How To Find The WordPress Post or Page ID

How To Find The WordPress Post or Page ID

wordpress logoAn Easy Way To Find The Post or Page ID in WordPress

A couple versions back, the post ID was listed in the dashboard and was incredibly easy to find.

Now however, as there has become less need to tinker under the hood of WordPress daily, the WordPress Post ID (which is also the same ID used for Pages) has been removed from the dashboard.

Fortunately though, even without a plugin, there is an easy way to find the Post/Page ID.

It’s important to note that Posts & Pages share a Post ID number type.

In the back-end of your blog (Dashboard), in the left side-bar, go to either Posts or Pages.

This opens a list of all the current posts (or pages) on your blog.

Now hover your mouse over the name of the post we need the wordpress post ID for and then look in the (very) bottom left of your browser for the address that link points to….

Within the link you will spot the magic number of the WordPress Post ID!

(click on the image for a larger view)

That number after “post=” is the number you need for whatever project you are doing that asks for the WordPress Post ID!

If you find you’re doing a lot of this while coding something elaborate, it may feel easier to you to temporarily install “Reveal IDs for WP Admin” which will list the ID numbers next to their respective entry, and remove it as soon as you are finished.

Happy Blogging!
Kimberly Castleberry

PS: The same technique applies for finding the WordPress Category or Tag ID!


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5 Comments on "How To Find The WordPress Post or Page ID"

4 years 4 months ago

Nice post, very useful not only to newbies but also for pros and plugin developers who regularly need to use the post id function call in the code.

4 years 2 months ago

Thanks Kim, I needed this today! I can’t believe the IDs are not just listed along with the other meta data like in the right hand of the post/page. SMH….

3 years 11 months ago

Thank you Kim! I have a WP sites that someone built back in the 1.x days and I am hacking my way through it.

3 years 6 months ago

Nice post. It helped me to solve my issue. Thanx.