How To Make A WordPress Menu Item Open In A New Window

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Open A New Window or Tab

With the flexibility to add any link to the WordPress menus built into most themes now, we often find ourselves adding items that are not necessarily part of the site.

When that happens, we usually want them to open in a new tab or window but it’s not immediately clear in WordPress how to make that happen.

Fortunately, making a menu item open in a new tab or windows is really simple (if you know where to look!).

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Steps To Make A Menu Link Open In A New Window Or Tab

(This does assume your theme is using the new “WordPress 3.0+” menu system.)

1) Go to Appearance -> Menus in your sidebar.

2) At the very top of the screen locate the “Screen Options” tab and open it (it drops down)

3) Put a check next to “Link Target” in the Screen Options tab. This tab has no save button so the effects are immediate.

4) Add or open up the menu item you wish to make open in a new tab. Now you will see a new check box that says “Open Link in New Window/Tab” (check it)

5) Click “Save Menu” to save your changes and you’re done!

Easy Peasey!

~ Kim ~
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  1. says

    Kim, I really luv this simple and sweet tips from you. It is so simple that I have never saw it.. No more “right clicking” and new tab for me :) Awesome!

  2. says

    Hi Kim
    I was not aware of that option in WordPress. I don’t ever think I have been looking for it, but it give some nice opportunities for sure. Thank you once again for learning me a new sweet WP tip.

  3. Adriene says

    Hello Kim…Thanks for the information and tips about opening menu items in new tab and I think most people are really not aware with this..

    • says

      Hey John, sorry but there is not using this method. If you were to return to a hard-coded menu system (as we used pre-WordPress 3.0) then you could code in advanced html.

  4. JEH says

    Shame, I didn’t think it could be done in the menu dialog but is there any chance of doing it somewhere in the CSS or PHP – maybe to set a site wide default size for new windows?

  5. Chaim says

    Hi Kim,

    Is there a place to set whether it opens in a new window or a new tab? Currently, my system is opening a new window when I turn this on, but I want it to be a new tab.


    • says

      Chaim, that is dictated by your own computer system. What we are doing is adding the code for “target = _blank” to the URL. Then your system decides if that means to use a tab or a window. Usually it’s the browser telling it which. It sounds like you have yours set to window.

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