How To Find Out Who Likes Your Facebook Page (See All Fans)

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How To Find Out Who Likes Your Facebook Page (See All Fans)

facebook logoThose Fans Rock…
But Who Are They?

Facebook moved a setting again… 

What’s new right?

In your left-hand sidebar under “# of people who like this” you used to be able to open that and see your fan list.

Now, that link redirects to the demographics Insights panel.

So, to see all of your fans now, a slightly different approach is called for…

How To See All Fans Who Like Your Page

1. Click “Use Facebook as [Page Name]” in the right-hand sidebar.

2. In the upper navigation bar, click the “People/Fans” icon (which opens a menu)

3. At the bottom of the menu, click the “See All Fans” link (which opens a new menu).

4. This is the menu from prior (relocated) and you can perpetually scroll it by clicking the “See More” link at the bottom.  You can also use the little menu box to see Pages that like your page.


Dontcha’ just love a game of hide and seek with Facebook? ;)

Hope that tip helped, please share it with others who may benefit from it!

Kimberly Castleberry
Taking The Headaches Out of Internet Marketing

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    • says

      I agree it would.. but that would be only available from fans that had granted that kinda permission. That’s why many marketers use their landing tab for list building/optin. Facebook could never retroactively hand us those fans email addresses w/o landing their rears in jail so I think it’s fair to say we wont’ be seeing that any time soon. Honestly I don’t think we want the additional friction of a “grant permission to become a fan” process that apps have looming over our fan pages. Definitely look into setting up an optin form on your custom landing tab to move your business that direction. I highly recommend it!

  1. says

    Awesome Insight Kim. I know alot of people probably have absolutely no idea how to see their fans. Sometimes people that know there way around as well as you do forget about the newbies. Thanks for giving some info back to the new guys.

    Be Blessed and Have Success

  2. says

    I don’t have time for a detailed commentary today. Let it be said that this is a great post! I just checked it out on my Fan Page and got a lot of cool graphs and information about the people engaging per day and per week! Very helpful! You are always on the cutting edge of what’s going on? Where do you find the time?

    Take Care,
    Jupiter Jim

  3. says

    As always, very interesting article! But I don’t think that many people will give permission to show their e-mail. So probably this feature of downloading a fan-list with their e-mails won’t be available

  4. says

    Hi Kim, thank you so much for the tip, good to know there’s an extra way to see our fans list besides ‘See Likes’ in Insights. This will work well for some page admins. Just wondering, what if the page has more than a thousand fans? It seems like the scrolling stops after few times in the menu box. No idea why Facebook is not loading the complete list to admins nowadays? Sigh..

    • says

      Ching, currently I’ve not been able to find a way to do that. I’m still looking for one. It would appear that that’s just not something they want us doing for some odd reason. Have you seen any possible work around?

      • says

        Not yet as of now. Yes, it’s odd indeed and doing so just making page admins even more unhappy – especially when blocking someone/page is already hard enough. :-)

  5. Linda says

    Thanks for sharing this. I really have been looking for this, it really was starting to get frustrating. Keep on the good work!

  6. Penny W says

    Thanks for helping me find where they hid the list. Unfortunately, it looks like this list still has the same problem it did when it was more easily findable. That is, the list only contains your most recent 500-ish fans. :-(

  7. says

    Thanks so much for that helpful bit of advice. I was looking for it and thinking I did something wrong in my settings. Just goes to show how much time and effort is needed to keep up with facebook.

  8. says

    Thanks for this, Kim! I thought I was going crazy because I could not find it anymore. Once I discovered it by accident and again I forgot where it was. Could that People/Fans button be more hidden? :)

    Also it’s worth to mention that the total of likes is total people + total pages. Took me a while to figure that one out too!

  9. ashley says

    A remarkable and Damn Interesting article, in fact it is one of the best i ever read on this site.
    As a side note, why is there such an increase of grabbing people’s email id all across the internet? Those are so annoying and infantile. Can’t Facebook just ban people that do like that? They are no better. than spambots.but fb have to give chance to grab names of fans atleast by the main admin.

  10. Janet says

    On slower machines I’ve found the popup with the ever scrolling list to be tedious and prone to hanging (especially if you have a lot of fans). So, I discovered that if you right click the “See Likes” link and open it in a new tab or window, it seems to work better.

  11. says

    Hi Kim
    Nice tip to the many how’s of Facebook. However, for pages which have thousands of likers, I can’t find any way to see all of them in a list. Facebook only shows a hundred. Have you find out the solution now? Thanks.

  12. says

    Thanks for posting this! I know you posted this in November 2011 but as of last week, you were still able to access if through the link below the number of likers. Maybe it was just me.

  13. Dave says

    Thank you Thank you I’ve had a recent brain injury and I thought I was losing my mind when I could not see my likes anymore –

  14. Melissa says

    I can’t figure out how to get past step 1. I do not see “people/fans” in the upper nav bar. Can you help?

  15. says

    Is the list compiled chronologically based on likes? I am asking since i give discounts to customers who like my page, but at the same time it can be hard to track this if the list isn’t in any type of order.

