook Fan/Like Page Title and Category options has been a constant thorn in the side for many businesses!

During the page creation process there is no warning that these fields are completely non-adjustable later and a mistake during this seemingly easy step can have negative consequences for your long term use of that Fan Page for your business. This leaves businesses regularly asking how to change their Facebook Fan or Business Page Name or Category.

With the Title field never being changeable, it is imperative that pages are positioned in a way that they will not be impacted by a business change, business name change, or industry change. This is why simply self branding is still the most highly recommended option when it can be made to work. Unfortunately, changing your Facebook Fan Page Title still remains impossible.

The Category option may seem inconsequential as long as its approximate or “close” to fitting. However, different categories get different information fields to work with – and some of them are very very limiting.

Generally speaking, the “best” category for flexibility of fields has proven to the be the “Professional Service”. While this may not seem like a logical fit for some, generally you can find a way to explain it if you ever have to but odds are you won’t. The “Professional Service” field gives a lot of flexibility and is ideal for most businesses and even personalities/individuals.

Because of all of this, its easy to chose the “wrong” category and to dearly wish to move. In fact, some pages end up created with completely incorrect categories and desperately need moved.

However, the official answer from Facebook has always been … “Unfortunately, it is not currently possible to change the category of a Page once it has been created. If you wish to change the category, you will need to first delete your Page by clicking on ‘Delete Page’ at the top of the edit page. You can then create a new Page with the correct category. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

However, recently, although the official answer has not changed, a “Request for Page Category Review” form has arrived that allows you to submit a request for category review and repositioning. It does NOT however give you a drop-down to select your desired category, but when you fill in the explanation field explaining what the correct positioning should be, it is likely to get you the result you want.

The key here to realize is that become this is still not the official answer, you need to approach this as a privilege. While that may irk you, please understand the your approval is highly likely to be based on your tone when you contact them. Do not expect to be able to use this to move to a category that does not fit either. Be professional and forgiving as you work with the support staff to get moved to a fitting category. It is very very rare in Facebook to be able to get access to a real live support person and that is what this form does so please respect that privilege.

Now you have a way to change the category of a Facebook Fan or Business Page that was incorrectly positioned during creation, instead of deleting it! Yay! This is a marvelous improvement!

If you found this useful please tweet, digg, stumble and share this with your friends! I look forward to hearing about your challenges and successes with Facebook Fan Pages below in the comment section! Also, once you’ve commented, be sure to check out some of my other cool Facebook posts!

Make it a great day!

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  1. says

    Thank you Kim!
    I enjoyed your training yesterday evening! I think getting this word out to everyone who is thinking about creating a page is what we need to do! As with everything, doing it right the first time… you know… an ounce of prevention is worth the pound of cure!!

    Thank you for helping us see that sometimes there is a cure!

  2. says

    Hey Kimberly

    I didn’t know anything about this form, not that I would need it as my page is simply my name, but its great to let others know that it does exist for those that need to change theirs. I have never understood why FB don’t make it more obvious on their relevant pages that these things cannot be changed!

    And on the FB support, I have never met (via email of course) a nice person from FB support. They are always so rude an unhelpful and I dread it when I have to contact them. And it always surprises me how limiting their assistance is given how huge they are. I do find their ‘help’ section quite awesome though so thankfully I don’t have to contact them that often :-)

    great post

  3. says

    Thanks for finally sharing this facebook info! I’ve been needing to make this change on my page for the longest time! Are there any other ‘secrets’ on facebook that might be useful in manipulating my page?

  4. says

    Thanks Kim. I always learn so much from your content and it seems to come at just the right time! Thanks for being so helpful and giving!

    EXPECT Success!

    Jackie Ulmer

  5. says

    I did find this useful, will share for sure. With not all fan pages being created equal, I’m sure many businesses large and small have picked the “wrong” category, or would benefit from a different one. Thanks!

  6. says

    Awesome Kim,
    It become real difficult to deal with FB Fanpage some time but now I guess Facebook is also start analyzing thing better. Changing Category is one of the big task once up on a time but after reading this I feel it will be handy. Thanks for such a nice input.

  7. Tom says

    It is very annoying. I registered as non profit they took out default landing page which exists in present business pages

  8. Sean G says

    Kim, do you know of any good plugins for displaying your Facebook Fan Page feed and “Like” button on WordPress?

    I’ve googled around, but don’t trust a lot of the conversations going on. I know you are using Wibiya, but I would like an embedded on the right sidebard widget. I have just copied and pasted the code into a Text Widget but I think there’s got to be a better way – it seems to slow down my site for load time.

    Thanks in advance!
    Sean G.

    • says

      Hey Sean, thanks for stopping in!

      Generally I do all of the social media share buttons, including the like button via the DiggDigg plugin but for single “like” button addition, with some more of the like feature set particularly if you set your site up fully with Facebook the “Like” plugin is what you want. For integrating the rest of the social widgets from facebook there is a plugin by that works well. However its worth noting that as you discovered, the widgets themselves are “heavy” because they have to pull data from FB servers. Cross site, dynamic data is painful on load times and using a plugin to get them installed will only make that worst not better. If you have the patience to get them set up manually that is the preferable route. Does that make sense?

  9. Sean G says

    Thanks, Kim, for your timely and helpful response.

    I don’t quite know what you mean by “manually” – I assume you mean having someone some code directly into the Theme file or something.

    Instead, because of your mention of widgets and load times for cross feeds, and because this confirms what I was experiencing, I think I might just find some good icons that I can link to each of my pages – do you have any you recommend? You know, just little graphics I can embed on the sidebar that take people to each of my social network pages.

  10. says

    Hi Kim,

    This was exactly the answer I needed to a problem I am having. Thanks for this! I just used this form and now have my fingers crossed. I should’ve done a different category and didn’t realize it at the time what a huge issue it would become. Thanks for your help as always! – Rob

  11. says

    Great article. Kimberly
    Can we introduce your article to our group? (around 300 Real Estate Agents)?
    Of course, we will mention your name on the article.

    We just created new facebook app – the most powerful facebook application ever. (I believe) and teaching how to use facebook page for their business.

    • says

      Eileen, now you don’t need to use this form. I should update this post (thanks for the reminder). Now you simply go into your page settings and on the same page where the name is listed, you can adjust your category as you like. This will not help true community pages but for business pages its not incredibly easy to change to whatever you want!

  12. Cecilia says

    Hi Kimberly! I’m from Argentina, so I hope that you can understand what I’m going to write. I need to change the name of a page, but I have some doubts about the form: What should I put on the first two spaces? I mean, “Name of Original Page” and “Name of Assigned Page”, aren’t the same?
    I’ll be waiting for an answer!! Thanks a lot :)

  13. Cecilia says

    So… u don’t know how to answer my question and directly don’t post my comment? and everybody keeps thinking that you are “so great”, well, I don’t think so. It’s a shame, nobody has to know everything, and there’s nothing wrong if you don’t know a thing… but there’s no need to ignored people who request help. I think you’re pathetic.

    • says

      Given that I seem to have missed your original comment somewhere while I’ve been out sick all week, I can’t begin to reply to it now based on what little info this comment gives me. Bashing on me while my most recent post indicates my absence is a lovely reflection of yourself, love. Have a great week and good luck with getting your questions answered elsewhere :)

      • Cecilia says

        I’m sorry Kim, you’re right.
        That day I was angry, but I have no excuses for my behavior; I really really sorry, I don’t think that you matter now but I apologize the same. I feel like an idiot :S

  14. says

    Hi Kim, I’ve been surfing the net to try and find an answer to a FB question I have, and hope it’s something I can find an answer to here via you :-) Specifically, I run a Bed and Breakfast and don’t see a sub-category for this type of business. Is there a way of entering “custom” information? When one picks a category “Company and Organization”, the closest sub-category I see is Travel & Leisure (not exactly what we’re looking for). Anyway, we’re trying to spruce the “About” section on our facebook page ( and can’t seem to figure it out. Hopefully you or one of your followers can help us. Thanks a ton, and very nice blog.
    Best, Dave L.

    • says

      Hey Dave, that’s a tough one. I understand what you’re trying to do but unfortunately we’re all limited by Facebook’s pre-chosen categories. The only “bright side” is that people do not use those categories as much as they were originally intended and instead rely on the standard search to pull up the page title. I know that’s not the solution you were hoping for but I hope it makes sense. Be sure you also look at the options under “Brand” and “Product/Service”.

  15. Davina May says

    Thanks for the information on how to change the category name on Facebook pages :). Where can I locate the request form? I am trying to prevent having to delete my page and wait 14 days to recreate it :0! Please advise, I’m 12 hours into trying to figure this out!


  16. Davina May says

    Thanks Kim I tried that and It flashes the drop down box quickly and disappear :0! Maybe I entered something else incorrectly that is triggering it! I am baffled!

    Davina May

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