    • says

      Seth, the list, which unfortunately now has a bug and only displays the last 100 likers (fans) does indeed display chronologically with the newest fan/liker at the top. Hope that helps!

  16. Marco Baglieri says

    THANS! I have been looking for it for ages! I am a bit embrassed I did not think about clicking the “friend request” button…

  17. Lai says

    Hi Kim. I would just like to know if it’s possible to know who like a certain page without being an admin of that page? Hoping for your quick response. Thank you. :)

    • says

      Lai, previously it was possible to see all the fans of a page regardless of who you were but that has been removed. In fact with the present bug on this technique even admins have a hard time seeing more than the most recent 1,000 fans.

  18. says

    Unfortunately, Facebook will only allow you to see up to 500 fans. If you have more than 500 fans, there is no option to see them all. My company is conducting a contest for people who like our Facebook page, but because of this limitation, we are not able to include all of our fans, so we will be forced to end our contest, which is not good for business. If a solution is found, please post it here for everyone to see. Thank you!

    • says

      Hey Joe you’re correct about a newer bug that is stopping the ability to see all fans in that list. I do hope they fix this (and hope you filed a bug report). However, I also need to remind you that it is a violation of Facebook’s promotion (contest) rules to use like as a contest metric. Promotions must be run through a sanctioned third party app and fully compliant with the promotional guidelines. While we would obviously LIKE to use *like* as a requirement to enter the contest it’s unfortunately not allowed.

  19. kevin says

    how can you find out the number order of new fans to your fb page? In other words, if lets say I were having a contest that awarded the 800th fan to like our page… how would i be able to know who that person is? Thanks for the insight!

    • says

      Kevin, unfortunately you can only utilize the current number of fans and watch as people join to figure out what fan number the new member is. You can not reward retroactively as you can’t view all of your past fans. Also, it’s important to know that such a contest is against the TOS rules as it “requires liking the page to participate” which is one of the no-no’s in the rules. Be sure your using a approved contest/promotion application as required when running any sort of contest so you stay within the rules.

  20. Maria says

    Hi Kim,
    How can i see who has liked the page of another.
    If I want to for instance, target mums and therefore what to see who has liked a school page, can i do that?

  21. says

    I really wish you could search for a fan for validating Rafflecopter entries, I want to specifically find and confirm one person who “likes” a page and make sure they are listed. Did a google search for find all facebook fans for page and your result came back #1

    • says

      Justin, that’s actually most likely exactly why it was removed. Liking a page as a qualification for any contest involving Facebook is a TOS no-no. There’s actually some privacy factors also involved, but I honestly believe that the continual breech of contest rules and regulations had something to do with this.

      • says

        There is still an alternate way, looking at profile to browse their likes, scroll down entire page and then see if page is there, but this only works with public profiles. Funny that it is against ToS yet every major company does it, not a one doesn’t do that for all the Facebook iFrame contests it seems.

  22. says

    This function no longer exists. Facebook has installed a bug that only allows developers and admins of pages access to the most recent 500 likes. Timeline strikes again.

  23. Jennifer says


    I see the most recent likes at the top of my list. Are they all in descending order of when they “liked”? Or after the first couple do they listed randomly?

    • says

      I haven’t checked closely but they appear to be (as you mentioned) descending order from most recent working backwards. There shouldn’t be randomization as far as I know.

  24. says

    Hi Kim! I have had my page for a long time now and I have only 30 likes!! But strangely enough, my individual posts on the page show me how many times they have been seen!! How can I make them to like the page?

    Best regards,

    • says

      Hey Mohamud, yes, each post you make will have some stats of it’s own. Try things like calls to action, suggesting your fans share the page with their fans, and continuing to build high quality content. You’re off to a good start, keep going!

  25. says

    Thing is, this doesn’t show me all of the “likers” of my fan page. I’ve hit “see more” as many times as it’s offered, but it won’t show me more than 504 people even though I’m just about at 3k. There are only a handful of pages that like my page, so that definitely isn’t making up the difference.
    Whether I go in through that icon at the top or through insights or even just trying the new likes section, it never gives me all of the followers. I can’t figure it out, and it’s driving me absolutely crazy!

    • says

      You’re (unfortunately) correct Mel. Since this post was written, Facebook implemented another of many stealth-changes and has taken away the ability to see the entire fan list. Some pages can only look back at the last 100 fans. It sounds like you’re getting to 500 which is better than many are reporting since this change. Sorry I don’t have better answers for you. You can thank Facebook for that odd “fix”.

  26. says

    Hi Kim! I have almost 3k fans on my fb fan page, but I having problem to find a particular person who like my page long ago. Facebook only allow us to view about 100 newest fan, I have look for many options but it still does not work for me. Can you please update here should you find any solution to this? Thanks.

    • says

      Terry, unfortunately, since this post was published, they have changed the system and now no longer allow page admins to view all fans. The ability is not there at all. You can see the last 100 (as you’ve noted) but that’s where it stops. They cite “privacy concerns” which doesn’t make much sense to me given that we can see the last 100 fans. Sorry I don’t have the answer you were hoping for.

      • says

        Thanks for your reply Kim, anyway, I just want to ban a particular person who liked my fan page for long ago because he is trying to spam my page by liking our customer comment and drive traffic to his own selling page. He never comment nor post anything on my page, but he would find any chance to like our customer comments and when the customers see who is liking their comment, they will automatically see his profile that showing his selling page. That’s a very unethical mean of doing business, we already warn him previously but he is doing it again and again. I really get frustrated in this, do we have any method to ask Facebook to ban a particular person on our facebook fan page? Thank you.

        • says

          There’s a couple things here Terry…
          The first is that likes, on a comment, left on a page, show only the name not hyperlinked…. different than likes on the content on the page itself. If he’s liking customer comments it’s (a lot) less damaging (no outbound link) then if he’s liking your page content. This is even more so if he’s liking via his profile rather than his page.
          Second, regardless, it’s still annoying if he’s been told to get lost.
          Third… I’d do two things… visit whatever he is using to like stuff (page or profile) and report that page or profile for spamming. Then I would ALSO visit the Facebook Known Issues page, ignore the wall, go to REPORT (tab) and under business pages, explain exactly what is happening, who it is, a link to him, and maybe even a screenshot, and preferably a screenshot of wherever you told him to get lost… and file it to FB.

  27. says

    Yea, that are really nice advices Kim! I am glad I have found you, I would just do exactly what you have told me to do, wait for my good news. Thank you very much, may God bless you. Have a nice day Kim! :)

  28. says

    Hi Kim,
    Doesn’t seem to make any sense that we can check last 100 but not the rest. anyway, as you say FB is the capital of change and that keeps amazing people like you in biz! We are all glad you are here to share the changes all in one place – lol!


  29. Oliver says

    I noticed on my seo browser toolbar that it had listed a number of “Likes” for my site. Does anyone know of any online tool or software that will show you the current like count for the site?

  30. Zach H says

    Hi Kim,
    I’m wondering if you know how to let the people who like your page view who also likes the page. I can’t find any resources about this and it’s a little infuriating. Can you help me out?

  31. says

    Yes this is very very annoying, we have just started are new Facebook page but can only see the last 5 likes! But we have 114 fans…its not good because I dont know which friends of mine have liked my page unless I check there profile. So its takes so long if i wanted to personally invite them with a direct message.I understand there is an invite friends but not all friends will check that. From my findings as I manage other pages too. Direct messages to friends works really good for me but takes time and effort.Do you know of other ways to engage friends and like your page.Another intresting point is that if update my personal status to \”like my new page\” lots and lots of people like the status but not the page!!!! Friends always say i didnt know to go to the page and click like lol
    Thanks for your post!!

    • says

      Yes, it’s unfortunate that Facebook has decided to make it impossible to see all of the prior likes. They say this is to protect fans privacy but that’s a very puzzling statement for me given that pages are public in the first place.

  32. says

    Unfortunately, this does not actually give you the complete list of people who like your page, I currently have 78 likes and the method only shows me 47 of my likes. I wish I had known this b/c we started a contest based on new likes and I wasn’t keeping a list I just knew who the last person was before we started the contest, now I am scrambling to figure out who is new.

    • says

      The use of this feature – for contests – which is a violation of the FB terms of service and can cost you your FB account and page – is one of the reasons that FB limited the ability of page owners to see the full list. Please tread with great caution.

  33. says

    Kim, is the above still current? Every website that answers this question gives a different answer, and I’m not sure what the latest is. I put a contest for a free book on my blog, entry by liking my facebook page. I thought this was a simple thing. Now, trying to find the likes, I am getting no information on this, and reading in some places that the contest needs apps, etc? I really don’t know what to do. My contest started this morning, and I can find no way of seeing who has entered. I have a non-monetized wordpress blog. I am not at this time a business. I’m really stressed and frustrated right now that my followers may be liking my page in vain. Can you possibly help me?

  34. Karen says

    Hi Kim! I made a Facebook contest where people have to give like the page first, then to the photo, for the vote to be valid. Is there any way to check the votes of any easy way without having to review, vote by vote who has been liked the fan page and who has not?
    I mean, sure that every vote has liked on, the fan page!

    Thank you! :)

    • says

      In order to be compliant with the Facebook promotions terms of service your contest needs to be hosted within a third party app. A good example of those are those avilable from Fan Page Engine. The app would help you ensure that people have done the required liking and keep track of things for you. Contests done outside of an app, and requiring liking, are a double violation of the TOS and can cost you your page if you get caught.

  35. Mike says

    Good answers, thanks for the help. Will people not appear on the list of people who Like the page if they have certain privacy settings?

  36. says

    You used to be able to see how many fans a brand had, now I just see how many “Likes” a brand’s fan page has. Is there no way for a random websurfer to see how many fans a fan page has?

    I don’t want names and faces I just want a count, like Twitter followers. I know Google removed the public links count, did Facebook remove this too?

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